Written by maturefifecpl

11 Mar 2010

We had talked for some months about getting another man to join us so that I could watch Beth being fucked by another man. We had previously met other couples for soft swing and had had a young single man join us at a hotel in Leith so that Beth could suck and wank him as we fucked. Several weeks later we arranged to meet Jack, with whom we had been chatting in MSN, at a bar in Edinburgh. He was a only little younger than myself but Beth liked him and we all got on well. Several days later we visited his flat and sat together in his lounge enjoying a bottle of wine. After a second bottle the atmosphere was sexually charged and I sensed that the moment to realise my voyeuristic inclinations had arrived. Leaving Beth and jack on the sofa I left the room to go the bathroom and glancing back I saw her reaching for the bulge in his jeans and his hand moving towards her breast. Outside the room I peered through the crack of the door and watched as Beth unzipped him to reveal a nice thick, uncut cock. His hand was under her top and moments later her heavy breasts with very large dark nipples were exposed. His mouth dropped on to the erect teat and as he sucked and nibbled she wanked his shaft. Being circumcised I was especially aroused by the sight of her rolling back his foreskin to reveal the glistening head.

Returning from the bathroom several minutes later I was pleased and excited to see that things had moved on. Beth had taken off her jeans and was lying on her back with her legs drawn up. Jack's trousers were around his ankles and his face was buried in her hairy cunt. Beth squirmed and played with her nipples as he skillfully licked her to a climax. Almost immediately she pulled him up towards her and they kissed passionately. I watched in fascination as his cock head nuzzled against her cunt lips, and saw her fingers guide the thick shaft into her hole. Within seconds he was deep inside her and pumping firmly. Gradually her low grunts developed into loud gasps and she urged him with words like 'that's it' and 'harder'. It was very erotic hearing and seeing her approaching a climax. Moments later her body convulsed as she orgasmed.

I needed to be closer to them and re-entered the room. Jack rolled off her, his cock still hard as he had managed not to cum. Beth gestured to me to lay alongside and we kissed and carressed. She asked me if was comfortable with what was happening and I said that I was. She knew how much I wanted to watch close up and rolled over on to her knees on the floor, and indicated that I should slide underneath her. As she wanked and sucked my cock I watched from just inches away as Jack's cock slid back into her gaping hole from behind. Her long pussy lips stretched around his shaft as it slid in and out of her cunt. My experience some weeks earlier with the young guy at the hotel had helped me satisfy by bi-curiosity and I felt completely at ease so close to a cock. Jack was aware of interest and obligingly pulled out completely so that I could admire him. As I licked Beth's wet cunt I was able to stroke his balls. My own scrotum is quite small and almost disappears when my cock is erect. Jack's sack was very large and his balls slapped against Beth's bum as he fucked her. The second time he withdrew I took hold of the shaft and slipped the head into my mouth. I was surprised how large it felt and I almost gagged. Knowing how much Beth wanted to cum again I guided his cock back into her. Jack's pumping became more frenzied and I could hear Beth telling him she wanted spunk. As Beth orgasmed again Jack couldn't hold back any longer and I saw his cock pulsing as he spurted three or four times deep inside her. He remained slumped over her back, his hands still cupping her tits, until his soft cock slipped from her hole. Their love juices dribbled down the inside of her thighs.

I was as hard as hell and invited Beth to roll onto her back. I mounted her and sank deep into her wet cunt. I have never experienced anything like it, and minutes later we shared a truly momentous climax with Jack watching and stroking his limp cock.

After coffee and more conversation we left Jack's flat promising that we would return for another session.