Written by Alan & Trish

30 Oct 2011

Sorry if this is a bit long but we have just got back from our first holiday to Gran Canaria and had our first swinging sexual encounter. We stayed in a nice hotel in Meleronas about a 20 minute walk from the Maspolomas Dunes. We have been on many beach holidays to Spain and the Caribbean and Trish, my wife has gone topless but never completely naked. Trish is 48, lovely round 42d breasts, smooth shaven pussy and dyed blond hair. She is still quite shapely after two kids. I am 52 and fairly fit with a 4 inch cock getting to 7 inches when erect. It keeps Trish happy. We spent the four days around the hotel pool. Most of the women including Trish were topless. There were some lovely boobs on display on some horny women. Trish commented on my bulge under my swim trunks whenever young topless girls walked by with there tits jiggling about. During the fourth evening at dinner I managed to persuade Trish to try out the beach and dunes the next day. So after breakfast we got our beach towels, water and put our swimming gear on under our shorts and headed off to the large beach area. Trish told me she knew what I was up to and that she was not going to strip off completely nor should I get any ideas about sex in the open. We soon came across the FKK nudist area. The sun was shining and even at 10.30 in the morning you could tell it was going to be a hot day with no clouds in the blue sky. Trish wanted to sit on the edge of the dunes just back from the sea and sunbathe. We plonked ourselves down on our towels. I stripped off, but Trish left her bikini bottom on. We lay in the sun for about an hour and went for a dip in the sea. I asked Trish if we could have a walk around the dunes to see what they were like. She agreed. We left the sea and picked up our towels and walked into the dunes away from the sea. It felt great walking naked. Trish still had her bikini bottom on but her tits looked great swaying from left to right as we walked around looking for somewhere to sit.

As we walked deeper into the dune area we passed plenty of naked couples. We saw a few single males walking about. Trish commented on the size of some of the bloke’s pricks hanging down between their legs. We headed for a small mound that had a small clearing. We found a small area that we could lay down and catch the sun. We had a couple to our right just behind a bush who had a parasol up. We were about 8 foot from the path. We lay on our towels. After about half an hour I heard some low groaning coming from our right. I raised myself up and looked to where the noises were coming from. I saw the couple next to us fucking in the open for all to see. She was on all fours and her partner was ramming his large penis in and out of her pussy. As he did so her large tits were wobbling back and forth. Trish asked me what I was looking at. I told her and she then raised herself up and watched the spectacle. The couple had attracted a couple of naked men who were standing wanking their pricks as the couple fucked. One bloke had a very large prick he was rubbing with slow strokes. I reckon it was about nine inches long and quite thick. The bloke then beckoned the two men to come closer as he fucked the women. They did not need telling twice. They both got on their knees by the woman’s head. As they wanked they each took hold of a tit each and massaged it. I stood up to get a better view and my prick became stiff, sticking out at full mast. The bloke was still fucking the woman doggy style when she reached out and took the bloke to her right with the big stiff prick and guided it into her mouth and sucked it. As the bloke fucked her she went up and down on the prick in her mouth in time to the prick going in and out of her pussy.

I looked down at Trish, who was now kneeling with a hand down her bikini. She looked up at me and said “Jesus, look at the size of that blokes cock and she is taking most of it in her mouth. It looks sexy and dirty at the same time. I feel quite horny watching them”. I told her to take her bikini bottom off. She took her hand out of her bikini and I could see her fingers were moist were she had been rubbing herself. She stood up and slid her bikini bottom down, stepped out of them and kicked them to one side. She asked if it was rude for us to stand and watch or should we kneel down. I told her it appeared normal for us to stand and watch as the couple were probably exhibitionists and did not mind voyeurs. Trish then took hold of my prick and started wanking me with slow strokes. I eased closer to her and run my left hand over her naked bum down to the top of her thighs. She spread her legs and allowed me to put my hand under her bum and find her moist pussy. I slipped a finger up her cunt and fingered her. She was gently moaning as I fingered her. The second bloke kneeling by the woman gave a shout as he came spurting his spunk onto the side of her face. He then stood up and departed. The woman’s partner was still fucking her when he looked over to us and waved us over. I looked at Trish and said “Shall we go over and see what happens. We will only go if you are comfortable with the situation”. She replied “Let’s go over. I know you have always had a fantasy about sex with another woman or couple. This may be your only chance. I game if your game. Anyway we will never see them again.’ This was a complete change of view for Trish, so we walked the few feet to the other couple and the one remaining bloke still having his large prick sucked by the woman. We said hello and woman released the prick from her mouth and they greeted us in German. Trish then without saying a word walked up to the woman’s head and knelt down next to the bloke and took hold of his large erect nine inch prick and felt it up and down, cupping his ball bag with her other hand. She looked up at me and said “It’s so large and really hard, can I play with him?” I told her to go a far a she wanted if he did not object. The bloke shuffled around and Trish got between his legs, bent over and took his prick into her mouth. She started to lick him up and down his shaft. I moved and knelt in front of the woman and she took my prick into her mouth. She licked me and took me right into her mouth. She then moved up and down on my stiff shaft. Trish was next to me with her arse exposed. So I slid my hand in between her legs and found her slit and put a finger up her. She was really moist. I started to finger fuck her as she sucked the blokes prick.

The German bloke fucking his wife withdrew and moved around to behind Trish. He put his hand in their beach bag and pulled out a handful of condoms. He slipped one on his rigid seven inch member. He asked me in broken English if he could enter Trish. I told him to go ahead as she was busy sucking the blokes prick. The German bloke eased his prick into Trish’s cunt and started to fuck her. She released the prick from her mouth and turned to see who was fucking her. She looked at me, smiled and mouthed “Thanks”. As the German was fucking Trish he handed me a condom and indicated to go and fuck his wife. I took the condom out of it wrapper, rolled it on my prick, got up and got behind the woman who had lowered her body, spread her legs and raised her arse in the air exposing her smooth shaved pussy to me. I eased my prick into her love box and started to fuck her. It was a great sensation being naked fucking another woman out in the open, in the sunshine as my naked wife Trish was also being fucked by another man while sucking another man’s prick. It was fantastic seeing the German going in and out of her pussy, her tits were swaying back and forth in time to being fucked. Trish was moaning as she went up and down on the other bloke’s prick. She then gave a loud groan as she came. Her body tensed with her orgasm. The German grabbed her arse cheeks as he also came. The bloke she was sucking pulled out of her mouth, he spoke to the German, who passed him a condom. Trish rolled to her side and lay on her back. The bloke rolled a condom part way down his large prick and then got between Trish’s legs. He grabbed her knees and pushed her legs up and apart, exposing her shaven pussy. He moved forward and slid his prick up her cunt. He then fucked her with long slow strokes. She winched as he went up and down her right up to his ball bag. She then moaned out “Oh,oh,oh my god, oh my god. That feels great.Fuck me, fuck me.” I watched as she was fucked and continued fucking the German woman. The bloke was now ramming his large prick in and out of Trish’s pussy. She was moaning a way. I then came as the German woman came. As I withdrew I noticed we had a crowd of about six naked blokes standing around us, all wanking their pricks as they watched Trish being fucked. The bloke was banging away at Trish for about ten minutes when she came again. Trish then pushed him back on to his back. She got up and straddled him. She then lowered herself onto his member sticking up in the air. She then rode him. This gave everyone a great view of her tits going all over the place as she went up and down on his prick. She was shouting out as she went up and down. Four of the blokes moved down and stood around her as she fucked. She then gave a moan as both she and the bloke came together. The four blokes were wanking fast and they all came together covering Trish’s face, tits and body in hot spunk. They left, along with the bloke with the big prick. We sat with the German couple and learnt they were leaving the next morning.

That night back at the hotel Trish was still coming to terms with her new found sexual freedom. We talked about it and how we should deal with it. Trish wanted to only do it while on holiday with strangers and practise safe sex. Once we were at home it would be life as normal. We would only be sexually liberated when on holiday, especially in the sun. For our last two days we went back to the same place in the dunes, but that is for another time.