Written by Private

29 Jun 2018

This is an account of my Girlfriends fantasy. A little about ourselves I am 50 and other halve is 44. We have a wonderful sex life and during role play we introduce her fantasy of having sex on the beach with a couple looking on. She does like to be submissive woman and likes me to be in control which I do like to oblige with.

I normally start with the two of us finding a secluded spot on a naturist beach on a very warm summers day. She is a little shy and has never been topless on the beach but I have made her wear a very revealing bikini under her summer dress. We walk along the beach to the spot in mind. She has a loose fitting summer dress and a large summer hat and sun glasses. As we arrive there are a number of naked men and women on the beach and the GF stops to admire the naked cocks and pussies. I ask her if she likes what she sees and she nods like in a trance state.

I grab her hand and we climb up into dunes to find a small clearing. The sun is beating down and we set up with a two towels in the sand and a wind break. Once set up I take my clothes off and I am naked. I now tell the GF to take her dress of which she does, looking around first then lowering it down over her hips and down to the floor. Her arse is on show with a tiny thong covering her pussy and two triangles covering her nipples.

She lays down on her front while I cover her sun tan lotion. Working up her legs and over her back. I undo her bikini top to work in the lotion and back down to her arse. Covering her checks in white lotion. In the corner of my eye I catch sight of a couple in their 40s looking down. They are both naked with the woman having a trimmed pussy and large tits he is wearing sun glasses and has a semi erect cock which is very large.

I carry on what I am doing working the lotion into her arse. As I am doing so she opens her legs more gradually exposing her barely covered pussy she is starting to moan and purr quietly and says our wonderful it is.

I suggest she turns over and she makes to refasten her top I tell to take it off. She lets it fall and puts it with her other clothes. Her firm tits are on show for the first time. Her nipples are erect and I pass the lotion and she begins to massage her breasts and lingering over her nipples are gently squeezing and pinching them and sighing as she does.

It was obvious she was nice and relaxed. It was my turn now and laid down on my front. She was on her haunches with her arse on view and tits swaying and glistening. The couple watching moved forward to get a closer look. The couple had a perfect view with the thong pulled between her now sticky pussy lips. As I turned for my front to be done I caught sight of the woman stroking her partners now fully erect cock. A large quantity of sun lotion was worked into my chest and over my shaved balls and cock which was now fully erect.

Without warning my GF lowered her head and started to lick the tip of my cock. All the shyness had disappeared as she worked away over the twitching tip of my cock, glistening in pre cum which she adores.

She was still not aware of the couple looking on and to my right a couple of naked women were looking on. I was hoping that they would stay silent and not spoil the situation. I had nothing to worry about as the GF had already spotted the audience and asked what they were doing. I confirmed that the woman was now sucking her partner off and the two women were fingering each other

This seemed to break the final boundary for my GF as she stood up whilst everyone stopped what they were doing. There was a silence for a second of two. Then the GF bent from the hip and started to peal the g string down with a slight resistance as it was pulled out of her glistening pussy. Down past her knees exposing her puffy pussy lips and shaven arse.

As she bent back down to suck me off there was a couple of Wolfe whistles from the two women and a ripple of applause from the man and woman. I said to my GF that they like what they see and she replied that she was a touch nervous but had never been so turned on.

My cock was hard as she worked her expert mouth. Taking it deep in her mouth and I could feel my balls slapping on her chin. Without any encouragement the audience moved in to within a couple of feet and my GF needed my cock. So with me still on my back she got up and lowered herself onto my cock. Her pussy was very wet and without any resistance she took every inch of my cock. The moisture and wetness was covering my balls. She started slowly to ride my cock, rhythmically the squelching sound as my cock pounded into her. From the audience viewpoint they could see everything her exposed shaven pussy being stretched and her glistening arsehole looking so inviting. Her tits were bouncing together whilst I reached up to squeeze her nipples. She started to groan and shouted to fuck her harder.

I looked across to the audience and the two women were now behind my GF and other couple had positioned themselves in front. His cock was inches from GF face. She pulled my GF hat off and grabbed her his cock was pushed onto my GF lips it was trickling pre cum. She couldn’t resist and she opened her mouth and his wife pushed my wife’s head forward down onto his thick shaft. It was an amazing sight my GF taking two cocks and she was loving it. I moved my hands off her nipples only to be replaced by the spare hand of the wife holding my GF head, pinching and tugging her nipples roughly.

I lowered my hands down to my GF arse and started to rub my finger over her arsehole as I started I could feel the warm tongue of one of the women licking and slurping away on her arse. I knew I couldn’t last much longer and I started to cum hard with a good 10 spurts of spunk into her pussy. Once I had cum we changed positions with my cock all covered in spunk and pussy juice. Before I knew it the second women of the two was licking my GF pussy and drinking the spunk from her gapping pussy. It was my GF turn to pleasure the mans wife who was very dominant. My GF got into her hands and knees and the husband of the woman got behind her and started fucking her pussy with his thick long cock. His wife got onto her hands and knees and pushed her bald pussy and arse into my GF face. There was no discussion and she was telling my GF to lick her arse and pussy. She was very dominant as my GF was frantically pleasuring her and without any notice she was coming hard on her tongue with her squirting to everyones approval of my GF face. His wife slumped forward onto her front. Each of the two women took it in turns to kiss my GF and lick all the juices of her face. It only left the husband still fucking her from behind and my GF to cum.

I glanced around and he was nearly there he had also had his thumb deep into my GF arse and I could sense she was ready to cum the three women were calling my GF all kind of obscenities and this tipped her over the edge. She started to buck and and scream and I could see she was cumming and squirting over the husbands cock. Once she had cum her body was in spasm but the man had not come.

It was his turn. The two women pulled my GF to her knees and tugging her her hair he started to fuck her mouth and within seconds he was shooting his sperm all over her face. It was incredible from shy woman to fucking strangers all in one day. We said our goodbyes and spent the afternoon getting our all over tans