Written by wesleyomand

29 Nov 2011

Part 3

Bill got down on his knees next to the bed leaned over and started sucking my penis. Jill started by licking Helen's vagina but very soon moved up the bed so that they were kissing passionately and touching each other all over. Bill climbed onto the bed and I reached for him. His was the first penis, other than my own, that I'd ever held but I soon got into the swing of it.

A pattern emerged where Bill would start something and I would do the same. He had already sucked my penis and I sucked his. He kissed me and we French kissed for a while swapping spit. He licked my anus and I licked his. On the other bed similar things were happening. The bathroom door had not been shut properly so it opened a little providing enough light for everyone to see what the others were doing. I caught Helen watching Bill fuck my face while she was feeding the vibrator in and out of Jill.

I came in Bill's mouth. He immediately started snogging me sharing the cum between us. When we came up for air Helen and Jill were still in a sixty nine Jill on the bottom being fucked by Helen with the vibrator. Helen was on top with her arse in the air. Bill asked me if I minded then slipped over and pushed his penis into Helen for the umpteenth time and proceeded to fuck her while she fucked Jill. Not to be left out, I was able to take one of Jill's and one of Helen's breasts in my hands and start snogging alternately with Helen and Bill. This was the best.

We sort of came to a rest Bill slipped his still hard but as he put it sore penis out of Helen. As she moved to get off Jill, Helen farted, very loudly in her face. Bill and I immediately started laughing. Jill took a breath then scrambled, choking, to get out of the way making Bill and I laugh all the more, Helen was mortified then she too started laughing followed by Jill.

It was just getting dawn. Jill put the light on and Bill put the kettle on. Helen started gathering her clothes when Jill stopped her. "Don't get dressed yet. Let's have a coffee and a chat." Helen looked to me I took her clothes and folded them on a chair with mine. Helen sat on the edge of the bed next to me and opposite Jill.

Jill started the conversation. "Have you two enjoyed yourselves?"

"I have." I said. "What about you Helen?"

"Yes I think so. I never thought. You know. I never thought I erm we would ever do anything like this." she said.

"Me neither but I'm glad we did." I said looking at Helen who nodded her agreement.

"Oh that's good." Bill said. "I'd hate to think we'd seduced you. They've been great fun haven't they Jill?"

"Oh yes you have." Jill said. "And I hope we're going to do this again. Would you like that you two?"

I smiled and nodded at Helen letting her answer. "Yes I wouldn't mind."

Bill handed us our coffees and added. "We've got friends who would love to meet you. Would you like that?"

"I er don't know really." Helen replied. Looking to me for support

"You and Jill would be there, wouldn't you?" I asked.

"Oh yes. Of course we will." Jill chipped in. "We'll be there the whole time." She said getting up, sitting down next to Helen and stroking her leg. She kissed Helen's cheek and went on. "We want to have fun too."

"Trust me folks. You'll have a lot of fun I promise you." Bill said. "You're going to love these people. Do you want to meet them?"

Helen turned to me, I nodded my agreement kissed her, put my hand on her knee and said. "Sounds like fun, It's up to you, Do you want to?"

"OK then, if Wesley wants to." Then almost as an afterthought she asked. "When were you thinking of meeting them?"

"Well we've been invited to a barbecue, later today." Bill replied.

"Today. We couldn't today. We've only just finished, well you know. No we couldn't today. We're going to your sister's for lunch and anyway I've nothing to wear." She blurted out obviously flustered. She was clearly expecting something not very specific and in the future.

I was a bit taken aback myself but instantly warmed to the idea. "I know we've just finished but hey we can start again. How about I give my sister a ring and put her off? We'll sort out something to wear" I babbled back feeling the moment slipping away.

Jill piped up. "I've got nothing to wear either. We'll go shopping Helen find something nice. It'll be fun. How about it? A trip round the shops."

Helen sat there biting her lip. "Come on Helen in for a penny." Bill enthused.

"I don't know." She said. "Later today?"

"Yes it's not far we'll get there about four O'Clock. Later if you like. Plenty of time to have a good sleep. Go around the shops have showers and take our time getting ready." Bill said smiling at her.

Helen said. "They won't be expecting us."

Bill countered. "I'll ring them after breakfast and tell them."

Helen sat thinking still biting her lip. She eventually sighed and said. "And you'll ring your sister?"

"Yes after breakfast." I said.

"OK then. I still don't know what to wear. You'll have to help me choose something Jill." She said.

"Don't worry I know the very shop." Jill answered smiling.

Helen seemingly happier said. "We'd better get some sleep then. It's going to be a busy day."