Written by Grant

10 Apr 2014

I'm a 44 year old Fella who is an old Hand at swinging. I was Married for 15 years but a Serial adulterer. I've lost count of the women I'd Taken to rios, radlett, wisley, and Bristol gardens over the years. I've also Done all the usual contact sites.

However this Experience doesn't really relate to next directly, but to Someone else. Also bear with me but i do need to explain how this all came about . Basically I'd responded to a Profile Posted by a guy who was keen to Turn his wife into a slut. i work as a Handyman so had Used my work as an excuse to meet similar couples before. Husband and i exchanged many messages, and Finally met to Talk things over. He was to tamper with their toilet and Arrange for me to repair it when his wife is home Alone...,the idea being i try my Luck with her.

At the last minute he got cold feet and called it off. Fast forward 18 Months and by Chance i bumped into husband in a petrol station. We Sat in his car and Chatted more and he was keen to try again but this Time he'd get me to Decorate their hallway....Which would Mean Spending more Time with her.

A few days Later and i Arrived to meet a stunning Brunette, with a huge smile, and a very Petite figure. She was Dressed for the Gym so everything was figure Hugging. I liked what i saw.

She was Back from the Gym by Lunchtime, but Chatting Her up was hard work. Over the Next couple of days i took things easy and slowly gained Her Confidence. At the end of the job, after three days, she was Friendly but sadly November Flirty. Over the Next few weeks we exchanged text messages Which gradually got more and more Flirty, and i kept husband Informed of Progress.

However she still wouldn't give me the green light. So Grabbing the bull by the horns i dropped in on Her armed with a bunch of Flowers. This Time i felt Her warming to me, and gave Her a hug. Feeling no objection this Moved onto a kiss on the cheek, then Onto Her Lips. Feeling Confidence i went for Some Tongue and she responded well.

Suddenly, without warning she broke Down crying. Fuck.

Then poured out Her Heart to me, saying that for Twenty years she has faced non stop Pressure from husband to sleep with Other men. How she Fears sex, hates being touched and at 52 Has never had an orgasm!!

I wanted the ground to open up. I suddenly felt like we'd both been set up and this was not what I'd Envisaged at the start. anyway it was confession Time. I told Her everything, close to tears at Times.

She Just Looked at me and said "make me cum."

Fast forward Two Hours and She'd Held a cock for the first Time, had Her first orgasm, and received Her first oral.

Fast forward a week and She's filed for divorce, thrown Her husband out, and is texting most days asking for sex. She's Game for Almost everything, gives Her first Blow job, sucks me dry, realises She's Submissive, Loves being Spanked and is buying Lots sexy Underwear.

I Decide to push my Luck with Her Willingness to Try New Things and Soon we're openly Having One to One sex at Bristol gardens. Anyone who has been there will Know it's hit and Miss and on That Occasion it was Miss....with Some very overweight folk attending.....not my cuppa tea.

All this so far is Just to give you the Background to what is Coming Next.

I live in Sussex and there's not much Down Here for swingers. I Decide to make Her next step Into a weekend thing and settle on a New Place, Vanilla alternative,,.around the m25 and up the a1. It Looked great online And doubles as a Hotel.

We Arrive early, Pay our Membership and entry fee as well for our One night's stay in a Room. we're shown around and the place is Brilliant. Lots Space, Spotlessly Clean, and Better than anywhere I'd been to Previously.

I'd chosen couples and singles night in the Hope that I'd Get Some pussy and She'd Get Some cock. We have a shower, Get Changed..Her Into a see through black lacy thing, no Underwear, Which showed off Her size 8 and pert a cups perfectly. I'm just wearing a towel.

We Spend Time in the bar and Soon the place fills up more. We Get chatting to a Lovely black couple first and Move from the bar to the Lounge area. My partner Whispers to me "How does this work...can i just fuck him Here". I Laugh and tell the Other couple what She'd said and Soon we're all Laughing. The black woman smiles and says "sure you can Honey but Take him to the play area" and they Head off Hand in Hand. A couple of minutes Later I'm following with the black woman. We find a Space, and start with a 69 and then full sex. A few solo guys are watching us and wanking but the black woman Clear they aren't Going to even touch Her so gradually they wander off. We lie Down chatting for a While and she sucks me Back to life before we start Round Two.

The Penny drops that we're Alone, and we can Hear shouting Coming from the big Jacuzzi.

We Head over and i can't quite believe what I'm seeing. My partner on Her Back with Her feet dangling in the Jacuzzi, a woman Squatting over Her face, and a fat middle aged man fucking Her. behind him 7 more guys waiting their Turn, with the black guy keeping order. The fat guy comes Soon after we Arrive and is Replaced Immediately by a lad of around 19 who cums Pretty quickly. The third guy does Her non stop for 15 minutes or so and over the Next Hour or Two she Takes on 8 guys in total, Having orgasm after orgasm.

When she Finally stops, their cocks are Replaced by Her own fingers. I'm Speechless....she wants more.

The black couple stayed with us that night and we stayed on to enjoy couples only Saturday night.

That was Back in November 2013. six Months Later she lives for sex. This Summer we're Trying out a swingers campsite in south of France