Written by anonymous

11 Jun 2010

My Mrs has started seeing a friend of mine for sex. It started when Paul came to our recent bbq and she has met up with him 3 times recently to my knowledge.

My job takes me all over the south east and i can make my appointments for whenever i like so i can get home whenever i like too. Until now i have been out for long days but lately i have taken to sneaking home at different times.

Yesterday i snuck home at 2pm ish having got through all my calls in record time.

I parked 2 streets away on a patch of grassland out of sight and wandered towards the back of our house. Our house backs on to wasteland and woods and we have a gate at the bottom of the garden. I peered over the gate first to check then crept through and made my way up the edge of our garden. Hearing voices i had to quickly dive in to the shed and hold the door shut. It sounded like 2 or more guys talking and giggling. They slid open our patio door and i heard them go inside. I gave it a minute or two then i slowly snuck out and to the edge of the glass doors.

At the back of the living room was my Mrs. So was Paul.

She had a short silky nighty on that i had bought her last year. They were on our sofa snogging, as i watched paul raised the hem of her nighty exposing her lovely shaven pussy. The front did little to cover her breasts. She parted her legs wide as he started to finger her.

To the left of the sofa was another guy, a complete stranger to me who was stood watching them. He was i guess in his late 50's, bald and had a thick but short cock sticking out of his flies and was wanking.

At the other end of the sofa were 2 other guys. A tall young guy who like the other bloke had his cock sticking out and was frantically wanking and a stocky 3rd guy. This 3rd bloke had dropped his jeans completely and was getting further undressed.

Pauls shirt was on the floor along with his shoes. He stood and dropped his trousers and pants.

Naked he got between my wifes open thighs and in one movement was buried deep inside her. She was gripping his shoulders. My view was of his arse banging away with her legs dangling either side.

The young guy and the bald bloke handnt moved and just stood watching and wanking.

The other bloke who was now just wearing a shirt walked around to the back of the sofa, reached down and was i guess playing with her breasts.

Paul eventually withdrew and she stood up, turned around and was now on all fours with her arse facing me.

Paul wasted no time and getting behind her was straight up her again, banging away like a demented jack russel.

The 3rd bloke at the rear of the sofa had just stood wanking but i saw her head move forward then he started to stroke her long hair and himself move nearer her head. With her head lowered she obviously now had a mouthfull of his cock.

Very soon i recognised he had started to cum. He gently but firmly held her head and stayed there for a bit then moved away. The other two opportunists wandered around to take his place.

My view wasnt the best but from what i could make out they were either wanking in her mouth or very close to it.

Paul was slamming in to her and gave several hard thrusts, i imagine filling her womb with his spunk yet again.

He withdrew and slumped on the chair facing her. The other guy now on the floor beside him. Both watching and stroking their cocks.

The two at the rear of the sofa were still furiously wanking, her head moving side to side and up and down. I could make out the wetness around her thighs and legs.

The older guy moved away first having cum either over or in her mouth.

The young guy wasnt far behind him, shuddering and holding her head as he wanked himself.

Paul soon started to dress as did the others. She hadnt moved position, still on her knees on the edge of the sofa. Back arched, silky nighty barely hanging around her waist and her pussy still fully exposed. Her head lay rested on the back.

As they all dressed,the guy in just the shirt moved to her bottom which was still in the air and started to play with her wet pussy. She offered no resistance. His cock was once more noticably erect and he moved to put it up her. Paul hesitated then stepped over and despite him sticking it up her he told him to stop. After just 2 or 3 thrusts he reluctantly slid out and stood to one side wanking. He stroked her bottom and wanked his cock for a minute or two then with me and the others watching he came all over her creamy bottom. She still hadnt moved an inch. When he had stopped spurting he slid the tip all over her skin. Using his fingers he then smeared his cum over her bottom and between her cheeks, rubbing it in to her arse and pussy. His fingers staying a while inside her.

Paul obviously said something to him and they all started to finish dressing.

I quietly sneaked back in to the shed and within minutes i heard Paul and his friends leaving.

Some time later and with a painfull hard on i made my way back to the car and after ringing first made my way home.

Home to my used Mrs for my own pleasure.