8 Jun 2017

So we had been on tinder a lot that week. My wife is a curvy 50 year old who has a few hang ups about her body. After years of reassurance the hang ups are still there so I told her she needs to prove it to herself. Obviously she didn't know what I meant so I made it really clear. You need to go out on the pull and prove you still got it! She just laughed this off but I was not having any of it. So she joined Tinder and started liking and disliking different men. We put a sexy pic up of her and waited for a match. It didn't take long before they started to come through. The first couple of guys were just twats and they soon got booted but the third was a much younger man just 25 and he was polite and could hold a conversation. Eventually he asked to meet and my wife didn't know what to say. We were laying in bed and she looked at me and said "I don't know what to say!" Watching her flirt with men was such a turn on I loved it and this was going so well. I didnt think it would be fair on the guy if he wasn't aware that my wife was married. So I suggest she tell him that she would need to ask her husband. She typed it in but paused before sending it. She was obviously excited. My cock was rock hard and I we waited for the reply. When it came we were both excited. He simply wrote "Well what did he say?"

My wife looked at me and said, "well?"

Of course you can meet I said and she quickly typed this into her phone. She looked at me and said "this is really naughty!"

A date was arranged for the following Wednesday. My wife hardly ate a thing for the next few days desperate to lose a pound or two and no mater what I said it made no difference. The were meeting at 9 at a pub not far from where we live. She was so worried about people recognising her we made a story up that it was just her cousin. My wife tried on ten outfits until she was happy. She looked stunning. She was very very nervous. "I'm just going for a drink, nothing more she kept saying."

I drove her to the pub, and dropped her off outside. She had strict instructions to text me every 30 minutes or so and if she needed to bail she could ask me to call and I would make up an excuse straight away and come and pick her up. I waited in the car park. She texted he was there and everything was fine!

I went home nervous but incredibly horny. I'd just dropped my wife of on a date with a much younger man. I received a text every now and then. He was a nice guy and had been very polite. They had gone for a stroll down the river and they had stopped and had a very passionate snog. He wanted more. She was excited but didn't know what to do. I asked her what did she want to do she said she wasn't sure. He asked if he could give her a lift home. I said she must take a picture of his number plate and send it to me me then I know she safe to get in the car. I also said I wanted a second picture. One of his cock in her mouth!

The first picture came through in minutes.

The second was about half an hour later and almost came in pants there and then! His cock was not huge (why is every cock huge in these things) it was quite thin but it was in her mouth!

About half an hour later he dropped her off. When she walked in the door I kissed her straight away. I'm not sure if I could taste his cock on her lips but in my mind I could. Pushing her onto the chair I lifted her skirt and ripped down her knickers. Her pussy was soaked. I licked away. She was groaning almost straight away. She told me that he had played with her a little but neither of them had come. She pushed me on my back and straddled me before ridding me to an amazing orgasm. Almost straight away i came inside her.

Laying on top of me with my cock inside her she asked if she had been a good girl? I told her she had but next time i wanted to taste his cock on her pussy as well as her lips.

We are still trying to arrange the date 2!