Written by Lipspreader8

27 Sep 2009

Girl on the bonnet.

I went out one night to a dogging car park I know one night, as I pulled into the car park there were quite a few cars there. I pulled over to the side where I could get a good view, i was just sitting there looking when a girl got out of a car followed by her bloke. They kissed and he laid her backwards on the bonnet of the car. He then went to the car and got some restraints out, then cuffed her hands first one hand then the other to each of the windscreen wipers.

Then he spread her legs and cuffed one ankle with a long strap which he slung under the car and behind the front wheels then put the other cuff to her other ankle then adjusted the strap so he legs were wide apart.

Then he undid her button through dress to reveal a completely naked body except for her stocking and suspender belt. Me being a nose basted I just had to have a closer look at this gorgeous body.

I went over and stood about 10foot from them, the bloke looked at me and said, what is your cock like? I said about seven inches and quite thick. He looked at the girl and she looked over at me and looked back at him and nodded. I couldn’t believe my luck, he said we want to do a scenario which will involve you stripping naked and letting me restrain you in the same way as Judy and some photo’s taken, are you up for that?

I said if it means I get to fuck Judy how could I say no. So he said to strip naked and he would get some more cuffs from the car, he came back and strapped my legs to Judy’s leg and my wrists to hers, there was no where to go now he knelt down and touched my cock and it got stiff straight away, he rubbed it against Judy’s slit then let it slip right in. he said I want you to start fucking he slowly while I take some pic’s I dually obliged. He was snapping away, he said I want you to keep snogging Judy all the time. Not a problem.

So he was snapping away and there was a land rover in the car park and he switched a big beam spot light on and shone it on Judy and me.

He told me to keep fucking Judy and snogging her all the time to keep her quiet.

I was enjoying this so much, then he came up behind me and started playing wit my arse and said was I ok with him playing with me. So I said I don’t mind, it felt quite a turn on actually and he put some lube on my button and worked his finger in then two. Then I realised there was someone else there taking the photo’s also a camcorder recording every moment.

Then he put his cock against my arse and gently pushed it in then he put his arms round us and gripped hold of hips and arse and then started fucking my arse which pushed my cock deeper into Judy with every forward stroke. Because I didn’t complain he took it as a sign for the whole car park to have ago.

As soon as he had cum up inside me which he shot a power full get inside me that I felt hit the pit of my stomach. As he pulled out another bloke replaced him and started to fuck my arse another bloke had slipped his hand down and was gently playing with my balls. This bloke fucked my arse for about five minutes when he shot his load up me and was quickly replaced by another. Then another, then another, then another and I lost count of how many had fucked me.

I later found out that 18 blokes plus my host had been up my now very sore arse and had all enjoyed the experience. I had kept my side of the bargain and had snogged Judy for the whole time I was being fucked and my cock had stayed hard inside her because of how turned on I had been. I had also cum three times whilst all this was going on me behind me. We were then untied and Judy dropped to her knees and gave me a fantastic blow job.

I’ll leave it to you weather this is true or just a wicked fantasy??? Ummmmmmmmmmm