Written by Bi Fun Times

30 Oct 2016

First time writing about anything I have done. This is a true account of my first threesome experience. Hope you enjoy.

My wife Kate (not any longer) and I (Steve) had been married for 15 years and to say sex had gone stale was putting it mildly. She was, well lets say, not one to experiment. We had until then enjoyed sex together, but it was sex with just the two of us. What I would describe as normal sex between man and wife, well it's what I thought and believed how sex was between man and wife. Then out of the blue she blossomed sexually. Slowly at first, expressing how she felt we needed to be more adventurous and enjoy some extra fun in bed together. She did like to flirt when we were first together and I suppose like most women, enjoyed the attention. But for her, that's as far as it went. It was just that, flirting. I was uncomfortable with her flirting and the attention and comments she would get, so she stopped doing it to avoid hurting me.

So with her new found sexuality, and yes I was enjoying it, I asked her if she wanted to flirt when we were out like she did in the old days. She said she would like too but only if I was comfortable with it. I said that yes I would be fine with her flirting now, unlike the early days, I did not feel insecure anymore. She had a nice figure, size 10, 34b tits, very sexy arse and I was proud to be the one with her knowing other men would look at her and think, lucky sod lol.

After a while of her flirting again I found myself enjoying it and the looks and comments she would get. In fact it had started to turn me on in a way I didn't think possible. So, I started to encourage her to dress a bit more sexy and revealing. To be honest I thought she would say no to this but to my surprise she agreed as long as it was just for flirting and no more. I agreed saying it might help spice up our sex life in the bedroom even more. This went on for a couple of years, we would go out, she would dress sexy and be very flirty with anyone who paid her the right attention. And yes, it certainly did spice up our sex life. She became more daring in the bedroom, wearing sexy lingerie, outfits, her favourite was the schoolgirl look, and she introduced sex toys, which shocked me at first, but obviously loved. We were now enjoying having sex in every position we could think of. Where before she would only do missionary with little or no foreplay. I was now in sexual heaven and even getting blow jobs, although she would still not let me cum in her mouth.

Anyway, one evening we were watching some porn and masturbating ourselves, when she told me we had been invited to a party by a female friend (Emma) of hers at work. I had met Emma a few times when she came to pick Kate up for work or pop round for coffee. I have to say she is gorgeous to look at and has a body that is, well, simply fuckable. Kate said it would be good for us both as we would not only get to meet Emma's husband Greg but also meet and hopefully make some new friends. So I agreed and that was that. We continued watching porn and ended up copying the sex scenes we were watching. However, Kate still would not let me cum in her mouth or fuck her sexy cute arse. Oh well.

The evening of the party had arrived and Kate chose to wear a thin purple (not see through) summer dress, as it was late September and quite warm in the evenings, which looped over her neck with a thin strap and went down to a 'v' over her tits, it was elasticated below her tits and then flared out to half way to her knees, short but what I would call teasingly short. The dress did not allow for a bra, and the flimsy material enveloped her 34b tits perfectly, allowing them to wobble every time she moved. It also showed off her gorgeous nipples which poked through the flimsy material. Underneath she wore tanga style knickers, again purple that were sheer mesh nylon front and back with thin elastic sides. These she chose because they were my favourite kind, I prefer full back to a thong or g-string. Taxi arrived and off we went.

Anyway, we arrived and the party was already in full flow and her friend Emma started to introduce us to people, we didn't know anyone there other than her friend of course. We went to the kitchen and I got us a couple of drinks. At this point, she whispered to me

'I am feeling really horny, how would you like some mind blowing sex when we get home?'

Wow!!! I could not believe what she had just whispered to me.

'Yes please' was my reply.

She then whispered

'Well if you really want it then you need to let me flirt like mad and let others flirt with me. It will get me so very horny for you later'

I took a big swig, well gulp, of my drink and said 'Ok, go for it'.

'Right then I will, but don't get jealous or you will not get your reward later' was her reply.

Well, my pulse started racing and also the obvious twinges you get down below. I knew this was going to be one hell of a night and I needed to calm myself down or risk cumin in my trousers in the middle of house full of people at a party. With that she said it was time we started to mingle and enjoy the party. She then asked me to kiss her slowly and softly and caress her arse over her dress. Not needing any more prompting I duly did as she requested running my hands all over her sexy arse feeling the outline of her knickers as I did so whilst giving her a long slow passionate kiss. Then she gave me a wink and naughty look smile, turned and headed off into the living room to 'mingle'. As she headed off, her friend Emma came over to me and said she was about to ask us if we needed to go find a room. I was and showed it, embarrassed by this, but she winked at me and said, only pulling your leg Steve, no need to get embarrassed. Well, after our kiss and me feeling my wife's sexy arse I had more than just twinges happening below and to make things worse there I was with Emma standing in front of me and me trying to act and chat normal to her. Well like I said earlier, Kate has a sexy body, but Emma has an equally sexy body, same size 10, but with much bigger tits, I judge them to be 36c. And wow, what she was wearing showed them off very well indeed. A blouse that was open enough to show her very tempting cleavage and a leather mini skirt. Stockings on and with no straps under the skirt visible I guessed them to be hold ups. I managed to compose myself and chatted to her for a while, having the occasional glance down her blouse at her gorgeous tits. However, as sure as I was she had not noticed, I was totally wrong and she asked me in the middle of us having a normal conversation about holidays.

'Enjoying the view are we'

I felt myself go very red and stuttered some kind of apology ' E e e erm, n n no oh Emma I am s s so sorry, please forgive me, you won't tell Kate will you'

'Hey, calm down Steve, just pulling your leg again. You really do need to relax you know. Just to be clear, I don't mind you looking, turns me on knowing men are looking down my blouse. And of course I'm not going to tell Kate. Any way, what's good for the goose and all that.'

'What are you saying Emma?'.

'Well for one, I am no different to Kate, I love to flirt and enjoy the attention and two if Kate is having fun and being very flirty then you should do it too. That's if Kate don't mind you flirting.'

'No Kate is fine with me flirting, actually encourages me to do it. How do you know Kate is flirting anyway, she's just gone to mingle'.

'Steve, take a look at Kate right now. I have noticed her while we have been chatting and right now she is getting lots of eyes on attention with the 3 guys she's with'.

With that I glanced over to Kate who was stood facing us with 3 guys with their backs to us. She was clearly having a good chat and enjoying the conversation giggling now and then which allowed her tits to wobble and I could see her nipples were very hard poking through the flimsy dress.

'Ah yes, I see what you mean Emma, looks like she is enjoying the attention'.

'Mmm yes she does seem to be, aroused, by it all doesn't she'.

I laughed at this and said yes, aroused being the operative word. Emma laughed too and said

'Well then, flirt with me if you want to. I don't mind and you never know you might just catch more than just a glimpse of my cleavage.' With that she gave me a naughty smile and I felt her soft lips on my cheek as she gave me a quick peck on the cheek. Well I thought, sod it, why not, Kate was enjoying herself letting 3 guys ogle her gorgeous tits as much as they wanted too. And here I was chatting to Emma and been given the green light to do the same to her. So I relaxed a bit more and carried on chatting with Emma with my eyes more locked on to her slightly open blouse looking down her cleavage and hoping it would open more so I could see more of those big tits. At the same time I kept having a quick glance over at Kate, who was now sitting on a sofa between two different guys. I could see her dress had risen up a bit higher and she had crossed her legs exposing quite a bit of thigh and one of the guys had his hand on it, slowly stroking her. The other guy had sat turned towards her and was clearly looking down her dress. I noticed that the straps were looser and the material was slightly looser over her tits giving both men a much better view of her tits. Could they see her nipples?, I wasn't sure but found myself thinking, hoping, that they could. This was really turning me on and Emma had picked up on it.

'Mmm Kate is being very naughty over there Steve, have to say you are making me feel left out'.

'Yes she is, she can be very naughty when flirting.'

'Well then, Emma said 'What about me, do I get some extra attention too? I mean, you have been looking quite a bit down my blouse. Don't you like what you see?'

'Yes of course I like what I see Emma. What man wouldn't, your tits are gorgeous.'

'So why have you stopped looking then' she said.

'Well to be honest, I can't quite see enough, your blouse won't allow it'

With that Emma gave me a wicked smile, undid a button and pulled her blouse forward making it much looser. Wow!! My eyes were transfixed, glued to the sight before me. Emma was now giving me a real tease of her tits. She looked me in the eyes then came so close to me that I felt those big tits actually touching me and softly whispered 'If you want to see more kiss me now'

Oh shit, what was I to do, well I know what I wanted to do, kiss her and get my reward. But with Kate not far away from us, I was nervous of being caught and Kate getting annoyed I had flirted too much. I needn't of worried as when I glanced over at her, she was still sitting on the sofa with the same 2 guys, but now her legs were uncrossed and slightly open with one of the guys hand feeling the inside of her soft thigh. The other guy was running a finger over her dress teasing her very erect nipple. Plus she was alternating kissing both guys with longer than just friendly kisses. Oh what the fuck!! I was in total shock, never before had I seen her go this far with the flirting. I found myself not annoyed but really getting turned on by it. What kind of party was this? My mind was racing, my heart beating faster and my cock getting harder. All kind of things were going through my mind when Emma's voice brought me back round.

'Well Steve, are you going to kiss me or what?'

I didn't need asking again, I drew her closer, her tits pressed firmly against me and our lips met. Oh wow her lips were so soft, much fuller than Kate's. We kissed for what felt like ages and my cock was starting to throb. I pulled apart and said

'Mmm that was very nice, you kiss so softly and your lips taste wonderful'.

'Thank you Steve, your pretty good yourself'.

'So do I get my reward of a much better look of your tits then'

'Oh no' she said 'I want a proper long slow kiss with your hands feeling my arse' she said

'You want what!! Are you serious? What here, now, with everyone watching?'

'Oh Steve, just look around, everyone else is busy with everyone else, no one is going to notice or be bothered by what we do' . With that we both looked around the living room and sure enough there were people kissing, touching, some women were slowly being stripped and enjoyed by various men and women. And then we both saw Kate. She now had her head resting on the back of the sofa, eyes closed. The guy who had been tracing her nipple with his finger over her dress, now had her left tit out exposed and was licking and sucking it and biting her erect nipple. The other guy had lifted her dress right up, revealing her sheer nylon knickers. Her legs now parted wide enough for him to see her shaven pussy beneath her knickers and his fingers were running up and down her pussy. His other hand was inside her dress playing with her other tit. Holy fuck!! Kate!! My wife!! I was in complete shock but at the same time totally aroused by the sight of my wife enjoying some full on foreplay from 2 other men.

Emma looked at me, I looked at Emma and before I knew what was happening we was lips locked enjoying a full on passionate slow kiss, our tongues probing each other.

'Feel my arse Steve' she said 'I want to feel your hands touching me'

With that I let my hands run down over her leather mini skirt feeling her arse all over while we carried on slow kissing. I then felt her hand start to rub my cock through my trousers, my god I was now rock hard and my cock was throbbing like crazy. I was also aware of pre cum oozing out making me wet. I got bolder with my hands and let them go down to the back of her legs and then slide up and under her mini skirt. Mmm I was right, lace hold up stockings, my favourites. Emma's hand was working my cock really well over my trousers, gripping it and slow wanking it. We were full on now, kissing with such passion, tongues probing tongues, she would stop now and then and lick around my lips with her hot tongue. I tried to slide my hands further up her skirt but it was too tight and she became aware of my problem.

'Why don't you undo my skirt Steve, then you can lift it right up and get a real good feel of me'

No need to be told twice, I undid her skirt and slowly slid it up to her waist. There I was kissing another woman, her hand wanking my cock through my trousers, her skirt up to her waist revealing her arse for all to see. Not that anyone else was interested in what we were up to. As I took my time undoing her skirt, teasing her, I glanced into the living room and fuck me what a sight I saw. There were people having full on sex in twosomes, threesomes, foursomes. Some were totally naked, some still partially clothed but plenty of fucking, sucking and licking going on. I then turned to look at Kate. Fucking hell!!! My eyes nearly popped out. The two guys had now removed her dress leaving her with just her knickers on. Her tits on show to whoever wanted to see them. Nipples so erect, I swear they looked much bigger than I've ever seen them. Both men had a hand rubbing her now very wet pussy but the biggest shock, they were totally naked, cocks rock hard and she was taking it turns to suck on one while wanking the other. Fuck me I could have cum right there and then. Well fuck it I thought, Emma's right, what's good for the goose….and with that my hands went up onto Emma's sexy arse and to my utter delight she was wearing the exact style of knickers that Kate had on. Oh wow, now I really was in some kind of heaven. I let my hands feel every inch of her knicker covered arse. Emma had now took her cue from this and undid my trousers….at which point I panicked and stopped her hand from going down my trousers. She then gave me a confused look and said

'What's wrong? Don't you want me to go any further?'

'Oh shit Emma, erm, yes I do but I have a confession to make before you do'

She giggled nervously and said 'Oh and what is that'

'Promise you won't laugh'

'No of course I won't, tell me what's wrong. I thought you wanted me'

'Oh Emma I do want you, right now, but not here where we can be seen'

'Oh I see, your shy about doing it in front of people'

'No it's not that, lets just say you might be put off with what I am wearing under my trousers'

'Oh yeah and what is that? Your not wearing knickers are you?'

I didn't need to say anything, my look gave it away.

'Oh I see Steve, mmm very kinky of you. Well to put you at ease, no I am not put off, in fact now, I want to have you even more'.

'You do' I said

'Yes, men in knickers turn me on. So now we have sorted that little problem out, shall we continue?'

'Yes but not here, can we go somewhere more private'

'No not yet Steve, we are going to carry on here for now. Then later, yes, you can take me to my bed and fuck me. But first I want to be watched doing things with you here. Being watched really gets me so fucking horny. Is that ok with you?'

Oh shit, this I had never done, yep you got it, I enjoy wearing women's lingerie, I love dressing up and the only person ever to see me wearing anything is my wife Kate. Now, anyone one in the party who wanted to glance over would see me, including Kate. Holy shit I wanted so much right then to fuck Emma but to expose my kinky side to a group of total strangers…..could I….well the answer was a resounding yes as Emma took my hand and placed it on her left tit and then pressed herself to me and slow kissed me. As she kissed me I thought fuck it, just go for it, let it happen, who cares anyway. Everyone else was so engrossed with everyone else having lots of sex they probably wouldn't notice anyway. So I gave Emma the nod and she pulled my trousers down until they fell to the floor. I kicked them off as she unbuttoned my shirt and removed it. I was now stood before her totally naked apart from a matching pair of knickers to Emma's and Kate's although mine were red. Emma then stood back from me and told me to do a slow full turn so she could see fully. I did as she asked then she came close looked me in the eyes and said

'Mmmm so very sexy Steve. You have a gorgeous body and you look really horny in those knickers'

'Thank you. You don't know how relieved I am to here that'

'Well now it's my turn to catch up with you. I feel over dressed now'

With that she slowly undid her blouse and teased me removing it. Oh wow, her tits were enormous, her nipples bigger and more erect than Kate's. She took my hands and moved them over her tits so my hands were massaging them. Fuck her nipples felt like bullets, so fucking hard. Then she stood back again and slid her skirt down, it was tight, so she turned sideways and as it went down to the floor she was bent over and the sight of her sexy arse in the air and her huge tits swinging made me forget that I was stood in just a pair of red women's knickers with a hard on. She then stood up and adjusted her knickers pulling them up tight and high at the sides. Fuck she look stunning. She turned to show me her sexy arse and boy what an arse, cute, firm and the kind of arse you just want to fuck. Then she turned and revealed her front. Her tits were gorgeous, big but firm, really big erect nipples, then I saw for the first time her knicker covered pussy. Her knickers being sheer nylon and white gave me a full view of her shaven pussy, just a hint of very neat and well trimmed pussy hair above. I could also see a damp patch on her knickers and her pussy lips almost eating the soft material of those sexy white knickers. I knew then I was about to fuck the first women since I married Kate. And to be honest, I wanted her, I didn’t care who saw even Kate. Emma was totally stunning and absolutely fuckable.

I took this time to glance over to Kate and she was now on the sofa on all fours, cock deep in her mouth and another cock deep in her pussy giving her a real good fucking. Her knickers were now lying on the floor and she was oblivious to anything else going on around her. I was speechless, never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine she would do anything like this. But she was clearly enjoying the fuck she was getting from both the men she was with. As Emma came towards me and started to play with my cock over my knickers I noticed a guy coming towards us, it was Greg, Emma's husband. Was I seeing things, no, he was wearing knickers, suspenders and stockings. His cock was swinging to and fro as he approached us and by the look of it was a good 2" bigger than mine. Emma was now on her knees before me and had started to lick and suck my cock over my knickers, her hands working my arse tracing a finger between my arse cheeks. Greg stopped behind and to the side of Emma and watched. I have to admit he had a nice body and looked very sexy in the lingerie he had on. He was watching Emma pleasure my cock whilst playing with his own. He slowly stroked it hard then pulled it out from his knickers. Fuck me he was big, well compared to my 6" he was, I guessed it must have been a good 8" maybe 8 1/2". My cock although only 6" is quite thick but his was thicker and his balls much bigger than mine. Now I have had thoughts of other men before, albeit when watching porn, but had never imagined actually doing anything with a guy. But here I was getting pleasure from Emma's hot tongue and mouth, watching this horny guy slow wank his big cock and suddenly I had an overwhelming urge to want to take hold of this guys cock and feel it. After a while Emma stood put her hand inside my knickers and slow wanked me as she kissed me again. Fuck this must be heaven I thought. She stopped kissing me and I whispered to her that we had company. She turned, smiled at Greg and beckoned him over to us. Ah, the penny dropped, now I knew why she was not so shocked about my revelation that I was wearing knickers and also why men in lingerie turned her on. Greg had the same kinky fetish as me. This made me totally relaxed and so at ease with myself. I let out a sigh of relief and Emma kissed me and said see not such a big deal is it Steve. Greg joined us and Emma then asked me if I wanted to go upstairs to their bedroom for more private fun. I didn't hesitate this time as I said yes please then followed Emma to their bedroom with Greg following behind me. Just before I left the room I glanced over at Kate. Fuck me she was really going for it. She was on the floor with some guys cock fucking her pussy, but what's this!!! another guy had his cock up her arse fucking her, Holy fuck of all fucks!!! Kate was getting DP'd!!! (well that was her anal virginity totally gone) and another guys cock mouth fucking her. Was this the same woman I married. No fucking way and I'm glad it wasn't. All I knew was that I wanted to get her home and fuck her arse on all fours while she told me everything she did tonight. She looked so fucking horny being fucked by 3 cocks and not one of them mine. I couldn't wait to taste her cum soaked pussy when we finally got home.

Emma, Greg and myself had now gone to their bedroom and Emma had expressed that if I wanted to fuck her then I would have to do anything she and Greg wanted. At this point I knew I was going to get cock in some way or other for the first time. I could see it in both their eyes. I was to be their sex toy for the next 2 hours. We stood together arms around each other and Emma suggested we all lick tongues together. I just let it happen, fuck it was my thought, just do whatever she wanted, go for it, so I did. As we tongued each other I felt Greg's hand slide inside my knickers and take hold of my hard cock and start to slow wank me. Emma slid her hand down my knickers to my arse and I could feel her probing my hole with her soft finger. I in turn had my hand down Emma's knickers and slipped a finger inside her by now very wet pussy slowly finger fucking her. I took Greg's cue and pulled his cock out of his knickers and started to wank his very thick shaft and feeling his huge heavy balls. Although this was my first time feeling another man, it somehow felt right, his cock felt amazing, hot, thick and very long, unlike me he was cut and his helmet was huge. His balls were heavy, soft, he was totally shaved as was I. We then slow kissed each other and again kissing another man felt wonderful, not wrong in any way, just so natural to me. After some time Emma told Greg to remove his knickers but keep on the stockings and suspenders and lay on the bed. She then told me to lay between his legs and give him oral. I did as was told and my face was now staring up at Greg's huge erect cock and enormous balls. I took hold of his cock and slow wanked it as my tongue started to lick his balls. Emma removed her knickers and lowered her dripping wet pussy onto Greg's eagerly awaiting mouth and he started to eat her pussy while she watched me suck on her hubby's balls. She was encouraging me with compliments and talking dirty to me which turned me on more as I let my tongue start to explore Greg's massive erect cock all the way to his huge bell end.

'Oh yeah that's it Steve, run your tongue all around his helmet, he fucking loves that'

I duly went about her instructions and for the first time I tasted another mans pre cum on my tongue as it oozed out from his cock. He tasted like my own and it was a taste I do enjoy from my own cock. But to taste it from another mans cock was so erotic.

'Mmmm you do that so well Steve, now place your lips over the top of his cock and open your mouth and slide your lips down and around his fucking hard cock'

Her talk was getting dirtier and I guessed it was so because of the tonguing she was getting from Greg. Emma was getting so fucking horny it was incredible.

'Oooh yeah that's it Steve, suck my husbands big hard cock in your mouth. Go on a bit faster up and down, take in as much as you can. Oh fuck fuck fuck YESSSS!!! Oh fuck I'm cumin Greg, don't stop, lick my pussy you fucking horny bastard. That's it Steve suck that big cock. Oh my god you are such a cock hungry slut Steve, fucking suck that big juicy cock for me'

I wanked and sucked Greg's cock as though it was the last cock on earth to be had. I then felt him start to thrust his pelvis up and down and I knew by his moans that he was about to cum. I wanted to do this right and take him all the way so I continued to suck and wank him with my lips firmly gripping his shaft as I did so. Emma had already cum once and was about to cum again over Greg's face, she also knew Greg was about to cum in my mouth.

'Fucking lick my pussy you bastard, lick it hard, suck my clit, make me cum hard over you as you cum inside Steve's mouth. Ah yesss that's it fucking lick me, suck that fucking cock Steve, wank it hard into your mouth and make it cum inside you, I want to watch you swallow all of Greg's hot juicy cum you fucking filthy little slut'

Oh my god her dirty talk was erotic and too much for both of them as Greg unloaded a huge load inside my mouth and down my throat, then a second load just as Emma had a huge orgasm all over Greg's face, her pussy juices dripping over his face down his chin onto his neck. Fuck me this girl could really cum, that was two in short succession.

Well what followed was the most intense 2 hours of sex I have ever experienced. Greg took my anal virginity fucking me with his huge cock while I gave Emma 2 more orgasms licking and sucking her hot wet slippery pussy, not to mention the tonguing and fingering I gave her sweet arse hole. I fucked Emma in just about every position I could manage. Her dirty talk was so very dirty and had Greg and me so fucking horny. She finally finished us both of as we wanked our cocks and cum in her mouth. She even sucked and licked us both clean and then we group hugged enjoying slow kisses together.

After, we dressed and returned to the party, well I say party, more of a group gang bang. I got to enjoy watching my wife Kate being finished off by some guy fucking her on all fours as she licked out some horny woman's very well fucked cum filled pussy. All in all this was the most intense sexual experience of my life. Kate and I got a taxi home and just collapsed into bed. Both too tired and exhausted to even think about having a fuck. We did however relive the moments we had at the party whilst enjoying some mind blowing sex the following night. Kate telling me everything she did while I licked and fucked her, then got her on all fours took hold of her long hair pulling it as I finally slid my cock deep into her sexy arse for the first time and fucked her hard until I unloaded my cum deep up her arse. Then I told her of my bedroom 3 some with Greg and Emma whilst she, Kate, sucked my cock hard again and continued wanking, licking and sucking me, listening to my sexploits with Emma and Greg until I finally and for the very first time cum in her hot sweet mouth. OH YES FUCKING YES!!! At long last my fantasy of arse fucking my wife and cumin in her mouth had come true....YES YES YES!!!

I thought she would be angry or disgusted that I had sex with a man but she said that was all part of Emma and her plan for the evening. Turned out Emma had invited us to the party (swinging orgy) through Kate . After Kate had said To Emma she wanted to take her flirtyness to a new level. She wanted to see just how far she would go with other men. But she was worried that I would object. So Emma told her that she had fancied fucking me for some time and if Kate was ok with it, she would keep me occupied while Kate had lots of naughty fun. She told Emma that I liked to wear knickers and would make sure I wore a pair on the night. She also told her that she had an incline that I was probably bi. Emma then told her that her husband, Greg, had the same kinky fetish and that he was bi and if Kate was ok with it, she would get me into a 3 some with her and Greg and hopefully get the two of us to suck each others cocks. Well she certainly managed to do that alright, plus lots more besides.

Kate, as I mentioned at the start, is no longer my wife. She eventually left me for someone else. I no longer have contact with Emma and Greg, they moved abroad a couple years back.

Now I am hoping I can meet a bi woman who is ok with me being bi, enjoys me wearing lingerie and also enjoys sex as much as I do. And who knows, maybe we can enjoy some hot swinging sessions together. Oh bring it on with happy days n nights.

Hope you all enjoyed reading this as much as I did re-living it.