Written by frank_old_hippy

12 Apr 2011

I thought I'd share some stories from quite a few years ago when I was married to my first wife. My wife and I had been in a rut as far as sex was concerned. We had talked about it many times and I knew she was happy with once a fortnight, whereas I still wanted it 3-4 times a week (we were both in our early 30's then). So the compromise agreed on was once a week if I was lucky, and then I always felt I was pleasuring myself as she never instigated it or seemed to enjoy it particularly. She never masturbated or touched her fanny as she thought it was dirty, was certainly not interested in anal sex or me playing with her bum, didn't like the taste or feel of spunk on her skin, but did give me blow jobs as long as my willy was very clean. She never talked about her ex-lovers as she always said she couldn't remember (even the size of their willies!). So altogether was beginning to feel was in for a boring sex life for years to come with the possibility of an affair looming on the horizon!

Until one day a friend lent me a blue film and suggested we watch it together to see if that would turn her on. The first few shorts films were just of couples shagging, then an amateur one came on where two couples were watching a blue movie. It was obviously an amateur film as the people in it were ‘ordinary’ eg one of the guys had a pot belly, and the other guy was bald, and both women were on the podgy side. They first started playing with their respective partners and then swapped. My wife really got interested in that film and sort of asked her if she would ever consider swapping. She said that if she ever did it would have to be with a safe, boring couple.

We had met a few other people at ante natal classes when we all had our kids and one of the couples were called S and J. They were quite boring and staid and didn't seem to have many friends and the ones they did have were not exactly Mr & Mrs personality, but they had their hearts in the right place. Both were very ordinary looking and very set in their ways. S was not ugly, but not pretty either and had large teeth, an almost flat chest, but a lovely big arse and nice athletic legs as she played a lot of badminton. J on the other hand was even plainer and would never stand out from the crowd, in fact if he committed a crime it would be difficult to give his description.

I used to see S once a week when she brought her kid round to play with ours. We used to talk about boring things, until one day she talked about sex! The kids were still quite young and didn't understand what we were saying so she felt free to talk. She started off by asking how often we did it as her and J had reached a point where sex had become a routine and they didn't do it often enough for her liking! I said we did it about once a week, which was not often enough for my liking either. S then gave me a funny look and asked if 'd ever consider having sex in front of another couple! I said I probably would, but it would depend on who the other couple were because of my wife. She then took a deep breath and explained that she and J were in a rut sexually and had decided to try and experiment. They had discussed things and decided that to watch another couple shagging might give them more ideas, and that they had decided that my wife and I would be the ideal couple. I then explained to S that we had discussed the very same idea after watching a blue movie. We both agreed that a good way to start would be to swap home videos of each other doing it.

That night I mentioned what S had said, and my wife was not at all interested and quite angry that I had talked about it to another woman. However, the next week S handed me a video and I said that we hadn’t done ours yet but this may make my wife more interested. That night I told my wife I had S and J’s video and did she want to watch it as I was going to watch it for a laugh anyway. She reluctantly said yes and we settled down to watch.

It started with S lying on the bed with stockings and suspenders on, then J joined her wearing his pants. He lay next to her and started kissing her while squeezing her small tits. S then pushed J back onto the bed and looking at the camera said that my wife may be interested in this, and proceeded to pull his pants down. Even my wife gasped as J’s big dick sprang into view. J always wore loose fitting clothes and now we could see why. It must have been a good 9” long and very thick, with big dangly balls. S grabbed it and slowly started wanking it, pulling down his foreskin with each down stroke revealing the big bulbous head. My wife was squirming next to me, so I put my hand down the front of her leggings to find that she was soaking wet. S stood up and pulled her pants off and straddled J sitting down on top of his cock. J pulled her buttocks apart so we could see her fanny lips stretched around it. After literally a few seconds J said he was going to come, so S quickly jumped off him and wanked him quickly, making his balls shake, until suddenly he grunted and loads and loads of thick spunk came shooting out. Suddenly my wife gasped next to me and squeezed my hand between her thighs as I realised she had orgasmed!! She asked me to rewind the tape and freeze the frame where the first lot of spunk came out. When I turned round she was completley naked and asked me to fuck her there and then! So I obliged and had one of the best fucks with her I ever had.

We talked seriously about making a video afterwards, but she said why not try having sex in the same room!!

I told S what my wife had said and a date was arranged the next weekend where all of our kids were sent away.

When the day arrived my wife was very nervous and kept saying she wanted to cancel it. She was still talking like this when we arrived at J and S’s house that night. I said that J and S would be as nervous as we were, and we should take it as it comes. J opened the door and when we walked into their living room you could tell that everyone was nervous. We started drinking, and S and my wife were really steaming into it. The conversation was very strained and everyone was waiting to see what would happen next. I had brought a porn movie with me and suggested we watch it to try and relax us. As I put it on all the drinks were topped up again, and S and my wife must have had a bottle and a half of wine each already. My wife whispered in my ear that she was feeling quite tiddly.

We were sat with our respective partners on separate sofas in their living room as the film started. I had purposefully brought the one with the wife swapping in it. It’s a good film and soon I had quite an erection trying to burst its way out of my trousers. My wife noticed and grabbed my cock through the trousers, gently squeezing it. When I didn’t object she whispered in my ear could she get it out, and I said if she wanted to. So, wasting no time she unzipped my flies and pulled my trousers and pants down until my bursting prick sprang into view. Grabbing it she slowly started to wank it up and down. I had my arm around her and had slipped one hand down the front of her shirt and was squeezing one fat tit. I then reached round and unbuttoned her shirt, and took it off revealing her fat tits in one of her lacey bras. Before she could object I reached behind her and undid her strap which caused her bra to fall off and her tits to come spilling out.

J’s eyes were popping out of his head, and the bulge in his trousers was enormous. My wife burst out that it must be J’s turn to get his cock out!! S still seemed a little nervous, so while J pulled down his zip, my wife and I shed the rest of our clothes so that we were completely naked. By now J only had his pants on, and as he pulled them down my wife gasped as his huge cock sprang into view. It looked bigger in real life and his big balls dangled down. I was fingering my wife by now and she was shaking as she asked him to wank himself!! This was my sexually boring wife!! As J grabbed his cock and started pumping it my wife gasped out loud and lifted her arse off the sofa as a huge orgasm ripped through her. When she recovered she jumped up and sat on my cock facing the others. She opened her legs as far as she could, and leant back so that I could squeeze her tits. J pulled S to her feet and took all her clothes off. He then pulled her down on top of his bursting prick and started fucking her in the same position as us.

After literally only a few seconds J said he was going to come, and my wife asked if she could see him!! So, S climbed off him and as J stood up, she stood behind him and started wanking his cock furiously. J then dropped a bombshell and asked if he could come over my wife’s tits! There was a moments hesitation as we had tentatively agreed not to touch each others partners, when suddenly my wife jumped off me and knelt in front of J while squeezing her tits together!!

J seemed to last all of about two seconds when his knees buckled and great thick dollops of spunk shot out all over my wife’s face and tits. There was loads and loads, and S was squeezing out the last few drops as my wife turned round to show me her beaming face covered in spunk. As she turned round I surprised her and shot my load over her face and tits as I had been masturbating

watching the incredible spectacle.

This is the first in a few adventures we had. If you enjoy it then I may put up some more. Thanks for reading.