Written by Clanman

8 Apr 2010

Further to my Wifes experience with the Major, he rang and asked if he could take her out for a meal. Both of us were happy with this. My Wife got dressed up, with her 38GG's wobbling around in a dress with a generous cleavage. The Major pulled up outside, and off she went. My wife said that it was very obvious that the old boy was aroused, as soon as she got in his car, and within minutes he had pulled over in a quiet layby. He told her how beautiful she looked and gazing at her claevage, adjusted her seatbelt, ensuring that his hand touched bare flesh. As my wife smiled at him, he grabbed her boobs and reached down to kiss them. She told him to calm down, as the night was young. He took her to a nice restuarnt, commenting on her body whenever he could....my wife knew what was coming. After the meal, they walked back to his car, with the Major rubbing her backside. Once in the car, the Major lit his Pipe, and announced he aws taking her to see the Bowls Club, which he was Chairman of. On arriving, my wife said that it was all in the dark....he told her that it was closed for refurbishments, but to come in, as he had the keys. He took her into his office, and led her to a an Armchair....sitting down, he asked her to sit on his lap. She paused, as the bulge in his trousers was considerable by now. He Once sat their, he started to rub her breasts, pushing up with his lap, as he got excited. She assisted by opening the front of her dress, and lifting her full breasts out. He gasped, and taking one in his hands, squeezed and suckled it....she rubbed his bulge for him, and shortly found herself leaning over the armchair, as the major pulled himself free, and lifted her dress up. For an old chubby chap, she said he was quite agile. On dropping his trousers, he pushed against her, and played with her generous breasts, which swung down. His size, as he entered her, made her gasp. And within minutes the Major had finished his thrusting, and held onto her loose breasts, as he finished. On arriving home, the Major gave her breasts another squeeze, and asked if they could meet up again...maybe this time with one of his old friends !!...shes up for it, and so am I ...after she relayed this to me, when she came in...and I was not disapointed, with my share.