Written by Moosenme

13 Feb 2008

My wife Jane and I attended a new years eve party many years ago that had an unexpected, but most memorable accident-of sorts. The drinks and music flowed freely. Jane was dancing with me and other men and an occasional female. As the evening progressed, my wife had too much champagne and the erotic dancing was having its affect. She went to the ladies room and when she returned to the table, she handed me her black thong panties, which were soaked in pussy juice. I almost came at the table, growing an erection that prevented me from dancing. She was soon back up on the floor dancing with a mixed race couple, a huge black guy and his beautiful blond girlfriend. They had Jane in a virtual sandwich and I could see his black hand under Jane\'s skirt and her eyes getting that glazed over look, of which I know the meaning.

After the party had wound down we invited them back to the room and they quickly accepted. After a round of more good red wine, Jane and the blond started snogging and playing with each other breasts and asses. Before long everyone was necked and Jane was sucking on his big black member while his wife was eating jane\'s pussy. With his wife on all fours sucking on Jane\'s pussy, I moved behind her and inserted my cock in her very wet pussy. She groaned but kept contact with Jane\'s pussy. I didn\'t last long and shot my load up the beautiful blond haired pussy. Jane was noisily sucking on a big black dick and yet she had never even kissed a black man before. She turned to me and the wife and said \"I have to fuck him\" and proceeded to climb aboard his engorged black cock. It was a tight fit, but her cunt was soaking and it slid right in. It completely blew my mind. It was incredibly sexy and erotic to watch it unfold. After he dumped his load into Jane\'s pussy, his wife ate it out and then shared it with Jane. I came again by hand. It was liteo hot for words. After they left we screwed with more intensity than ever before in 20 years of marriage. Thanks to champagne, we had the time of our lives, all by accident.