Written by Cuck of the North

27 Apr 2014

Having been an avid reared of this site, I felt I should share with you an aspect of my life that has recently changed.

My wife Tina and I have been married for 35yrs and our relationship has undergone many ups & downs, probably more downs if i'm honest.

We used to enjoy a good sex life, but as the kids left home this dwindled, until such a time when it was non existent.

Tina is 55, tall, well built and by her own admittance carries some extra weight, her boobs are 42EE still reasonably firm and swing beautifully when she makes love doggy.

She has a plump belly and arse, is not averse to a good spanking and used to be ok with anal if in the mood.

One of her fantasies was to be forced to have sex whilst under the influence, though I would never indulge this, but we did roleplay it a few times.

Health has not been kind to me and I now struggle to get a half decent erection, so sex between us is in the past.

Recently she has been going out more in the evenings, mainly to committee meetings etc but I was starting to get suspicious when I got the odd call from other group members that should have been at the meeting.

If she wasn't driving, she would be collected my another member called Mark, in his Range Rover Sport, a car that she always said was for poseurs!

Mark is in his 40s though looks a lot younger, one evening I heard a car ull up, looked out of the window and saw Marks car, it stopped outside of ours, then moved a few doors down. it was another 30 minutes before the door opened and Tina got out, she headed to the pavement as Mark got out, they kissed, not for too long, but I could see his hands on her bum, as she walked away, he gave her arse a good slap, she spun round and said something, then turned away from him, but bent over to receive a couple more.

When she got in I asked what had been going on? she said nothing, but when I told her that I'd seen him slap her, she just laughed.

Then she said, you had better come upstairs and i'll show you.

In the bedroom she dropped her jeans to the floor, stepped out of them and bent forward

He bum was red raw with handprints, see, these weren't from getting out of the car, he did them earlier.

She then told me that they had been going together for some time, she had another present for me, her thong was soaked in hers & Marks juices, she told me how he first took her after finding a meeting cancelled, and instead of coming home he took her to his place, after a couple of drinks, he started to kiss her, when she put up little resistance, he stroked her breasts through her blouse & bra, she was protesting, but with no effect, he undid her jeans and slid his hand inside, now she started to protest more, but his hand found her cunt, it was already soaking, he covered his fingers in her juice, put them to her mouth and told her that a wet cunt was her consent!

He pulled her jeans off, quickly undressing himself and then told her to take her blouse and bra off, she at first refused, but he said he would tear them off if she didn't comply, she admitted to me that she loved this, stripping Mark gazed on those pendulous beauties and said, what fucking huge tits, then he proceeded to suck on her nipples biting and making her yelp, then pushed her back, forced her legs open and rammed his cock in

She gasped, he was bigger than me, though not huge, but he used such force she thought she was going to split, he fucked her relentlessly for about ten minutes before shooting his sperm into her, then just lay on top, his cock still embedded.

It was at this point that Tina said she started to cry, she thought of me, what would my reaction be, then as Mark withdrew, tears streaming down her face, she cleaned him up with her tongue, got him hard then demanded he fuck her again

Mark gladly obliged, they met up regularly after that first time

Now that I'm aware, he is coming round to fuck her in our bed, he now spanks her and has made her arse his, later this week I will be allowed to watch her with her lover.