Written by Darren

23 Dec 2014

My wife works for a pharmacy in Milton Keynes where she sometimes works behind the counter but sometimes delivers pills, medicine etc to patients homes.

She has always looked really sexy in her uniform that consits of a normal white smock medical type top and black trousers, she has a lovely full fitting figure and has the top taken in to fit perfectly.

Whilst I have been off for Christmas I offered to assist her with her rounds yesterday by driving the van for her to enable her to finish quicker.

I quickly noticed whilst doing the round that most of the patients she was delivering to were elderly people and they love the company and ask her to sit and chat.

She said some of the old guys can be really suggestive and naughty with some getting their kicks by pinching her bum and trying to look down her top, all harmles fun for old guys that dont have much else to ammuse them.

In our private lives we have always been into exhibitonism and voyeruism and role play and Majella loves to show when aroused.

I suggested we play a little game and give the old guys a Christmas treat they would remember so we agreed that I would again drive the van for todays delivery, she went to the pharmacy to collect the van and medical equipment as usual in her usual uniform and came back home to pick me up and change the uniform slightly.

She kept the white figure hugging medical top on but ditched the traditional black trousers for a pair of nearly black hold-up stockings and 4" stilleto shoes, she was freshly shaven and no panties.

She tied her long hair up and wore a black chocker round her neck, she looked absolutley sexy with the white medical top just covering the tops of her hold-ups. These old guys were in for one special Christmas treat. We started the round and each delivery was taking longer than the day before with the old guys all trying to get her to sit and talk but this time getting a clear view of her stocking tops and freshley shaved love hole, she said a couple of the guys did push their hand up to pinch her bum and try to get a feel of her lips.

About half way through the round Majella said she might be a litttle longer at this delivery as this dear old guy was one of her favourite's and always makes her a cup of tea and wants to chat for ever, she did say he was a randy old bugger and he wont believe his eyes.

Majella walked up his drive looking like a nurse out of a porno film, i could just see her stocking tops as her long legs strided towards his door. A tall guy opened the door, he was about 70 - 75 but was very delighted when he see Majella standing there looking so sexy. I waited for what seemed to be ages and was wondering what this old guy was doing keeping her so long so I decided to go and investigate.

The front door was left ajar so I quitely pushed it open and walked through the hallway, I could hear male groans from the living room and thought surley she isnt shagging him?

I peaked through the gap in the door and could see Majella sitting on the chair with her legs wide apart over each arm of the chair and her stocking legs and heels dangling from the arms with her wet fully opened fanny on full display, the old guy was sitting in the opposite armchair with his trousers down and wanking his very large cock. My wife was talking really dirty to him asking what he would like to do to it as she pulled her lips apart showing him deep inside. I left the house quitely and waited outside. These old guys will have a Happy Christmas and we intend to do this again soon, who knows she might go further.