Written by Traci

20 Sep 2007

The Porter --

By Traci --

My husband was downstairs when Kyle brought our bags to our room. I especially like men who are in their early twenties as Kyle is. He puts away the bags with me watching him closely. His body is gorgeous. His face and especially his eyes are so overwhelming that I know I want him. When he is done with his tasks, I ask him what time his shift will be over.

He asks me why I want to know.

I tell him that if he is interested I will arrange to be that time so that he can come visit me.

He asks me what I want to do.

I ask him what he would like to do.

He asks me if I want to get laid

When I tell him that was completely possible, his face lights up in pure excitement. I can tell that he wants me. There is no question in my mind about that.

When he tells me he is off at 4pm I tell him I will be waiting for him.

When my husband arrives from downstairs, I tell him about my plans with Kyle. I knew before telling him that he would be happy about this. He likes me to fuck other men and then later tell him all the details.

Just before 4pm, my husband leaves the room so that I can be alone with Kyle. As he leaves, he tells me to remember every tiny detail of what happens.

When Kyle arrives, I am scantily dressed and waiting for him. He tells me he has been thinking about me all day. I tell him I was thinking about him too.

Two and half hours later, I call my husband and tell him he can come back to our room. When he gets there, he immediately asks about what happened. As we both undress I begin to tell him the story of my adventure with Kyle.

When I begin, we are both on the bed naked. He is sucking on a nipple while feeling my pussy. As I tell him the story, he interrupts with by asking many questions and I answer with a very detailed explanation.

The story I told him:

When Kyle got here, I answered the door with only panties and a negligee on. He was very shy at first. When I sat on the bed he stood staring at me as if he didn't know what to do. I told him to sit next to me, which he did. A short time later, nothing had yet happened so I took his hand and placed it on my breast. We were looking into each others eyes at the time. When his hand landed on my breast, all of his inhibitions vaporized. He pushed me back on the bed and kissed me. I kissed him back.

He told me he wanted to fuck me.

I said I wanted that too.

Very quickly, his hand was in my panties. Then the panties were off. Then his clothes were off. Then he was on top of me pushing his dick into my pussy. I helped him do that. After a few quick in and out strokes, he began deeply groaning and I knew he was coming in me. I let him fuck me as he filled me with his come.

After that he lay on top of me without moving.

A short time later, I pushed him off me and reached down and began playing with his dick. As it began to get hard again, I dropped my head and began sucking it. Very quickly it was huge and hard again. I then got on top of him, sat on his dick and began fucking him. As I rode him cowgirl style, he had both of his hands on my tits. It didn't take long before I felt an orgasm begin to build inside my pelvis. When I started moaning, he started fucking me back hard. As we fucked I kept telling him not to stop.

I then began having multiple orgasms. I couldn't stop my self. All I wanted to do was to fuck him and have him fuck me back and we did that for several hours.

I finished my story by telling my husband that just before Kyle left, we were in the shower together when we fucked again standing up.

My husband then got on top of me and we began to fuck. I waited until he was near orgasm, to tell him that Kyle wanted to come back tomorrow at 4pm. I added that I really wanted to fuck Kyle again. Hearing this, my husband began coming in me while telling me that he wanted me to fuck Kyle again.