Written by thosetwo

2 Feb 2010

My wife and I are in our late 40's and this short storey is from our holiday to malta about 3-4 years ago.

My wife is 5 foot 4 with blonde hair, blue eyes and a size 8 figure, with medium, heavy breasts.

Anyway we booked into the hotel in the early hours of Sunday and met the night porter who was dark, olive skinned and tall. We thought nothing more of him

The holiday was great and we were only there for a week, so we hit the town on the Wednesday night and went to a busy bar with a central circular bar. The bar tender was a show off and flirted with all the women, topping up their drinks with glasses of ouzo.

At one point he chucked an ice cube over this shoulder and aimed and hit my wife's cleavage. Lots of laughter and I said you fancy him don't you and she just smiled and said would not mind.

Eventually we left both drunk and drove [sill I know] back to the hotel. During the car journey I ordered her to take her thong off and I drove slowly whilst fingering her wet pussy. After about 15 mins we arrived and to keep the mood up I joked that we have to walk past the night porter and he fancies the pants off you - she giggled and we walked through reception and up the stairs to our room.

On the stair landing I stopped her and pressed her against the wall, within sounding distance of the reception and fingered her hard, probing for that sweet stop. She was obviously turned on as she gasped to a shudder and kissed me. I asked her he she wanted to fuck the night porter to which she responded with another shudder - but did not say yes or no.

Back n our room, we showered and went to bed, quickly turning into a love making session where I was licking her, asking her if she would like two cocks - yes she moaned, I then asked again if she wanted me to get the night porter - no response - she simply moaned deeper.

I then started to fuck her and asked a third time and she suddenly came again saying "yes - get the porter - I want him to fuck me". Now was the point I wanted - so I stopped and asked again, with no body touch between us. She confirmed again "yes I want you to get the porter and ask him to fuck me".

So with that I kissed her and went downstairs and asked the night porter for a drink. Whilst he was pouring a drink, I asked the question - will you fuck my wife - he was gob smacked. After a moment he said yes and I returned to our room saying the door will be open.

When I got back to our room, my wife was out of bed, smoking to calm her nerves. After a minute the porter walked in and went up to her kissed her and patted or smacked her pussy. As I returned into the room after locking the door, I saw my wife blowing this large cock, whilst she caressed his full balls. They moved to the bed and I stopped her from carrying on as he was going to cum within a minute, thinking I was going to make the session last.

How I was wrong - he simply put her legs over his shoulders and gave her the hardest fuck I ever seen - thrusting his full body weight and length into her for a couple of minutes and then he came. The bastard just grabbed his clothes and left, leaving me to "dig" out his condom from my wife's well used pussy.

We never knew what hit us!!!