Written by richelc

3 Dec 2007

I married on the rebound... the ex had been great at sex but rotten at everything else... my husband was great at everything else, but rotten at...

Well, you get the picture.

But I was just pleased to be in a safe loving marriage, at least for a couple of years. Then when we were having a new solid oak floor put into the dining room (yes, my husband is well off too!) the carpenter was just too enticing to resist. Thar was after we\'d been married for a couple of years. We only shagged twice, but it was heaven, and took me back to the old days.

But I was just too terrified that my husband would find out... too guilty to eat properly... and so after two afternoons of the ultimate pleasure I had to put a stop to it.

My husband never found out; the floor was laid; we settled back to our routine of short foreplay - just enough to get me dripping - then frantic thrusting, when he said I was so hot and wet he couldn\'t hold back, then me fingering myself as he cuddled me and went off to sleep.

And then after we\'d been married for 5 years, and after one of the usual fumbles, he asked if I would like to watch some films to spice things up. I hadn\'t thought he was into porn at all, and hesitated before saying I wouldn\'t mind.

Next evening, after supper and acting in an embarrassed way, he put on a film. We cuddled on the sofa and I was amazed as we watched what looked like a married couple, rather amateur actors, meet a man who then fucked the woman as her husband watched.

I was incredibly turned on and tried not to wriggle as things progressed. But I need not have worried. As the \"husband\" put a condom on the extra man who then entered the \"wife\" I felt my husband stiffen, then his cock twitch as he spunked into his trousers.

He apologised but I held him close and french kissed him lovingly.

He asked if I minded the film, and I said no.

He asked if I would like to be treated like the woman in the film. A voice inside me screamed \"Yes\" but I managed to reply that I would do anything he wished of me.

\"Anything?\" he said.

\"Yes, anything and with anyone you want. I will do whatever you ask of me, and I will love giving you pleasure from that.\"

He kissed me and we went to bed. I undressed him and licked his cum from his pants. He entered me - no foreplay needed - and came in seconds.

\"Please don\'t make yourself come tonight\" he said afterwards. \"Tomorrow will be better if you don\'t.\"

Next day I spent the whole time sexually frustrated and excited, with wet knickers as I anticipated what my husband might have in store for me.

Half an hour before his usual home coming time, he phoned and said I should have a shower and dress in my most provocative clothes.

I showered and trimmed myself and selected my shortest tennis skirt, but without knickers, and a thin white blouse with no bra.

I went downstairs, drank a huge gin and tonic in the kitchen and jumped when I heard my husband\'s key turn in the door.

He called my name and asked me to come to the hall. As I went to his voice, I saw he wasn\'t alone. My heart was beating so fast with excitement, but as I walked to meet my husband and this other man, I realised they could see my breasts through my blouse, and I was feeling faint with the tension.

I looked beseechingly at my husband, hoping and praying that I was dressed as he wished. He smiled, and I felt a wave of love and gratitude for him.

Then he introduced the other man - Ricky. He was well over six feet tall, board shoulders, slim waist, long legs and, most fantastically exciting of all, black.

My husband turned to Ricky, and said \"She\'s all yours; I\'ll just get the video.\"

Ricky smiled and just stood watching me as my husband went into the drawing room for the camera. We heard him rummaging around, and Ricky gently put his foot between mine and gently moved my legs apart.

Then my husband returned with the camera whirring away; Ricky smiled at the camera then slowly but without hesitation put his palms onto my breasts and their erect nipples; he massaged round a few times. Then he came close and kissed me - his wet lips felt electric and his tongue entered my mouth without resistance.

He held me close and I felt my sexual needs build up to an intensity I hadn\'t felt for years.

Then he pulled away and, again without a rush but without hesitation, lifted my tennis skirt.

\"Look down\" he said and I could see my inner thighs glistening with my secretions. I felt his hand brush my thighs then find my clitoris and vagina in seconds. He finger fucked me as my husband filmed. I looked at my husband for reassurance, and he nodded enthusiastically.

Ricky stood back again and told me to go to the bedroom. I went up and lay on our bed, panting with desire. A few seconds later, Ricky entered, followed by my husband. Both men were naked, my husband with a half erection, Ricky with a nine inch tool standing absolutely erect and as thick as a small tree trunk.

He ripped off my blouse, and pulled my skirt roughly down. He lifted my legs up and apart then hesitated as my husband brought the camera in for a close up of me.

I watched Ricky\'s huge erection as it approached my cunt.

\"Condom?\" I whispered, but Ricky shook his head and my husband said \"It\'s okay\" and with that Ricky entered me and all the stars in the heavens burst as I felt nine hot thick inched of expert cock plunder me - I felt my cervix being hit, I felt my cunt walls being stretched, I felt his pubes pressing on my clitoris and within a few seconds I was coming more deeply and intensely than I ever had before.

And it didn\'t stop. This huge cock kept up a regular rhythm of deep thrusting till I was completely through my spasms; I felt my cunt walls gripping him hard and my vagina contracted round him. I lost control, of my bladder and felt my pee gushing out of me as I orgasmed on this magnificent cock; I bit his neck and dug my fingernails into his buttocks to hold him in the right position, and just kept on cumming.

And after a couple of minutes, I felt myself coming down from cloud nine, as my cunt walls went into spasm on him and my legs fell apart in exhaustion.

He stopped thrusting then looked me in the eye. And then I felt a bit panicky as I felt his thickness growing and I felt a little twitch from his cock; he thrust forward to maximum penetration and I said to my husband \"He\'s going to cum\" but instead of saying anything, my husband smiled and kept filming.

And I lay there powerless to stop this stranger ejaculating inside me - I felt his cock twitch and knob end expand six or seven times, and knew my vagina and womb were being filled by his seed. I lay still as a part of me wanted him to have as much pleasure from my body as I had had from his.

And eventually I felt his stiffness lessen and his tool slid out from me.

I lay on the bed; my husband kept filming.

Ricky kissed me gently and left.

After a few minutes my husband turned off the video, climbed onto me and within seconds he had his sloppy seconds.

I slept.

The next morning my husband showed me the video.

He said it had been the best sex he had ever had - I told him it had been the best sex I had ever had.

I am now a swinging slave whenever my husband wants me to be, but that was the only time without a condom.