15 Sep 2016

The sun invariably shines in Maspalomas. September this year was no different, with temperatures pushing thirty degrees and only a light breeze to mitigate its effect. On the beach no-one was inclined to strenuous activity.

By Hut 4 all the sun beds were occupied by lazing sun worshippers. Acres of naked skin; breasts of every shape and size, some natural and some less so: cocks large and small, some flaccid and some semi- erect. A few couples were discretely stroking their partners under the guise of spreading sun tan oil, others were simply lying, eyes closed,soaking in the sun.

Around Hut 4 small groups of people were drinking, chatting and eying up the opportunities. There was a lot of laughter, probably go from people reliving the fun of the previous evening in the swingers' bars of Player del Ingles..

We were lying on our rush mats a few yards from the hut showing the white skin evidence of new arrival. Occasionally we were approached for a chat by people weighing up whether we might be potential playmates. One couple, Alan and. Pam, well preserved oldies like ourselves, were really good company. Conversation came easily and we had many interests in common.

Inevitably the talk turned to sex and swinging. They never had but felt they had reached the time in their lives when their sex had become a little mundane and in need of a kick start. They had talked it over and decided that full swap was not for them, but some shared massage, stroking and perhaps mutual masturbation with another couple, might be fun.

They had never been to Gran Canaria before. We were regulars and they wanted to know all about it. In particular they wanted to know whether what they had read about the dunes was true. We explained that we normally found ourselves a private spot in the dunes after the beach. We told them about the men who came.to watch and wank and the occasional couples giving shows, ranging frommasturbating, sucking and licking to full on fucking, sometimes with more than one couple.

I could see by the state of Alan's cock that he was interested and Pam had become decidedly flushed.

"We would be worried going by ourselves", said Alan"Would you mind if we came with you?" We gathered our gear and set off inland. Out new friends couldn't believe what they saw. It was the height of the season and nearly every bush and rise seemed to have its own man or couple or more.

We eventually found a little rise surrounded by bushes on three sides, erected our "Wanking" tent, lay out our towels and settled down.

Almost immediately the meerkats arrived, displaying their wares and hoping for an invitation to join us. Our ladies watched them from behind their dark shades and began a little game,, competing to get the men erect or come but subtly opening their thighs a little or rubbing sun tan oil over their breasts or even "accident ly"rubbing a finger over pussy lips.

Of course this didn't only have an effect on the watchers. Both Alan and myself were sporting respectable erections that we stroked gently.

"Time for some oiling I think" I said taking the bottle from Rachael and turning her onto her front. I began with her neck gradually working down., kneading and stoking with alternate had and gentle movements. I paid particular attention to her buttocks and inner thighs and was rewarded by them opening a little allowing access to her pussy that I rubbed and entered just a little with a finger..

I rolled Rachael over and again started at the top, spreading the oil over her skin and kneading it in with small circular motions. I slowed down at her tits, rolling her nipples between my fingers. Moving down, I spent more time on her pussy, oiling, rubbing and exploring for the elusive g spot. I must have found it as her thighs began to shake with the beginning of an orgasm.

I looked over to my left. Beside us Alan and Pam had gone down a different route. Pam was on her knees astride Alan's head to allow his tongue to probe, lick and suck her willing pussy.

Alan's cock stood up like a flagpole. "Time to get together", I thought and moved Rachel to her knees facing it. She reached out and began wanking him, drawing him towards her mouth and enveloping his bell end with her lips. I came behind her, sliding my cock into her tight, wet and succulent pussy, and began pumping.

Rachael, Alan, Pam and myself all came together.

So what did we learn in from our little adventure? That we might have more years on the clock than some; that we might be beginners at this game; that hat we might only fuck our own partners, but that we still knew how to have fun. Certainly our wanking audience thought so.

The holiday had made a promising start. Perhaps there was more to come.