Written by wesleyomand

3 Dec 2011

Part 4

We half dressed and went back to our room. I got straight into bed while Helen went for a shower, I looked at the clock it was just after five. The very next thing I know, Helen is shaking me. I open a bleary eye and she's standing over me fully dressed. "It's half past ten. Jill and I are going shopping now. You need to ring your sister." She hurried to the door, stood in the open doorway, turned to me and said. "Come on you need to get up." She blew me a kiss, I could see Jill waiting in the corridor then they were gone.

I had two immediate thoughts. How bright and breezy Helen was considering how much she'd had to drink and how little sleep she'd had. More importantly. Fuck I'd missed breakfast. I rang my sister, had a shower, got dressed and was trying to decide what to do when there was a knock at the door. Bill came in and suggested we go out for breakfast. We got settled in a supermarket cafe and he told me that the barbecue was being held in a nice house owned by a wealthy retired couple in their sixties. He was sure they would be thrilled that we would be going but as he'd promised Helen he rang them.

"Hello Mike, it's Bill Crump. I'm just confirming that Jill and I will be there this afternoon and I've got some good news. We're bringing a red hot couple with us." He listened for a moment. "In their fifties." Another pause. "Yes both bi, Jill and I fucked both of them last night. I haven't forgotten, tarts and vicars." The husband's with me now Jill and his Mrs have gone to buy something disgraceful to wear." He listened again. "I know don't worry I'll wear the usual and we'll find something for Wesley. What's the turnout looking like?" Another pause. "Great see you later." He hung up and beamed at me.

"Well he's made up that you're coming there was only his mrs, a predominantly lesbian friend, another middle aged couple we've met before and a new young couple confirmed. Helen and Jill make it six women."

"What about men? I asked

"It's never a problem getting men." He said. "There's about half a dozen dirty old bisexual men in their fifties, sixties and seventies, friends and regulars, and another dozen or so young bucks in their twenties thirties and forties. The girls will have plenty to choose from."

"Great." I said

"I know, I know, not too much fanny for us but the girls will get as much cock as they can handle, we might get a sniff at one of the other women but there will be plenty of cock fun if we want it."

"This is not typical. Mike's Mrs is a particular slut and wants all the cock in the world. Most dos we go to are couples only and much more civilized. Next time my boy."

I could see that and just hoped Helen would enjoy herself enough to make this a regular thing. Bill went on to tell me that we would need condoms as bareback fucking like we did was a no no. They only did it with us because it was obvious we were newbies. He also told me that tarts and vicars was a regular thing and that he went as a tart and suggested I do the same.

We ate, went to M&S for my gear and headed back to the B&B. It was nearly two O'Clock and the girls were not back. Bill suggested we start getting ready in his room. We had a shower together, soaping each other paying particular attention to are genitals and anuses. Soapy finger fucking was fun. Jill came in the bathroom while we were showering and said she and Helen would get ready next door.

We close shaved, chose a wig each from Bill's small collection then got dressed. We both wore seemed stockings, he wore a suspender belt, short pleated skirt, tight vest top and no pants. I wore a basque with suspenders and Bill gave me, from his collection shear almost transparent patterned lace knickers in all in purple. We put our court shoes and wigs in a bag and put regular trousers and shirts on top of our outfits.

We went next door both women were wearing wrap around dresses that came down just below the knee and were putting the finishing touches to their hair. I hardly recognized Helen in the garish slutty make up. Jill indicated that we should sit down and started work on us. Ten minutes later we were getting in the car with Bill and I looking perfectly normal except for equally sluttish, Bottle green sparkle eye shadow and lip gloss.

Jill drove for about twenty minutes then up a narrow lane and followed a sign for 'car park' into a small paddock next to a large house, already containing a couple of cars. It wasn't yet three O'Clock, we were early. We made our way to the house and were invited in by Mike, dressed as a vicar, who introduced us to his wife Barb who was in the kitchen wearing a dressing gown. There were three older blokes there in dog collers, who all said hello and got on with chores like moving furniture about tidying up outside and whatnot.

Barb told us that the other three women had cried off. Mike looked at the make up Bill and I was wearing and said. "It's a good job you T-gurls are here. Looks like you and the ladies are going to to get fucked senseless."

Barb said. "Don't worry about us. I'm sure the five of us can handle all the cock between us."

Bill rubbed his hands and said. "Well I'm ready to do my bit."

"And me." Jill said with a big smile on her face. "There wasn't many girls to begin with it was always going to be a gangbang."

Helen and I looked at each other wondering what the hell we'd got ourselves into.