Written by drams

2 Oct 2007

We were off to Amsterdam for a weekend without kids!! We had packed our usual array of toys. The sexy outfits and high heels. We had done our homework and booked a lovely hotel on the edge of the red light district and found a swingers club ( the paradise club) not too far away to visit.

Anna is a gorgeous size 10 36\\\" bust blond with a figure to die for and had never done anything like this before. The whole week prior had enormous sexual tension.

A had appeared after a long bath and much pampering in a sort black dress with tight lycra boots. She had applied just slightly too much red lipstick and sitting in the hotel bar - had many an enviable stare.

On the Friday night we went out into the red light district and found a fantastic thai restaurant, afterwards we walked around the streets checking out the peep shows and porn shops. We went into the coffee shops and tried the cakes! I caught a glance of A\\\'s stocking tops as she popped off to the ladies. We were both getting very excited.

We had to catch a cab to the club as it was about 15 mins away. We found the cab rank and jumped into the first one.

\\\"The Paradise Club , please\\\" The driver gave us a smile and headed of into the night. My hand slipped between A\\\'s legs to rub her knickers. But she wasn\\\'t wearing any and instead I touched her silky smooth pussy.

She reached down to hold my hand tight to her crotch. A clear signal that she was loving it! I slowly rubbed up and down , tweaking her clit. She opened up her legs and lay back in the taxi - writhing in my fingers. I could hear her groaning softly.....

A was sitting right in the middle of the back seats. Her dress was pulled right up exposing her pussy and as we sped along the street lights flashed in and clearly showed her exposed.

The taxi driver was an oldish man - about 60 yrs - he adjusted his mirror and kept glancing in it to get a full eyefull. A was so turned on as I snuggled into her ear and whispered that the driver was watching. She was soaking wet, more so than I can ever remember and just lay back with her legs wide apart as I started to push deeper and deeper into her tight moist cumt. Her groans where getting louder and louder. I was a bit worried, but then given he was watching every thrust it didnt seem to matter.

Suddenly we slowed down and pulled into a driveway. A pushed away my hand and pulled down her dress. We paid the driver, who gave me a big wink, and went into the entrance of the club.............

to be continued