Written by Pete

9 Jan 2019

My wife Tina is 52, 36d bust and a shapely figure for her age. She has had a long-time friend Sue, who is also 52 but with a 38dd bust. They are both highly sexed women. For the last 10 years they have been going out every two weeks to pubs, clubs and end up pissed and doing more than flirt with men. Mainly they have a good snog, allow blokes to feel their tits and occasionally let them to finger their pussys, especially letting them rub their clits and making them come. Sometimes they have treated the bloke to a wank or even a blow job but never fucked. I am happy with this as we have a good sex life at home and when she gets in she lets me fuck her pussy or even an anal fuck. I have thought about asking her if Sue wants a threesome with us.

It changed a few weeks ago when Sue left her husband, stating he was getting too possessive, saying he wanted her to stay in and his sex drive had waned. He is about 15years older than her. As our boys have left home and work aboard, Tina said she could stay with us until she sorted her life out. The trouble was that Sue would walk about in just a bra and thong. She looked ripe and ready to fuck. Tina knew what was going thru my mind and told me to back down. The first Friday night they went out, the two of them dolled themselves up and went out. Both wearing stockings, short skirts and low cut tops. I had a feeling that it was not going to be a normal night out.

I stayed up waiting for them to return. At about 2am they both arrived home, both merry and looking like two naughty schoolgirls, giggling together. Tina came and sat on my lap. I immediately run my hand up her stockinged leg and reached her knicker less warm wet pussy. She was also bra less. I asked her where her thong and bra were. She said they were given away to an admirer. Sue came and sat on the armchair arm. It was then I noticed she also had no bra on. I decided to run my free hand up her leg and found her naked pussy. Sue made no attempt to remove my hand. I asked what they had got up to. Tina spoke and told me, they had gone to the pub and met up with a few blokes from work. She said one bloke had a nickname at work as donkey Bob. He was 25 and some of the other young girls at work had spoken about his large member. As the night went on Sue was making suggestive sexual comments to this Bob and ended up snogging him.

When the pub shut he offered to share a cab to get home. As they waited outside, he and Sue were kissing and he had one hand up her skirt and the other fondling her breasts. Tina was getting excited watching them. As the cab turned up Sue suggested they go back to Bob’s and have some fun. They all got in the cab. Bob sat between them in the back seat and ended up snogging both Sue and Tina. He also managed to cop a feel of Tina’s tits and slid a hand up her skirt and rub her pussy thru her thong. They got to his house and all staggered in. Bob got them drinks and they all went into the lounge. Bob put some music on and dimmed the lights low. He started to dance with Sue and pulled her top off, removed her bra and pulled her skirt down. She stepped out of it and then unbuttoned and removed his shirt. She then undid his trouser belt, unzipped them and pulled them down. He kicked them aside. It was then Tina noticed the large bulge in his pants as she sat and watched the two of them. Sue got on her knees in front of Bob and eased his pants over his swollen member. As she pulled his pants down, she and Tina gasped. His prick sprang out and up in front of Sue’s face. They reckon it was at least nine inches long and really thick. Sue took hold of it, but her hand could not get all the way round it. She then played with his large swollen purple end. She then started to lick it up and down from top to bottom. He then took hold of the back of her head and eased his prick into her mouth. She then place her hands on his butt cheeks as she proceeded to suck him. Tina was getting highly aroused watching Sue suck the monster prick and was rubbing her own clit.

Next Sue lay on her back and Bob removed her thong. He then knelt down between her legs and licked and sucked her pussy. Sue was moaning with delight, playing with her nipples. Tina could stand it no longer and she stripped to just her suspender and stockings. She got behind Bob and played with his big ball sack, moving one hand under him, finding his large member. She ran her hand up and down his shaft. She heard Sue shout out as she came. Bob then suggested they go up to his bedroom.

As Tina was telling me this, I unzipped my trousers and released my erect prick. As Tina continued she wanked my prick. Sue unbuttoned my shirt and was caressing my chest.

When they got into the bedroom he told them to get on all fours on the bed. He produced a bottle of baby oil. He poured some onto his prick and some on to their pussy’s, rubbing around their cunts and fingering them both. He then stood behind Sue and eased his erect monster into her pussy. He slowly moved it in and out of her. She was moaning and saying “oh my god, oh my god, that feels fucking nice”. As he fucked Sue he was fingering Tina’s pussy. She decided she wanted a monster prick in her, so she told Bob to fuck her. He moved across and eased his prick into her and fucked her at first slowly then hard and fast. Tina lasted about 2 minutes and came with a shudder. He moved back to Sue and fucked her. She came again and he pulled out and told them to kneel in front of him. He was slowly wanking his prick, as they both took hold of their tits and held them up. He told them to open their mouths. They did just as he came in several spurts. He sprayed his spunk onto both their faces and mouths. After he had come they both licked his still swollen large prick clean. They then both went to the bathroom and cleaned themselves up.

They dressed leaving their bras and thongs for Bob. He called them a cab and as they left he was still naked. Before they left they both bent down and kissed and licked his semi hard prick. I was about to blow my load when Tina stopped wanking me. She and Sue stripped completely naked and told me to lay on the floor. Tina then straddled me and lowered herself onto my prick and Sue lowered herself putting her pussy over my face. I licked her smooth tasty pussy and clit as Tina Fucked me. I came in a few seconds up Tina as Sue came releasing some juices over my face.

Since them my life has been perfect. Sue loves walking around naked as much as possible. We have had many nights now where I spend the night in Sue’s bedroom, fucking her or all three of us sleep together fucking. Tina has no problem with me being naked with Sue and playing with each other. The rule is that Fridays are the night the two of them still go out. Now they actually fuck any men that pick them up. I am trying to get them to bring a few men back so I can see them gangbanged and join in. They are thinking about it.