5 Feb 2017

I posted this story around a three years ago...just in case you missed it I have posted it again. I must emphasis that it is totally and completely true in each and every respect...apart from a couple of names. I had such an amazing time... :)

I just wanted to tell a true story about the most erotic evening I have ever experienced, a couple of years ago now. Ray and I were contacted, through ‘Axis’ (a contact mag), by a lady who I will call Sarah (for a number of reasons!) looking for a surprise 'present' for her male partner, Steve. After meeting with Sarah it was arranged by my husband for me to become the ‘gift’!

Once the arrangements were finalised the intervening days quickly passed until the 'evening' was just a couple of hours away, when to be honest I was sort of petrified, being quite new to the 'scene' at the time.

My husband made it clear what I was to wear and so I was dressed in a black cupless PVC basque, minute see through nylon G string (which allowed the two ball closure rings that go through the outer lips of my pussy, to be clearly visible), long black gloves, red seamed nylon stockings, red high heeled shoes, and a red rubber mini skirt . Over the top for the car journey I was allowed to wear a full length coat. I remember thinking, 'God, I hope we don't have an accident on the way!'

After an hours drive, we met up with Sarah somewhere just outside Southend on Sea, Essex. I changed cars, getting into hers, and suddenly I was off, leaving my husband behind. I recall looking back at him through the rear window of the car thinking, ‘There’s no turning back now’…………

We eventually, got to Steve's place, the venue for the 'surprise'. Sarah had already managed to get him out of the house using some story or the other, but we only had a few minutes to prepare ourselves for what was to follow, before he was due to return.

He had no idea whatsoever about the arrangements that had been made for the evening in which as had been planned by Sarah and my partner, he was to be in total command.

Sarah took me upstairs to his bedroom, where I removed my overcoat. If I say so myself I looked red hot and felt 'up for it'. She then made me kneel on the bed with my arse sticking up in the air, blindfolded me, and handcuffed my hands behind my back, securing the cuffs together with rope which I had taken along with me. She then left me in this rather vulnerable position, to await his pleasure, whatever that was to be.

She waited for him outside the house, as if she had not been inside. Suddenly I heard the key go into the lock on the front door. My heart skipped a beat - this was it. My pussy became hotter and wetter, very much wetter - almost dripping.

Sarah told Steve that a surprise awaited him upstairs and that he could go and have a look but not touch, then come straight back down instead.

I heard him come up the stairs and enter the room I was so vulnerable in and approach me from behind. He didn’t follow Sarah’s instructions as I felt him place a hand on and around my arse. Steve then moved his fingers so that they lightly brushed over my soaking wet pussy. Then he pushed his fingers deep into my pussy and played with my clit. Fuck, it felt so good. He then returned downstairs to Sarah. By this time she had also taken off her outer clothes to reveal a similar basque and black seamed stockings, although I was not to see this until later.

I was still kneeling on the bed, face down as before when I heard him order her upstairs. They came into the bedroom and I heard him tell her to the side of the bed. Steve said to her, 'You know about this collar', and I heard the sound of him fitting something around her neck.

He then led Sarah to the end of the bed where my arse was sticking up in the air with just a very thin strip of nylon G string covering my wet, hot pussy and bent her over facing it. He ordered Sarah to touch my pussy. She immediately started fingering my clit. He then told her to suck it and she readily obliged. I remember him saying, ‘That's what real pussy tastes like' . I felt as if I was on fire.

I then heard the sound of Steve removing his belt and unzipping his trousers. I knew then that my time was near. Then Steve started to fuck her, without any break in her work on my pussy.

As he fucked her, he repeatedly slapped her arse, to her great and noisy delight. After some time, I'm not sure exactly how long, he pulled out of her pussy and came around to the top end of the bed. As I had been blindfolded before he arrived and had never met him or seen him before, I had no idea what awaited my open mouth.

Steve pushed his very hard, large prick into my mouth. It was enormous. Christ, I tasted not only his prick but also the juices from her pussy - that was a first for me and was great. As I sucked him, he opened my pussy up as wide as possible to help as Sarah spent ages licking me to an earth shattering orgasm. He then told her to stop and to stand up. He then disappeared downstairs, to return with what I could only make out by the sound were some metal items. He told her to place her hands behind her back as he placed whatever he had brought with him, on her.

He must have blindfolded her at this stage. I heard him lead her downstairs a step at a time. Shortly he returned to me. I felt him approach me froim behind. He pushed his hard cock into my pussy filling me up completely, he was really very big. At which point he fucked me incredibly hard. It felt so good, I thought I was going to explode.

He took hold of me and carefully led me downstairs, a step at a time as I was also still blindfolded and sat me on the settee next to Sarah. I instinctively began to rub her pussy with my leg. He left the room again, to return shortly afterwards with more 'clanging' metal and bits and pieces. I then felt him place leather straps around my ankles and then attach a metal bar, a leg spreader which spread my legs wide apart. Steve then started to fuck her whilst fingering me. I was in paradise.

He then swapped round and started to fuck me whilst fingering Sarah's pussy. I was impressed with his performance, as his cock seemed to manage to stay hard for ages despite coming.

After a while he stepped back and told us to kiss on the lips. This we readily performed, our tongues exploring each others mouths. He then went off to get his camera and yet another appliance. We carried on kissing each other wildly as he took photographs. He then came around in front of me.

I felt him open up my pussy and slowly insert something metal. This then had the effect of opening up my pussy very, very wide. He played with my clit as the rest of my hole was pulled widely apart. I had never used a speculum in sex play before this night and it was an amazing experience.

More photographs were taken of my vulnerable pussy until I came yet again! At this point he removed the metal object from within me as well as taking off the leg spreaders. I was ordered to 'stand up' and I was asked if I had ever eaten pussy before. I told him that I had not. He buried my face in Sarah's pussy saying, 'You're going to now'.

I lapped away for ages spending time on her clit but not neglecting her hole. I was told to concentrate on her clit and to make her come while he fingered her pussy. I did as I was told and made her clit my target. She came quickly, obviously loving my attention to her clit. I was then positioned at her breasts and was ordered to suck her nipples, to find that like my pussy she was pierced.

Steve then sat me back on the settee, and loosened the rope holding the cuffs together slightly, allowing my arms to drop down to my sides. Steve removed Sarah's handcuffs and told her to straddle me, with both our legs wide apart. He pushed a vibrator up somewhere in her, I'm not sure exactly where... possibly her pussy or perhaps even her arse with one end was however buzzing away on my clit while he fucked me with his huge prick. I was still blindfolded and could only imagine the scene taking place.

On and on he went until I felt the tell tale signs of him inside me that told me he was building up to spraying his cum. Just as he was about to shoot his load, he pulled out and shot cum all over the front of my pussy and tops of my legs and stockings. Steve then ordered Sarah to lick me clean, which she did. What a great feeling that was. I was led back upstairs, and he removed all restraints.

I collected all my things and I put my coat back on. All too quickly the evening was over. It was time for me to return to my partner who was patiently waiting in a pub just a short distance away.

We then drove home but try as I did, it was difficult to go over the details of the evening as I was 30,000 ft in the air.

It wasn't until the next evening when I was able to go over the events of the previous night. And what fun we had as I told my tale!