Written by DFG

25 Mar 2010

This is not a story..... This is a note, in front of the world, to a person who means the world to me, our realtionship is secret no one knows about it, but us, it has gone on since 2004...and this is probably the one place in the world where I can tell you that I love you, for all the things we have done together for all the things we will do together and for been the most wonderful and beautiful person in my life.

I know all of us come here to read sexy, kinky stories and to explore more of our bounderies and the fanatasies which may or may not happen... To give all of us idea's for that next adventure or just to read someone else's beautiful adventure. I suppose I am one of the lucky people to have met a person in the world that has explored and evolved sexually with me, that I click with sexually, mentally and spirtually... she is beautiful, long dark hair, beautiful ample breasts, wonderful sexy body, a soft, wet, warm and willing pussy and most of all an intelligent and kinky mind....

By chance we met on a interntional flight, I notice her as she got on and before the end of the flight I was smitten.... there our journey start... and still continues today... from discussing threesomes to seening you licking a another woman's wet pussy, to u watching my enter another woman whilst I see a hard dick enter you from behind.........I love you for all the exploring we have done together....I love that we evolved together pleasuring each other trying new things..

I love you for not judging my desires and fulfilling my fantasies, I love you for trusting me enough to tell me your deepest darkest desires... I love watching you as I made each and everyone become a reality.

Distance is the thing that has divided us, but it is our desire which keeps us close....

I miss and love u...