Written by Frankier

10 Jun 2009

Shortly after I finished at university I was living with Iva and we had a very adventurous sex life. We used Yoga as a way to keep fit and limbre. One day she had me lay on my back and lift my legs straight up; she then had me drop my legs slowly towards my head. As I did so my penis was dangling just above my face (we were nude)She instructed me to lift my legs up and then slowly drop them towards my head again, as I repeated the exercise my legs went further and furthe until my penis was touching my chin. This was very erotic and I soon had a stiff cock which I could touch with my tongue. Iva started stroking my cock and helping it move closer; she had me with 2 inches in my mouth and was stroking it. I could taste the pre-cum and was very excited; then she licked my sack which just about put me over the edge. She then trailed her tongue to my arse and it was more than I could stand; I came in huge spurts of thick ropey cum. Most I swallowed but some was on my face and lips, Iva licked off for me. I was awestruck at how good I felt.

The next day Iva woke me by sucking my cock; she is a very talented cocksucker and in no time I was cumming in her mouth. She looked up at me and then crawled forward and gave me a very wet french kiss; as her tongue went into my mouth so did most of my cum. She kept kissing me until I had swallowed most of my sperm.

Afterwards as we breakfasted we talked about it and I was forced to admit that I had enjoyed both episodes. She then explained that she had always wanted to do a threesome with two men and she had a bisexual male friend who was willing but would want some oral from me. I was apprehensive but agreed.

The next evening Roger came to the flat and after dinner and some wine Iva started removing her clothes.She had me stand and let my pants down; as my hard cock came into view she took it in almost to its full length. I couldn't help myself, I started to furiously fuck her face making her gag with each thrust of my hips. Roger was removing his clothes and when he turned to face me he had the largest cock I had ever seen. Iva pushed me back into my chair and continued to suck me while Roger got behind her and licked her fanny from slit to hole. When he had her nicely wet he pushed that huge cock into her cunt; that was all I could stand and I shot a big load of cum into her mouth and on her face.

I then watched for about 15 minutes as Roger fucked her silly with his very large cock. Iva came with a delighful squeal and then Roger dumped about a quart of spunk into her pussy with a loud grunt.

I watched in amazement as Roger pulled his slimy cock out of Iva and walked over to me. It was already getting hard again nad before I knew it Roger had placed at my lips and then Iva said open wide which I did willingly. I tasted Iva as well as Rogers cum. I gagged a few times as he filled my throat but the I relaxed and he slid his entire length down my throat as I did his eyes rolled back and he came so much I almost choked. Iva then had me cleanout his cum from her cunt. It was the most thrilling night of my life. I'm happy to say we had many more.