Written by Pentup47

6 Dec 2015

This is a sequel to the story entitled 'ONE NIGHT STAND'

IT WAS ALMOST a week since my wife had given me permission to 'play away' with her best friend, Jan. I was browsing through the Saturday sports supplement, when Helen came into the lounge. She pecked me on the back of the neck.

"And how's my rent-a-stud today?"

"Fine thanks."

"That was Jan on the phone."

"Oh yes, and how is she?"

"Not nearly so sore. At the front anyway. She says she still finds it a bit painful sitting down. You never told me you did her both ways, you old ram!"

I tried to appear as nonchalant as possible and studied an overseas cricket score. "It was a special request."

"Mmmm. Can I put in a similar request?"

"Sure. If you ask like a good slut."

She bent forwards to whisper. "Tom, will you fuck my bottom for me tonight, darling? Fill my bum hole up with your lovely spunk?"

"I'd love to. So what else did your friend have to say?"

Helen giggled. "Well, she wants to bring our Christmas presents round later. So I've invited her for supper. If that's OK?"

"Just supper?"

"Well... I said that as we'd probably all be having a few drinks this evening, she might as well stay over."

"I think I can see where this is headed. So Jan won't be sleeping in the spare room?"

"I doubt it!"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Helen was in the kitchen preparing one of her spaghetti Bolognese specials, when Jan arrived just after six o'clock. She was wearing a long black coat and leather boots and a big white Cossack hat. I helped her out of her coat and took her into the lounge for a drink by the fireside.

"Helen will be through shortly. I must say you look terrific, Jan; I love your Christmas outfit." Over a calf-length red pleated skirt, she was wearing a semi-transparent black silk blouse embroidered with a silver reindeer, covering a very flimsy black half-cup bra. The tops of her nipples were clearly visible through the reindeer's antlers.

"Why thank you, sweetie," she purred. "I'm glad you like it. I've put your pressies at the bottom of the tree."

I handed her a glass of red wine. "Try that. It's rather special and comes highly recommended." I took a close look at her beautiful breasts and felt an erection starting.

Jan took a sip. "Mmmmm I say, that's good, Tom. What is it?"

"It's a vintage Italian chianti. Supposed to have aphrodisiac properties." Helen wandered in and I handed her a glass too.

"Cheers, you two!" I turned to my wife. "Jan's put our presents under the tree. OK if I give her hers now?"

Helen giggled. "Why not? You never know, it might come in handy later!"

I passed Jan a small white box, tied with silver tape and a bow. "I got it especially in town this afternoon, when I knew you were coming for supper." She gingerly untied the bow, lifted the lid and then delved through several layers of pink tissue.

Blushing profusely, she took her present out of the box. "Tom! Did you choose this?"

"Err, yes - with a little help from a very attractive female sales assistant," I said.

The present Jan was holding was a beautifully-crafted, 6" latex strap-on dildo, with pink plastic straps and chrome buckles.

"Why, it's absolutely divine!"

"Helen said you're still a bit sore 'back there', so I thought it ought not to be too big!"

Emboldened by the wine, Jan stroked one hand across my semi and smiled mischievously at her friend. "It's certainly not as big as yours, darling!" The two women roared with laughter.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We lost no time in going up to our bedroom after supper, armed with a second bottle of wine. Helen had ringed our bed with perfumed joss sticks and left lots of scatter cushions on the bedspread. Helen and Jan undressed in the bathroom, giggling all the while. When they stepped back into the bedroom, they looked magnificent.

Both were wearing black hold-ups - Helen's were sheer, while Jan's were fishnet - and both women were bra-less. Jan wore a tiny pair of pink cotton knickers with pink bows, while all my wife was wearing down below was the strap-on dildo. "Jan wants me to christen her pressie for her," she said. "Want to watch?"

"You bet!" I exclaimed enthusiastically, slipping out of my boxer shorts.

Taking a spare stocking from her dressing table drawer, Helen blindfolded her friend, then after removing her panties, led her to the bed. She gave Jan's ring a generous lubing and slipped gel along the strap-on's shaft. Winking at me, she gripped the dildo and simulated the action of a man wanking. "Fun, isn't it?"

Jan was knelt on the bed doggie fashion, frigging her cunnie excitedly, making it good and wet. Helen stood behind her and gently pushed the dildo's tip between her bum cheeks, simultaneously grasping her partners thighs. "There you slut," she murmured, slapping Jan's bottom, to add drama.

"Oh YES! Fuck me, bitch?" cried the normally reserved Jan, as the dildo slowly slid home. "That's SO good!"

As I sat stroking my cock in unison with their fucking, Helen beckoned me over to the bedside, holding a finger to her lips to indicate silence. "Want it rammed in harder, slut?"

"Oh, yes please!"

Deftly Helen removed the dildo, then pointed to her friend's inviting back passage. I slid my cock slowly inside her. "Shit! It's grown bigger! How the fuck did you manage that, darling?" screamed the blindfolded Jan, who had now buried her face in some cushions. After half-a-dozed thrusts from me, we subtly 'reversed' the two phalluses, with Helen once again fucking her friend with the strap-on dildo.

Helen was really in her lesbian dominatrix mode now. She thwacked Jan's exposed buttocks with the palm of one hand. "Dirty, dirty slut. Needs a dirty fucking! What do you need?"

Jan mumbled: "A dirty fucking. mistress bitch!" She wiggled her bottom provocatively, which was now turning bright pink.

"That's better, slut!" said Helen, as she gave her two more resounding smacks.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The women took a brief break, during which we fitted the dildo onto Jan. It sat snugly against her smooth shaven quim, which I was allowed to stroke several times. Now it was Helen's turn to be fucked by her best friend. I went behind my wife and slipped my lubed cock into her bum hole, in order to fulfill the promise I had made earlier in the day. This was to be her first-ever experience of 'double penetration'. I had no difficulty in burying my shaft deep inside Helen's arse, pulling hard on her hips. After a dozen or so strokes, I ejaculated a huge load. My spunk spilled out and ran down her thighs, just as Jan's dildo fucking brought Helen to a glorious climax.

The three of us collapsed exhausted onto the bed, sensually stroking our hands over each others most intimate parts. I coated the women's breast with my still-warm spunk and teased their nipples with my tongue.

I wanted this pre-Christmas threesome to end on a truly memorable note; to get these enthusiastic hedonists to try one more new sexual experience.

"What say we adjourn to the bathroom, ladies?"

"To clean up?" enquired a puzzled Jan, obviously disappointed that the frolicking had finished.

"Err... no, I was thinking more of us all taking a shower together," I said.

With puzzled expressions, the two women dutifully followed me into the bathroom.

"Right, ladies. I expect you're both dying to go to the loo, aren't you? Well just keep your legs crossed for a few more minutes, could you?"

I was already semi-erect again and I could see that both their cunnies were moist. I used some of my cum as lube to get a full hard-on. "I'm going to lie on the floor of the shower and wank for you. And I want you two to stand astride me, facing each other and hugging. Rub your nipples together? Then when you're both ready, do your pee-pee all over my cock for me."

My suggestion was greeted with squeals of delight. "I'm game," said my fiesty Helen. "How about you, hun? Wanna piss over my hubbie's cock, while I watch?"

Jan blushed a little and gripped her thighs together with excitement, as if holding her water back. "Yes please!"

My double-dousing of golden rain was wonderful, as wave after wave of girlie piss hit my body, splashing over my cock and balls and chest. In a final act of defiant feminism, Helen pinched her labia lips together with the two fingers of one hand, to direct a man-like arc of pee into my mouth.

So a glorious piss-drenched end to this Christmas tale. The three of us seem to have drifted into a happy state of non-monogamy. Who knows, in the New Year we might even finish up living together. It's rather nice having two such sexy 'wives'!