Written by Marcus

31 Jul 2009

I posted our "first swing @ the half way house" a couple of days ago which made us go back in the evening a few days later, I hasten to add!

The reality kicked in a bit after wards, sex with strangers, STD ect and how we must be a bit more careful.

It was Friday night around 9ish and it was still light. Sarah was just wearing a tight black short vest style dress that pronounced every curve, she didn't look cheap but very sexy showing off her great breasts and legs.

Again, we didn't really know what to except so parked at the same place where there were around 5/6 cars already and made our way through the trees at the bottom of the field.

We made our way very sheepishly and quietly through the trees and saw some bodies at the opening to side of us. We stayed within the trees and made our way closer to the tree line, the light was getting dimmer but still light enough to see.

Sarah was in front of me and I was straight behind her where there was a semi naked women laying down with 3 guys with their hands touching every part of her body. One man (think it was her partner as he was in control) was kneeing between her legs with his mouth clamped onto her pussy, another sucking her tit whilst clothed but wanking and the other again clothed with his cock being wanked by the women.

I put my arms around Sarah's stomach, from behind, and pulled her close to me. Her heart beat was pounding really fast and she was slightly trembling, I knew she was aroused by being the voyeur this time. Now getting turned on I pushed my crotch harder onto her back and started to squeeze her breast with my left hand.

My right hand pulled up her short dress allowing me to feel her very wet bald pussy. I started a circular movement on her clit and she open her stance further making the rest of the bottom of the dress raise up above her hips.

She was transfixed watching this girl getting all of this attention. Also in the tree line, but further away, there were some single guys also watching the show but keeping a respectable distance away.

With Sarah’s arm behind her back she had my rock hard cock out though my jeans and was gently stroking it up and down against her lower back (she very petite and I’m 6.1). I scooped my hand over her shoulder down the top of her dress to squeeze her nipple. It was one of those strappy dresses so no easy way to get them out for a proper feel.

Again, we haven’t planned what we were going to do, only that we need to be a little more careful.

The foursome show was hotting up with all the guys kneeing over her chest and face, she was wanking the two strangers whilst still lying down with her partner servicing himself.

Sarah stopped moving and was just holding my cock, which is a sign of her concentration, and being so turned on myself I really increased the speed on her clit. She responded by throwing her head back and pushing forward her pelvis and her legs started to shake, I knew she was about to cum. Sure enough she let out a cry, tensed up as if she had had an electric shock and fell to her knees. We were in that don’t care zone again, so I pulled down my jeans and stuck my 7 ½ inch rock solid cock into her mouth.

Within a few seconds there were some single guys edging in for a better look, I think the cry may have helped. It was getting much darker but still able to see bodies and faces. There were 4 guys within splitting distance all with their cocks out, I guess because we didn’t give any negative signs they felt comfortable enough to come forward.

I was nervous, turn on, excited as Sarah grabbed a cock in each hand and started to wank them off. I exploded into her mouth causing her to almost choke. The guys looked at me and having seen Sarah getting off on the other women’s show, I knew what she wanted. Be easy and no pussy I said to them.

One guy came quickly and disappeared.

With her still kneeing and a bit of cum to the side of her mouth, I bent down and grabbed hold of the bottom of the dress and pulled it upwards very slowly, she cautiously raised up her arms and I slowly pulled it over her releasing her firm, pert breasts and then over her head.

She took one guy, the most attractive one, in her mouth whilst wanking the other, the other was wanking himself pushing his cock towards her mouth. All 3 were competing to feel her tits.

I was hard again watching my wife with so many men, so gently took her by the shoulders and laid her down. The message was to come over her like the other women earlier. I entered her in the missionary position whilst the 3 men knelt down wanking away, whilst touching her all over especially her breasts.

I was pounding away very fast now and it wasn’t long for the first guy to cum which hit her chin and ran down her neck. The other 2 were soon after coming all over her face and tits. Once they had released themselves they all made a sharp exit.

I didn’t last much longer and when I cam I thrusted every thing I had into her.

She was laying there naked in a “forest” with cum all over her face, what a site, so I had to take some photos’ with my phone.

This was the second visit to the Half way house and boy we weren’t disappointed.