Written by anonymous

4 Nov 2010

My lady friend and i have recently enjoyed a bit of fun together in some woods in Cranbrook,Kent and yesterday we thought we might try again. The last time we met a guy called Tom who was there collecting fire wood and we both ended up having sex with her.

We had a quick drink first then drove on until we found the entrance to the woods and parked up. There were 3 other cars already there leaving very little space but i managed to wedge my car in.

We wandered along the track and veered off to the right as we had done before.

There was the rope swing that we had mucked about on previously and like a big kid i had a quick go whilst trying to mind the mud.

We sat on the blanket i had bought with us and chatted for a while during which time several people wandered quite close by,today was much busier than before.

Dod walkers etc.

Despite this we started to play about a bit,kissing etc. Before long her skirt was lifted (no knickers,as before) and i was easing two fingers in to her wet pussy as she sucked on my revealed cock.

A couple of times we heard noises and stopped once as an elderly couple wandered a bit too close for comfort.

She was paying a lot of attention to my cock so i guess i thats why i hadnt seen a guy draw closer and closer until he was standing no more than twenty feet from us.

He knew that i had seen him and drew back slightly against a tree.

I told her she was going to have to do as she was told again.

She giggled for a second and asked if we had company.

I told her to carry on sucking me.

As best i could i gestured to the guy.

He did nothing for a few moments then slowly wandered over.

He was a young man,no more than twenty,very tall and quite thin.

Obviously he was nervous and mainly stuck to yes and no answers.

She was still on all fours sucking slowly on my cock,her hair mostly obscuring what she was doing. I had previously stopped playing with her but now i raised her skirt again.

He was a few feet from her rear and moved over a bit so he could see better.

Looking straight at him i inserted a finger in to her pussy and withdrew it.

I watched him as i repeated this time and again.

Laying there wasnt ideal so i told her to stop and i sat up.

I offered my cock to her again and she resumed sucking me.

The guy looked really worried each time there was the slightest noise from the woods but i drew her skirt up her waist further and motioned for him to touch her.

He moved closer and i saw the palm of his hand go between her legs.

As i stroked her hair i heard her moan softly.

"I think you are going to be fucked now" i told her.

"Help yourself" i said to the guy.

He got behind her and undid his trousers.

There was some shuffling about and he was clearly trying to get it in her but was having considerable difficulty.

This struggle went on for a bit then he suddenly said Sorry and made to move away.

This wasnt going well.

I asked him if it would be better if i wandered away a distance and gave them some privacy.

"Would that be ok"? he asked.

I told her to stay there and do exactly as she was told.

I also told him to instruct her to do whatever he wanted. He nodded.

Doing myself up wasnt easy with an unfinished erection but i did and wandered away from them but not fully out of sight. I nipped off for a pee for a minute or two and when i returned i couldnt see exactly what they were doing but i guessed she was now on her back and he was fucking her.

Whilst keeping a look out i disappeared back towards the car for a bit then approached them quietly from the other side.

I had given them a good ten minutes this time.

As i got nearer i saw him stand and pull his trousers up. She was looking very disheveled and was half laying half sitting.

He was smiling and thanked me but was still nervous.

He mumbled something about getting home and shot off back along the path.

I sat down next to her and told her to tell me everything.

As she was telling me i lay her back ,parted her thighs and shoved my cock inside her.

She was very gooey and i was getting covered as i slid in and out of her.

She said he told her to suck him which she did.

His cock wasnt as thick as mine but it was very very long she said.

It was also very rigid and became more and more erect,she had to hold it down from his belly to get it in her mouth.

He told her to lay down and after some investigating of her pussy with his fingers he pushed his cock right up inside her to the hilt. He nuzzled and sucked at her breasts through her top. She said he went really fast as he fucked her and at one point wanted to tell him to slow down but soon felt herself start to cum. He sucked and nibbled her neck,leaving a mark there. She came moments later as he was kissing her.

He asked her if she had cum and she told him she had. He withdrew and told her to turn around and bend over which she did,he then entered her from behind.

She said within seconds he was fucking her even faster this time and she struggled not to fall forwards as he slammed against her.

Before long he started groaning and soon came with his cock buried inside her,he was gasping and gripping her arse cheeks. She said it felt so dirty and so good. As he filled her she said she could feel it pulsing and twitching.

Eventually he slid out of her and she wondered if he was going to try and fuck her arse as she felt him rub his still hard wet cock around her anus several times.

She didnt protest and was curious but he must have thought better of it and stopped.

He knelt down and helped her to sit back then kissed her and they snogged for a few minutes before he stood up to get dressed. She said he was gentle and really quite sweet.

Thats when i had returned.

By now my cock was fit to explode and i had fucked her harder and harder as she told me everything that had gone on.

I removed my cock from her pussy and holding her thighs even higher i nudged it at her arsehole. She looked concerned for a second then i pushed,she relaxed slightly and in it went. Gently at first but then i built up speed using more and more till i was fucking her with all of it. I was desperate to cum.

Looking at her laying there having just been fully used by another mans cock was too much for me to cope with. I could smell that she had been fucked,i could see the marks on her neck,i could see the fluids on her pussy.

She was looking me straight in the eye,touching her pussy lips and panting,soon she started to cum. I wasnt far behind her and pumped my spunk deep in her arse.

We were both gasping.

Just laying there with my cock still inside her was superb.

I wanted to recover and go again. I lay back and we kissed.

We were going to stay in the woods for a while longer but had to dress quickly as a group of people wandered a bit to close. We made our way back to the car.

Hopefully the weather will stay reasonable and we can try this again and again.

We have met several people from S.H before and it has been good but the unplanned fun we have had with the two guys in the woods recently has been the most exciting.

Lets hope it stays dry.