Written by tony

13 Jul 2007

my name is tony and my wife name is sharon this story happened about twenty years ago at the time i was 33 and she was 30 i was 5ft5ins and weighrd about 10st7 sharon was about 5ft3 black hair size 10 with 36c tits and pretty we had often played games in bed where i would tell her to pretend i was someone else when she was sucking my cock this turned me on but i never thought it would really happen one sunday we were reading in a magazine about aswinging club about 10 miles from us it was also a part naturist club i talked sharon into going there but i had to promise not to leave her side on the day she wore a tight black dress with stockings and black high heels she looked very sexy we sat outside for about half hour watching who went in we then went in itside were couples and a few single men most of the single men looked a bit silly but one greek guy with just his pants on was dancing with several of the wifes and one was openly wanking him off while her husband watched this seemed to make sharon quite randy and when we danced to a slow record she let me finger her on the dance floor and she put her hand inside my trousers and played with my cock when we were in bed i mentioned to her a bout eddie the young greek guy he was about 22 6ft with a 10 inch prick she got really randy when isaid the next time we went i would like to see her dance with him the next time we went the next week sharon wore a black leather mini skirt with a tight white top after we were there a while eddie came up and spoke to us and said he had noticed us the week before but did not talk to people on there first time in case they felt odd he said some men like him to dance with their wives and said sharon looked very nice which made her blush