Written by Peter

26 Jan 2011

At the station rank early one evening a tall, good-looking black guy got into my cab and asked to be taken to a particular road. I knew the road well as its where my wife's sister lives. Once we pulled in to it he asked if I could just drop him off there and then. Its a long road but he said he needed to walk to the address to "chill" a bit but asked if I would be available to collect him later in time for the last train back to London. He took my card with my mobile number and paid the fare. I thought no more about it.

At about a quarter past eleven, he called. "Hi, its Errol, the guy you took to .... Rd earlier on. Can you come and get me please? I'm at no.49" I didn't say anything but that was my in-laws' address! I didn't know what Errol's business was there. When I pulled up Errol was standing alone outside, anxious to make the last train.

"Wow, what an evening!" was his first comment as he got into the front seat. "Good, how's that?" I asked. "I met that couple on the internet. They were looking for a black guy, if you know what I mean?!" I could hardly speak but was glad I hadn't said anything about my connection. Sue is similar to my wife. Mid-fifties, sexy with a good figure and a sassy personality. But I never thought they were into anything like this.

The journey was never going to be long enough to get the full details. But Errol went on to reveal he was the first black guy they had tried. My brother-in-law had wanted to see her fucked by a black guy and had contacted him on a swingers website. He described how she was dressed and what a dirty slut she was during the evening. All the while my eyes must have been wide with surprise but I found it a huge turn-on.

After dropping him off I drove straight home to tell my wife about her beloved sister. At first she thought I was winding her up but knew I wouldn't have been home so early for just a wind-up. Then she said it explained why her mobile was switched off and home phone was going directly to ansaphone when she'd called. "Well we've both talked about how we'd like to try black cock, when we've had a drink, but I never thought she would ever do this. The cheeky mare!" she said laughing.

We looked at each other and discussed whether we should ever say anything. Our curiosity was killing us but how could we tell them what we knew already? They hadn't even seen my cab pull up outside their house. The whole story had turned my wife on and it was only right, that having got her in this state, I fucked her!

The following day, over lunch, my wife was quiet. She had spoken to her sister and, although she didn't get a confession, Sue admitted that she had turned the phone off for an evening of sexy fun. Then my wife asked me "do you still have this Errol's number in your mobile?" "You can't go asking him what he did to your sister!" I replied. "I wasn't. I was hoping you would call him" she said sheepishly "to invite him round here!"

Errol is coming round tomorrow afternoon! I'll let you know how it goes.