Written by stevo

23 Feb 2007

After much talk and thought my wife Becky and I decided to try swinging. We made contact with a couple from outside our town and via many e-mails decided to met at our home one Saturday evening. As first timers we made it clear to Rob and Amanda that we only wanted to watch and be watched, which they agreed to. They arrived promptly at 7, Rob was an average looking guy in his early 40`s very much like myself. Amanda was a slim attractive short haired blonde the opposite of Becky who is very curvy with a slim waist and lovely large firm boobs. As we sat down with drinks Rob took charge by saying he and Amanda would get things moving and that we should just do what we found comfortable. As they began recounting previous swinging sessions we all began to become aroused. Rob began telling of the time they had their first threesome with a stranger whilst dogging as he told the story Amanda undid hs trousers and began to wank and suck his cock. Becky came and sat on my lap and as we watched events unfold slowly played with my nipples. Amanda then stood up and allowed her dress to fall to the floor revealing a lovely petite body, Rob was also undressed revealing a large 8 incher. Amanda sat on Robs lap facing us as Robs hand began to explore her shaven mound, all the time they were looking at us and becoming very horny. I lifted up Beckys dress to allow our guest to see her trimmed bush and within seconds Amanda began to moan, Becky then released my 7 inches of rock hard circumcised cock and soon after Amanda came. She then eased Robs cock inside her gently rocking up and down. As she did this I took the straps of Beckys dress off her shoulder to let them see her lovely 36 dd tits.

Rob let out a cry of oh yes as I played with my wifes lovely nipples, Amandas pace increased and Rob came.We wasted no time in stripping off and I positioned Becky on the sofa and spread her legs. We had planned earlier what we were going to do and I had told Becky she had to look at Rob and Amanda while I went down on her. Her fanny was soaking as I licked her lovely clit she came in seconds and as I looked up I saw her staring at our guests. After she came I layed back on the floor and Becky got on top of me, as she rode me she played with her boobs , Rob and Amanda were engrossed, Robs cock was rock hard again and Amanda was playing with herself, Becky groaned to another climax and I followed.

Amanda was already on all fours on the sofa as Rob entered her they began to fuck very hard before Amanda told Rob to slow down and enjoy, Amanda then began talking saying how gorgeous Becky was and how everyone in the room wanted to enjoy her body, Amanda began to play with her clit again as Rob continued to bang away at her. Becky was sucking my cock back to its hardest and we were soon shagging in unison with Rob and Amanda. They came first and not long after I fired my load over Beckys arse.

We stopped for more drinks and Becky and I went to the kitchen to see how we both felt. Becky said she had never been so turned on and wouldn`t object to a bit of swapping as long as there was no penetration. Back in the living room the talk was just about what had happened and how we all felt.

I set things in motion by saying Becky would let them both have a play with her boobs and that maybe Rob should go first.

Becky then strode over to Rob dropped her dressing gown to the floor and sat on Rob lap facing him. He immediately took her boob in his mouth and for the next 10 minutes just sucked and played with Beckys tits. I couldn`t believe what I was seeing as Becky actually came mainly due to Robs cock rubbing against her clit. Amandas mouth was soon around my throbbing cock and my fingers were exploring her tight cunt.

Becky then said sorry Amanda but I need my husbands cock inside me and with that she dropped to her knees and began to suck Rob off while I entered her again from behind.

Amanda said as soon as one of them cums then I want the other one. Rob won that race by off loading in Beckys mouth just after she came again. I then sat on the sofa as Rob tried to get hard again by giving Amanda an anal shafting. Amanda sucked my cock dry and we all laid there totally spent.

The girls then went to the kitchen to get something to eat whilst Rob and I chatted. After some 10 minutes had gone by I went to find out what was keeping them only to find Becky and Amanda naked and in a passionate clinch on the conservatory floor I watched amazed as Amanda and Becky shared a 69.

We have had many other Saturday nights since including one which a special guest but that is for another time.