Written by wesleyomand

28 Nov 2011

Part 1

My wife Helen and I are an ordinary couple, in our fifties, married for over thirty years. We stayed in a B&B on the Northumberland coast this summer. As we came out of our room, on our first morning, we met a couple in their sixties coming out of theirs next door. He was tall and slim, very distinguished looking she was short and skinny. My wife and I are a little overweight Helen's 5 foot five and I'm a couple of inches taller. The four of us had breakfast together and got on really well. He was a real charmer doing most of the talking telling stories and I could tell Helen was enjoying his company. I enjoyed Jill's' company especially as she had her hand on my leg much of the time. While talking I once patted her upper thigh. She smiled, I couldn't believe it when the hand on my leg moved to my lap and squeezed my genitals. It clicked with me that they were swingers trying to pick us up.

We had a busy day planned and agreed to meet that evening in the pub across the road, at seven O'Clock, for dinner. As we left Helen said. "Aren't they lovely."

We got back to the B & B at about five. We had been in another pub most of the afternoon drinking with friends. We had more drinks, showered and had sex. While lazily fingering her vagina I told her that I thought Bill and Jill were swingers and fancied us. She didn't believe me. I noted that she put on her sexiest black undies, black hold up stockings and little black dress. As we set off for the pub I told her that Bill would be very impressed with her attire. "Get out of it, he won't even notice." She said.

Drink always makes Helen horny so I had high hopes that something could happen tonight. I held Helen's' arse as we crossed the road and we had a little snog before we entered the pub. We met Bill and Jill at the bar. Bill, with a big smile on his face said. "Helen you look fantastic." He kissed her lips in greeting for much longer than was normal, almost a snog. I kissed Jill and wasn't surprised when she briefly put her tongue in my mouth. Helen was blushing as she separated from Bill.

Bill guided us to a booth where he sat next to Helen and I sat next to Jill. He was intently talking to her so I talked to Jill and we were like two separate couples. Helen and I would frequently glance at each other and slowly became more relaxed as each could see that the other were comfortable. Jill continued where she left off in the morning fondling my genitals such that I developed an erection. I, in turn, stroked her thigh, running my hand up from stocking to skin to hair. Fucking hell she wasn't wearing underwear. Conversation came back to the four of us while we ate dinner, the drink flowed. Helen and Jill went to the toilet together Helen with a drunken gait and Jill supporting her. Bill turned to me. "They are a couple of very sexy women. don't you think Wesley?"

"They are indeed." I replied.

"I think Helen's gorgeous and Jill's taken quite a shine to you." He said. "What do you think of us?

Without time to think up a good answer I blurted out. "I think Jill's gorgeous and Helen said both of you were lovely."

"That's brilliant, Jill likes women as much as men. So do I for that matter. What about you?"

Now I was on the spot. I lifted my drink to my lips and put it down still thinking. Some of my favorite porn, both written and visual, involved bisexual participants. What the fuck would Helen think though. What kind of a hole was I digging allowing this man to believe that we would have sex with them. Surely Helen wouldn't go for it but what if this guy, no couple, could charm their way into her pants. He waited patiently for my answer, I decided to level with him.

"Listen Bill. Helen and I are just an ordinary couple. We've never met anyone like you before. I'd like to get to know you better, if I'm understanding, correctly, I'd like to get to know both of you a whole lot better. It would be great but I don't think Helen will go for it." I said.

"We'll find out soon enough." He said winking. "Jill and Helen will be having the same conversation that we're having."

"Jill's going to ask Helen if she fancies you?" I said astounded.

"Yes she is. She's going to tell her that we're swingers and want to have sex with you both. I'm pretty sure she'll tell her that you've been touching each other up this morning and all through dinner." He said.

It felt like a huge fist was in my stomach and I started to rant. "Oh fucking hell Bill. Helen will go fucking nuts. She'll never agree to anything like that. I'm fucked"

Bill was calm "She's going to surprise you Wesley. She didn't go nuts when I had my hand up her skirt just now. In fact she seemed to like it"

"What do you mean?" I asked incredulous.

"I mean that when I ran my hand up her leg and my fingers reached her gusset she opened her legs for me. Only her knickers stopped me fingering in her cunt. I was scratching at her clitoris and could feel the heat Wesley." After letting me take that in he went on. "Helen's one red hot lady and if Jill's on form one of her specialties is to persuade a lady to give up her knickers so they are both bare arsed."

Helen and Jill were gone a long time. When they eventually came back to the table, Helen still staggering. Helen and I looked at each other then looked away Helen was very sheepish, I'm sure I looked the same. Jill put her bag on the table to get her purse out and accidentally on purpose Helen's black knickers spilled over the side, she stuffed them back in winking at Bill across the table. Bill grinned, Helen went bright red.

Turning to Helen Bill said. "Shall we drink up and go back to our room for a nightcap?"

Helen glanced at me and I held her eye, she was still blushing. "That sounds like fun. What do you think?" I asked.

She nodded, managed a weak little smile and said. "OK then."