Written by Joan

20 Jan 2015

“I don't think you can do justice to Duncan's magnificent cock on the back seat of your car, especially if it is his first time. Why don't you use my flat while I'm away?”

We were sitting around the breakfast table drinking tea. I was dressed as I had been while having a video sex session with Duncan, that is barely. My husband Tony and lover Mark were still naked from the waist down. They were recovering from a wanking session while watching Duncan and me masturbate for each other, across the internet. Toys are good, at times, but to my mind nothing beats a good hard cock or two and I was waiting patiently for these two cocks to recover enough to fuck me. Tony was deep in thought. Mark and I waited.

“Way I see it,” he eventually said, “This all started when I asked you to have sex with another man while I watched.”

My heart skipped a beat. Was he going to put and end to it? Had it all gone too far? He must have noticed the worry in my face.

“Since that wonderful Friday night,” he continued to my relief, “my sex life, quantity and quality, has improved a hundred fold and it was damn good before! Mark has proved to be the perfect lover for you and of similar persuasion to me in that he also loves watching you fuck and hearing of your exploits. He, you and I are a team. I unlocked your door, Mark pushed it open and you stepped though with open arms and mind, fully embracing our new world of unrestricted sex and debauchery. It's all based on absolute trust. We discuss everything, you tell me everything and we make a shared decision when required.”

“Maurice!” I shouted, “I just knew there was something wrong! Hold on a minute, please.” Tony and Mark looked at me as if I had gone mad. I probably had, for a second or two. I grabbed my 'phone from the counter top and frantically scrolled back through the txt messages.

I showed Tony the txt from Maurice 'tell your husband I want you for a whole night'. “So?” he said.

“Don't you see? I asked, “Maurice thinks I'm in charge! I do what I like and you don't matter. He also thinks he can push me around and make me do what he says. No way! The only man that tells me what to do is YOU! If he had said 'ask your husband if I can have you for a whole night' it would have been a completely different outcome for him. I'd have asked as soon as I got home. Sorry, you were saying?”

“I think you have just covered it in essence, honesty and trust. Mark is in tune. One might say it was his creativity and thoughtfulness that enabled us to get where we are today. I think we should be equally honest with Duncan ASAP. Bring him here to our bed.” he finished.

It was the correct decision, it was the only proper(?) decision. For a few moments there was a silence in the room. I suspect we were all thinking how we could include an eighteen year old virgin lad into our little circle. I certainly didn't want to frighten him away but I would not have him outside the marital bed! No way! Not now that Tony had said otherwise. Honesty and trust.

Bang on cue my 'phone beeped. A txt from Duncan 'thank u everything ok?' I showed Tony “Tell him all fine and you want to bring him here soon, use a comfy bed.” he responded. Typed and sent.

'U sure?' came straight back. I passed the 'phone to Tony.

Tony took over the txt'ing showing me each line before sending.

'absolutely. Husbands idea. Thinks it best place more comfortable than back of car'

'u told him??? wind up????'

'Def NOT wind up! I tell him everything! no secrets his idea, we both much enjoy. Told him I want your cock more than once. OK?'

'WOW! Shock delighted frightened? Every boys dream!'

'Understand shock, delighted with delighted and dreamy about boys dream but y frightened?'

'never made love to a woman before much less married and husband nose.' I took over for the reply.

'we fuck, have sex anyway and every way we want not make love. Only husband makes love to me.'

'sorry, no offence intended. When?' Tony took the 'phone back.

'None taken. anytime we are both not working OK? R u at work already? Can I ring? Like you to talk to husband and Mark so u r sure all is good'


'when you are filming mark would stand in for action shots '

'WOW Holy sh1t ....they are there?'

'they were in the kitchen while I was upstairs with you xxx'

'have to leave for work in half an hour WOW!! fucking fantastic – sorry :-('

The phone rang immediately.

“Hi, Duncan - You are on speaker phone so we can all talk with you. Thank you for a wonderful half hour upstairs. I hope we can do it for real soon.” I think that broke the ice and we all chatted for ten minutes. Tony asked about his camera and video work and Mark talked about his mountain-biking, with more knowledge that I realised he had. I got out Duncan's work schedule and we worked out the most suitable time for all. We decided that it would be better if Tony and Mark went out and we would play it by ear after that.

Trust and honesty! And I was going to get Adam's no sorry, Duncan's cock at last.

Duncan went off to work and Tony led me upstairs to the bedroom, Mark followed.

I was waiting outside the super-market when Duncan finished his shift. He looked excited and pleased. I got a great big kiss and he a handful of naked breast which was hiding in waiting for his hand just inside my open jacket.

“Wow!” he said when he came up for air. My jacket and dress were fully open, my naked body totally exposed. I parted my legs for him. “Every man's dream dream! A beautiful naked woman to please and enjoy. My very own delicious, glorious, wonderful greedy little.....” his voice tailed off to silence. I waited. Nothing.

“Cum slut?” I suggested. The poor boy blanched.

“That doesn't seem a very nice thing to say but on the internet ladies seem very pleased to be called a greedy cum slut.” he sounded apologetic.

I had to laugh but in a kind way. I understood where he was coming from, confused. “Let me put it this way,” I said moving his hand down to my very swollen pussy, “if Mrs. Brown across the street said 'look at her, she's nothing but a slut' I would be very upset. On the other hand if a guy holds me up against the wall behind the pub, bends me over a picnic table, spreads my legs on the back seat of a car or even takes me to bed and says 'OK you greedy little cum slut, do you want me to spunk in your mouth or your cunt?' or 'open your legs slut, I want to fuck you' I'd be delighted. It's simply a question of timing and intent. Does that make sense?”

“Perfect sense.” he replied slipping two nice fat fingers into my cunt. I could feel him pushing through the spunk that Mark and Tony had given me. “Full of spunk my greedy little slut,” he continued, “Mark or Tony's?”

“Both. They wanted to give you a welcum to the team present.”

“That's nice of them. Tell them I enjoyed opening it, open your mouth.”

I opened obediently and he offered me two spunk covered fingers. I licked and sucked enthusiastically. For the next five minutes he helped me clean my own pussy of spunk. I remained fully uncovered while we drove to our naughty place. He only stopped talking while he got his cock out on my instruction. He didn't stop stroking my clitty the whole way. It was much later and darker but I still parked in the usual corner. Two fingers were inside me before I had my seat belt undone. No resistance from me. I felt him trying for a third and lifted up to make it easier. I turned into him so that I could get at his cock and started to stroke. It was already firm but I wanted it hard like it had been online. He finger-fucked me to a beautiful greedy cum slut orgasm and I collapsed in his lap, his cock against my cheek.

I started to play straight away. I had been waiting to have his cock inside me for a long time and seeing it in its full majesty earlier made my need even greater. I sucked and stroked for England while he put his seat back and pushed his hips up to meet my hungry mouth. The noises he made were very gratifying so I sucked and stroked harder. I felt his hands on my head but they didn't stay. I removed his cock from my mouth, “No, put them back on my head! Make my head fuck your cock.” I told him. They were back but not very convincingly. I pushed up against them and made him hold me down. He soon got the hang of what I needed and forced my head down onto his cock as he thrust his hips up harder.

He didn't let up! I couldn't have his cock pounding my greedy cunt until Saturday afternoon and I needed to feel him taking me and filling me with his seed. A proper, filthy, demanding face fuck instead and that's what he gave me. Finally he emptied his big beautiful balls into my mouth. Heaven!

“Don't swallow!” he instructed loudly, only just in time. I kept what I could and he helped me to sit up. He held his hand to my chin. “Give me a little, I want to rub it into your tits. The rest I'm going to put into your greedy cunt with Tony's and Mark's.

That week Tony and I went to bed at nine each night and he sent me to Duncan two and a half hours later full of spunk and wearing only a pair of shoes and a long, warm coat. Duncan sent me back to Tony with his spunk all over my face, tits, cunt and hair. Duncan did produce a bucket full of hot young spunk!

Next time I get fucked! Yippee!

In case you are interested

Love Joan xxx