Written by anonymous

24 Dec 2010

A friend of mine called Tom has enjoyed my wife several times with me joining in and loving every minute of it. He has even stayed over a couple of times and the three of us have had some very memorable moments.

He stayed again last night and after downing a few bottles of wine i watched him over the course of the evening slowly and methodicaly strip her then bring her to orgasm with his tongue and fingers. Freshly shaven,her pussy looked fantastic. Her soft pale skin and long straight blonde hair looked so fantastic. She seemed so slutty and shockingly different from the normal prim and proper wife i knew. Laying back on the rug,her thighs splayed wide apart crudely as he jammed his tongue inside her and lapped at her clit. This from a woman who was unsure of sunbathing topless some years previously. She later licked and sucked both of us until he came down her throat and i shot my cum over her breasts.

After showering i retired to bed,they followed along a while later. He had showered with her and she enjoyed soaping him thoroughly.

She came to bed in a dark red silky slip and matching knickers that i had purchased for her some months back. She had not worn them before.

They were not on for long. He removed the slip and kissed down her back and neck and she pulled the knickers off.

For the next hour or so we played with and used my wife in every way.

He enjoys licking her body and every part of her was soon sucked or tasted. At one point as i kissed her he was licking both her holes.

After cuddling and toying with us for a while she sucked both of us again and continued to suck me as he fucked her hard from behind.

She sat facing me and rode my cock as i watched him slowly sliding his erect penis in and out of her mouth.

We swapped places and she rode him and caressed my balls and cock as i gently fingered her arse,her nails were tickling my skin. He sucked and toyed with her nipples until she orgasmed whilst still impaled on his shaft.

I fucked her as she lay recovering on her back whilst he wanked over her face.

He was dipping the round end of his cock in and out of her mouth.

As i came inside her i watched him shoot a jet of cum over her hair,chin and neck,she pulled his erect still dribbling cock in to her mouth and sucked him clean.

I could see the white fluid over her tongue,teeth and lips.

We showered again and all drifted off to sleep.

During the night however i was awoken by my wife kissing me.

It wasnt long before we were snogging and sleepily playing with each other.

I was still half asleep but my penis was now quite erect. We lay facing each other and i slipped inside her lovely wet shaven pussy. It was a slow affectionate erotic moment. Tom i had assumed was asleep behind her as we moved together.

It seemed to go on for some time and we were both becoming more and more aroused.

We were both close to cumming. It felt really intense.

I told her i loved her and she told me she loved me too.

As i held her i became aware that Tom had woken up and was stroking her neck and her back. She turned her head away from me and they locked tongues as i ground in to her.

She was pushing back slightly against him and as my cock slid in and out of her i felt his fingers fumbling around her pussy and between her legs.

She was very wet and began to groan.

At this point i confess i felt a mixture of emotions.

Partly i wanted to tell him to get lost as he had ruined our moment but there was also the part of me that was finding the whole thing more and more erotic.

I continued to slowly but firmly fuck her and she seemed to be moving against me but then grinding back against him too.

She raised her thigh slightly higher and i briefly felt his hard cock rub against mine.

I was unsure if he was trying to nudge mine out of the way or to go alongside it!

They continued to snog and she was groaning and making whimpering noises.

He held her thigh up further and for a second or two i could no longer feel his cock near mine. She turned to look at me and briefly smiled then her face held a look of surprise,arousal and helplessness.

She whined,tightly closed her eyes and loudly cursed. I felt something push against my cock as it lay inside her. My movements had now ceased as i realised he had entered my wifes arse.

She was gripping my shoulders firmly and looking a little panic stricken as i felt him move around inside her.

I didnt know if she wanted me to make him stop or not but i have to admit the whole thing was making my cock harder than ever.

I asked her twice if she was okay and she said nothing. She seemed to be concentrating.

He moved a fraction forwards then back again.

Gradually he was slowly sliding the length of his cock in and out of her. Going further each time. Within minutes he was using the whole length in her,i resumed sliding my cock around inside her. She felt tight with the pressure of us both but still very wet.

I tried to enter her as he slid out but it was difficult to achieve any kind of rythm.

She seemed to relax slightly and her grip on me wasnt quite so firm.

He turned her head and they kissed.

I knew i was close to cumming and as i watched her start to shake and groan with the approach of her orgasm i pumped my cock deep in to her pussy and came heavily.

She orgasmed and he held on to her tightly as she shook.

He was cupping her breasts and flicking his fingers over her nipples as they snogged.

My cock spasmed and pulsed inside her as i watched them.

I reluctantly slipped my softening cock free and watched him slowly fucking her arse.

He increased his speed and i saw her grimace and grit her teeth,she gripped the pillow as he fucked her with some force.

Seconds later he cried out and so did she as he came deep in her arse.

He kept pumping and pumping,she cried out again then gasped for air. He kissed her neck and they snogged as he slowed down and relaxed back,his cock still inside her.

I drifted off to sleep exhausted,over the next few hours i know there was more movement from alongside me and i heard her grunting and groaning several times.

He had to leave sharpish the next morning but said he will be back on Boxing day.

She immediately invited him to stay over again.

Whilst this is without doubt the best sex i have ever experienced i am becoming aware of her regular need for it. He has taken to telling us when he will be staying rather than waiting to be invited and i am at times feeling a little surplus to requirements.

He even suggested to us that James a mutual friend of all three of us would be very interested in joining us.

The thought of this made my cock harder than ever,especially as she didnt say yes or no to the suggestion and there is the fact that i know James has always fancied her.

He is famous for having many women,mainly all blondes like my wife and for having an enormous penis. He plays rugby for a local team and i have heard the banter regarding his todger at the bar after the post match showers. She also knows of his reputation and the rumours of his cock size but not that he has mentioned fancying her.

The sex is great but the consequences may not be so.

We will have to take things gradually.