Written by laytexanfucker

22 Mar 2008

we had been on the net making a meet when we decided to see this fella and he turned upas said we sat chatting and wife kissing him .

we had a shower and of to the bar in the area as we were there at the bar the wife and guy went missing and was gone for a while so i went to the mens and there she was coming out of the toilets in a local bar with a stranger .

the excitment was good and the thought of three of us going home for sex was so intense but to my amazment on the way out the bar the wife asked another guy to come back with us and enjoy the fruits of her.

the was no way this guy was staying in the barhe picked up his coat and said nothing like this has ever happened to me and just followed we got a cab and the two men me and wife home.

the wife poured out the drinks and said she will be back soon we sat drinking an then the wife came in wearing very tight hot pants with no knickers on as we could see the shape of the pussy lips and she started to dance round the dance pole.

one of the men took no time and had his hands all over her she just enjoyed and then took of here top to show a very nice brathen the second man started and she took hold of his cock in her hand and then knelt down were she took it in to her mouth sucking the man steped back and then stoped her as he was about to come.

she then tookhold of the other man and started to play with him he was not shy just carried on and enjoyed all the for play

the wife then took hold of the two men sucking in turn as each of then enjoyed the mouth of a sexy woman around there parts as the first man came in her mouth she just gulped all down and then the wife lay down on the floor were she told each of the to fuck her and make it good or you go home just as the first man did she said this is no good as your to nice i want it rough.

she had just finished as she said he will have to go and we got rid of him the was me and wife with the guy of the net just staying we had sex on the floor and then went up to bed to enjoy more we all had sex tillabout five am and then we fell asleepwe woke up at about nine and had sex againthe wife asked the guy to go as the daughter is dew home and he just left were the wife sat there and said i can not wait till the next time that was a night to remember for life enjoyed everuy bit of that and more.