3 Apr 2016

When we swing we like to do things a little bit more exciting than just a meet for a shag,We discussed the idea of the intruder scenario role play.

We placed an advert for a guy to join us for some role play fun and outlined the Intruder scenario in the advert..

We got a lot of replies and we whittled it down to the most suitable discarding the usually "Yeah I will come and fuck her messages" We agreed a meet with a guy and set out the role play with him and agreed he would turn up with a toy gun..the role play was set out that we where having sex and she was knelt giving me a blow job,he would come bursting in after watching us through the window and point his gun at us and make us do stuff ,well make her do stuff to him and to me..

Anyway the meet time came so we sat on the sofa and she then knelt in front of me and started to suck my cock, we heard the door open and he bursts in with a big feck off knife instead of a toy gun,she was a bit taken aback by that but soon settled down and carried on sucking my cock.

He was saying stuff like I have been watching you two through the window and it my turn to use your wife as I please otherwise I will kill you and still fuck her..

I said OK you can do what you like but please don't hurt us.He then told me to take her in to the bedroom and handcuff her to the bed and to get out and if I try anything funny like call for help I will kill her and then kill you..

I handcuffed her and came out of the bedroom(this was all being videoed with his permission the camera was set up on top of the cupboard and one in the lounge)..

Anyway I went back into the lounge and sat down wanking for a bit but decided to go and listen at the door. I could her him say you will do as I tell you and what I want,anyway with what seemed for ages I could not stand it no longer and had to go in my cock was throbbing so hard and I wanted to shoot my load..

I walked in he was fingering her and she was sucking his cock,I put my rock hard cock in her mouth and to be honest it was not long before I shot my load down her throat.. I just left and wished I had managed not to cum so quickly..anyway it must have been about 15 mins later I heard some laughing and the bedroom door opened and it was over..

We chatted for a bit and he left..she then told me what had gone on and she really enjoyed it..He was a big chap and she said she likes this type of guy,that's the first time she has told me a type she likes big chunky fellas ..

There are a couple of pics and a short video clip of the meet under the name of The Intruder on our profile,we also have a couple more true stories on here one under her first cuckold meet and her role play as a prostitute where she went to a guys house as I waited outside for her ..the video of the meet as made for good wanking material and I enjoy watching it back every now and then..this meet happen mid last year 2015