Written by Tandlcouple

19 Jan 2010

The story so far. We had met John and had become friends. We’d had a nice meal and had then moved upstairs to see what would happen. The action so far has been nicely exciting. Everyone has had their first orgasm’s of the evening but now it’s moving on to the main course.

I looked down at my cock wet and rapidly diminishing and a wry smile crossed my face. I looked across at her and saw that his hand was on her thigh.

Come on she said suddenly lets go shower. And she sprang up off the bed leaving us boys lying on the bed.

“She’s a hell of a good fuck you know”, said John.

“Yes I know” I replied. “I think she has some plans though”. “So do I” replied John.

I heard the shower turn on and the sound of the water gushing out.

“Come on boys, come and join me” Lauren shouted.

Although it was quite a big shower it was really only designed for a maximum of two people. Squeezing three in was a bit of a squeeze. I slipped in first and John managed to get in as well. We were either side of her in the shower with the water pouring down over us.

“Well this is nice” she grinned.

I grabbed the shower gel and squeezed some over her body. Immediately I watched as John’s hands collected some of the gel and started to rub her back. I squeezed some more gel out onto her chest and started to rub her breasts in its slipperyness. Her nipples were firm and erect. She took the bottle from me and squeezed some onto my chest and then turned round and squeezed some onto John’s chest too. She then turned so that her back was against the back wall of the shower and we were standing either side of her. She had one hand on each of our chests and was rubbing on them. Slowly her hands moved down both of our bodies and then I felt her fingers gently encircling my cock.

“Hmm” she said “I think this needs a good wash doesn’t it?” I felt her fingers pulling my cock and rubbing the gel over it. I was rapidly starting to return to life as well with my cock growing bigger. As soon as she was satisfied with my cock she turned her attention to John’s cock and started to fiddle and clean his cock as well. She turned towards him and with one hand stroked his cock and with the other gently soaped and rubbed his balls. I pushed close to her with my cock in the crack of her arse, broomstick hard. She then let go of his cock and put her arms around his neck and turned her face up to him. She kissed him, probably for the first time that evening and he returned her kiss. I could see their open mouths together locked with their tongues mingling.

Then she broke away, turned around to face me and then put her arms around my neck and started to kiss me passionately too. I put my arms around her and kissed her back.

We broke apart and she stood there. I watched as her hands went down to my cock again. As I watched her, John put his arms around from behind her and grabbed her breasts, one in each hand and rubbed and tweaked her nipples. I put my hands down to her pussy and started to slip a finger inside her as she wanked me slowly. Just then she moved her legs slightly apart and I knew that john’s erect cock was pushing under her from behind.

As I watched her, she bent down and dropped one hand down to her cunt and guided his cock into her cunt from behind. She moaned gently and continued to wank me off as he started to slip his length into her.

The she pulled off him and turned round – she was playing very fair and inviting me to do the same. My own cock slipped under her and found her cunt open and inviting. I slipped my cock in knowing that only seconds before his cock had been inside her.

“Oh God, enough” she cried out, “let’s go and do some proper fucking”.

We turned the water off, slipped out of the shower and dried ourselves roughly and rapidly. We almost ran into the bedroom and quickly got onto the bed, all of us clean, dry and hugely aroused. Lauren was in the middle with her legs spread wide. Both John and I were on our sides facing her. She put her hands out and started to wank both if us at the same time. I put my hand on her left boob and started to play with her nipple, rubbing it and stroking it. John I noticed was stroking her leg and running his fingers up the inside of her thigh and then occasionally running his fingers through her pubic hair and then pulling it gently before running down the inside of her leg again. I looked at Lauren in the eyes and she was smiling a big naughty grin.

“This feels lovely” she said and then bit her lip slightly as John again ran his fingers through her pubes. I leaned over her and she turned her head to me. We started to kiss. As we did I felt her jolt slightly. I guessed that it was something other than my kiss that was causing that.

But a kiss is gorgeous and this was a good one. I opened my mouth and felt our lips tight together, her tongue teasing mine, flicking around it and then entwining. It felt like she was sucking me into her. We broke apart and as we did I looked down to see that John was gently stroking her clit. I put my own fingers down to her clit too and together we started to play with her, first my fingers would wank her for a bit and then I would feel his fingers and then I would move to one side and let him play. As he did I slipped a finger into her pussy. Wow, she was wet and open – really open. I wondered if subconsciously her idea of two cocks inside her at once was having that affect on her cunt.

Things were getting more serious now. She was concentrating on herself. I had two fingers inside her and was fucking her hard with them. John’s fingers were now playing with her clit in a very serious way, stroking, rubbing and rubbing her faster and faster to bring her to orgasm. Her hands were still on our cocks but were just holding them now. Her attention was on herself. She waned that third orgasm.

And then she came. I felt her muscles tighten, her cunt gripped my fingers as I pushed them hard into her. We held her tight between us as wave after wave broke over her and she screamed out load,

“Oh yes, you fuckers oh yes, I’m coming I’m coming”. Her body tightened and she gave a gorgeous moan as wave after wave of orgasm gripped her. Finally she elaxed and then collapsed.

John and I looked at each other in amazement.

“Wow, that was special” said John.

“Oh yes”, she said “that was very special, but more please, more”. John smiled, not hesitating. He moved down the bed and slipped his head between her thighs. Knowing that she would be incredibly sensitive after such a giant orgasm, he kissed her inner thighs and licked at her fanny, gently licking up the pussy juice coming out of her cunt. As he did so, she said moaned out for him to be gentle. Then she turned to me and said,

“He’s got a lovely tongue you know and he uses it really well”.

“So I see” I smiled, and with that I again kissed her. Again she kissed me back hard. She started to moan again and I knew that john was picking up the pace. As we broke from our kiss I looked down and saw he had his tongue deep inside her fanny, licking her out, consuming and swallowing all her juices as they gushed out of her.

He looked up and started to move up her body with his kisses, ‘til his head was level with hers. His body was between her legs. She lifted them up slightly and as I looked down I saw the head of his erect cock at the entrance to her fanny. He pushed and it slipped into her. He pushed harder and his entire length disappeared into her ‘til his big cock was buried inside. His balls were hard against her. He was on top of her and I was next to them both. He had his head on the left side of hers and was kissing the right side of her neck as his arse slowly moved up and down and I knew his big cock was slipping slowly and deeply into her.

I kissed the left side of her neck, kissing round her ears, gently biting her ear lobes and kissing her neck lightly with a feather touch as I knew she loved. I put an arm around them and around his shoulder and felt his body as he fucked her. I moved my hand down to his arse and felt the muscles in his buttocks as they moved up and down, he still with his cock deep inside her. I squeezed his arse hard and heard him moan with pleasure.

Lauren’s hands joined mine on his arse, and I pushed her fingers down towards his arsehole. I watched as she started to push a finger in. All the while his thrusts were getting harder. I then moved and knelt by her head. She turned her head and opened her mouth, and with her left hand took hold of my cock, stroked it and then moved up so that I slipped into her mouth. John continued to fuck her with long slow strokes, and with her right hand she still was pushing a finger up his arse. My head was in the air, I felt drunk with pleasure. Suddenly she pulled away and then resumed. But something was different and I looked down to see that my cock was now in his mouth, while he was fucking her.

“Oh very clever”, I murmured. She moved her mouth towards my balls and started to lick and suck them while I fucked John’s mouth as he fucked my girl. I knew I would last, but just then Lauren gave an extra moan.

“Oh fuck me John, fuck me”. With that he started to move a little faster. I watched them for a little while his thrusts into her cunt were now really fast, but I could se that he wasn’t ready to come yet. Then he suddenly stopped and rolled off her, his big purple cock slipping out of her.

Oh you bastard she said I was just about to come. We guys grinned at each other.

“Don’t worry” I said “you’ll come but it’s my turn now”. John smiled. Lauren pulled a pouty face. “Don’t worry” I said “you know what’s coming”.

“Yes, me nearly” she said and grinned. I slipped down the bed and quickly moved between her legs.

She was so wet. So wide and so ready for anything. My cock slipped easily up her and immediately I started to fuck her really hard. Almost immediately she started to moan and groan again. I fucked her hard and strong, knowing that I wouldn’t come yet. Suddenly she exploded around me, her cunt gripping my cock and she grabbed my arse pushing me hard into her. She screamed really loud,

“You fucker you fucker, I’m coming”. Gradually she clamed as I slowed my thrusts. I slipped out of her and flopped beside her my big cock standing upright.

John and I both laid on our backs next to her. She recovered slowly.

“Come on then” I said to her “I think it’s time that you did some of the work, poor John an I are worn out”.

She grinned impishly and immediately sat up and then straddled John. She put her hand down to John’s cock held it upright and then slipped her body down so that it slid straight up into her. She pushed her weight down and started to fuck him. She had one hand on John’s chest and with the other, she circled my cock and started to wank me. After perhaps a couple of minutes she lifted herself off him, moved across, straddled me and slipped my cock into her. Again she started to move her cunt up and down - this time with my cock inside her, this time grabbing his cock with a spare hand. After a little while she slipped of me and again mounted him, jerking up and down on him while holding me.

“This isn’t fair for you two” she said “I’ve only got one cunt but there’s two cocks for me. I know” she said “lets try this a different way. Get behind me Tim”. And as I moved behind her, she leaned forward so that her tits were close to John’s face and her arse was in the air. Before I moved close, I took a quick look and could see John’s cock buried up to the hilt inside her. She put a hand behind her back and felt my stiff erect cock.

“Fuck me John” she said. John immediately started to push his cock into her while she wanked me behind her back. Then suddenly she lifted herself off him and said “Now you Tim”.

As soon as he was clear of her cunt I slipped in, sliddding in in one smooth flowing push. God she was wet. Inside her was the remains of two loads of earlier come from me and John, plus all her own fanny juices and now two loads of pre come too. I fucked her hard from behind, my hips moving fast. John held her tits tight squeezing them and sucking her nipples as I fucked her.

“Now”, she said “lets see if two into one really will go”.

I withdrew and knew that John was slipping his cock into her. Then I felt Lauren take my cock and guide it towards her cunt too. John withdrew slightly and we both had our cocks at the entrance to her cunt.

“Now both push” she said and as we pushed together, I felt his cock next to mine as it slipped into her gorgeous delicious fanny. Now it was nice and tight. God this was horny. I could feel the tightness of her cunt on one side of my cock and the feeling of John’s huge cock rubbing against mine on the other.

“Fucking hell that feels good” said John, “really fucking good”. We both of us pushed hard into her and I felt my balls against his and the entire length of my cock against his inside her. Together we both relaxed a touch.

“Now you’re both inside me and I’m not depriving anyone. I’ve already come at least 4 times. Now it’s your turn. Fuck me boys, fuck me hard with both your cocks. You’ve got your cocks inside me at the same time, fuck me hard.” This last command came out as almost a command. Neither of us needed any encouragement. We both of us started to move. Sometimes I was on in the instroke when John was on the out, sometimes vice versa. It wasn’t always best when we went in together it was actually better when he was going in when I was going out and there was the rubbing sensation of his cock head sliding down my cock inside her. Or when I was pushing in rubbing against her and him.

Our pace started to get faster and faster. It was more strenuous than normal but the feling was indescribable. Just as I felt I was going to start to come, John said “I’m not sure how much longer I can last, I’m going to come soon”.

“Go for it” panted Lauren.

“Yes” I said, “Come in her cunt with me” I felt John pick up the pace a bit and start to move faster. This started to bring me to a head to.

Just then Lauren started to come and the extra pressure around our cocks was enough to send us both over. I felt John’s cock start to grow really large and then start to pulse. I knew his cock was shooting his spunk into her. At the same time I started to come as well. In my minds eyes I could see our two cocks lying side by side inside her cunt moving like pistons along side each other and both of us shooting our spunk into her pussy. This was incredible and both John and I pushed hard into her and held it. I groaned, as did John, Lauren screamed,

“Fuck yes, fuck yes, we’re all coming, shoot your spunk into me boys, fuck me with your big cocks. Come in me come in me, come in me…”

The feeling was unbelievable, incredible. The sensation of coming seemed to go on and on, - my head was swimming - I felt like I was high.

Finally, I collapsed on them. Spent and satisfied, my cock still buried inside Lauren’s cunt with John’s cock lying next to mine, inside her sopping wet delicious juicy, double spunk filled fanny.

Just then, I felt John’s cock twitch. I twitched back. Then we both felt Lauren clench her cunt muscles too.

“Wow” she said, “now that, was a really, really good fuck”.