Written by drams

4 Oct 2007

Our taxi pulled into the driveway. Anna, fueled partly by the coffee shop cake and a very horny taxi ride - openly playing in front of the taxi driver, gave me a wicked smile and we went into he entrance.

We decided to have a quick wander to check out who was in and what they were wearing. The main room to the left had about 20-30 people, in various states of undress. I guess about 50% couples. No one was fully dressed - most in boxers or undies or less.

Within this main area was a caged room with a very randy couple going hammer and tongs. She was extremely loud and clearly enjoying herself - four or five men were openly wanking whilst watching.

We went back towards to reception and off to the right were we found the changing rooms/showers and lockers. A stripped off her dress to reveal her black basque with suspenders and no knickers. Her perfectly shaved pussy was still glistening from the taxi play. She kept on her lycra boots and from her handbag slipped on a g string and grabbed her toys n lube.

I stripped down to my boxers and polo shirt and we ventured further off to the right. The passageway opened up onto a sauna and stream room and then a large indoor swimming pool. A passage way led down to some stairs where there was two large lockable rooms with full glass walls. Again a group of ten or so men with their noses to the glass openly wanking. We glanced a look and saw two couples entwined within.

We went back to the main room with a group of three or four men following eagerly. We told them no and they all backed off.

In the bar area we settled down to soak up the atmosphere. The caged couple were still at it and had been joined by another man so they could take it in turns. She was insatiable. She was going for the full spit roast whilst facing the bars of the cage watching six or so cocks wanking off over her.

Behind us on a round sofa/bed there was a couple who had started to fuck. The group of single men immediately gathered round to watch and as the man pulled off he invited them to take turns. One by one they mounted her , fucking her into a frenzy, to be replaced as they shot up or onto her. After some fifteen minutes of hard fucking they called for a break - again the men respected this and pulled away wandering to find their next bit of prey.

A whispered that she was incredibly horny and i felt between her legs pulling her skimpy g string to one side of her mound. I told her to spread her legs and to play with herself. She edged forward and put her boots on the coffee table with her legs wide apart - flashing to anyone who passed. Brazenly she stroked her pussy up and down whilst other couples walked past and single men stole a glance before walking back past to check things out.

Within five mins we had four men sitting round our table, two of them had started to stroke her boots, slowly edging up to her stockinged knees. A was groaning and loving it as i watched. She snuggled into my side as I started to massage her neck and nibble her earlobes.

I asked if she was happy and got a giant french kiss as her response.

One of her new admirers had cunningly moved between her legs and was stoking her legs but only ever as far as her stocking tops. He looked up for further direction.

I checked again in with A as this was our first time ever as a threesum. mmm yes more she purred. I gave him the thumbs up and started to kiss A again. Our kiss was passionate and suddenly she went wild. It was as if she had had an electric shock. I glanced down to see him gently licking and lapping at her bare pussy. A was groaning and kissing me savagely as I popped her tits out over the top of the basque.

I was huge with the excitment of watching my wife being licked out by a stranger