Written by tjkent

17 Dec 2009

Wana meet up? we text Steve, sure where? came the rapid reply. He always seemed to be horny I guess like most men.

We had the ideal situation for all of us, he got no sex at home and we wanted an extra hand to spice our sex life. Thought we might meet in the park, what do you think? MMMMMMMMMMMMM nice. We made our arrangements to meet outside the main gate.

When we got there he was waiting a sly grin of excitement on his face, we had met with him several times, so everybody knew exactly what they were going to get. Jane giggled excited “look at him dirty sod” she said. You want me to tell you what to do with him? She nodded smiling back at me. I led Jane by the hand into the park and Steve followed. we found a picnic bench in a secluded spot. Sit I ordered Jane and she sat on one side looking at me, “get his cock out and get it hard“. Steve moved close to her, she put her hand on his fly and rubbed him through his jeans before undoing his fly. She undid his belt and button and his jeans fell open to reveal his semi erect cock pushing at his pants. rubbing him in his pants his eyes closed and his head went back. I watched the pleasure on his face as she pulled him from his pants, stroking and squeezing his ever growing member. He gasped and put his hand on her shoulder as she took him in her mouth, slowly closing her lips around his shaft, she began to suck and he began to moan. Within minutes his cock was fully erect a good seven inches and thick with it, stretching within its own skin it pulsed as she ran her tongue up and down first licking it’s bulbous tip and then running down to his balls full and taught.

My balls ached as I watched her mouth working on him his face calm as the waves of pleasure washed over it. I opened my jeans and took my cock out putting it in her face, she swapped and I caught my breath as she took me in her mouth. She was in her element the total attention of two men, Steve began groping her breasts slipping his hand in her top, I made her stand up and told Steve to suck her nipples she undone her bra and lifted it. Her nipples were erect and Steve was sucking her left breast I watched him tease Jane before joining in on her right.

I put my hand up her very short skirt, groping her arse before slipping her knickers to one side and putting my hand on her hot moist pussy. Jane was getting very turned on now she began to moan and I knew all her inhibitions were gone she would do anything I told her, I knew exactly what that was going to be.

“Have a feel of this Steve” I moved his hand up Janes skirt, “your enjoying yourself aren’t you” he whispered in her ear mmmm she nodded turning to look at me. I knew the look on her face “you want some cock“? I asked, “please” she nodded. I turned her and bent her over the bench her skirt rode up, I pulled it higher pulling her panties down at the same time she slipped her foot out of them spreading her legs wider. Steve watched intently his cock twitched as he stood behind her. She was leaning over the table now her bare soft white arse showing just a little hair of her pussy where she was bent over.

Putting my hands on her bum I spread her cheeks exposing her pussy, Steve moved in behind her I didn’t have to say a word he knew what I wanted him to do. Jane moved her body slightly as his stiff cock touched her pussy. I watched as he pushed the head of his thick cock into her she gasped and pushed back onto him, “oh fuck” he said stopping for a moment to compose himself. He gripped her hips tightly as he pushed forward gently, before easing back, each time he pushed forward Janes pussy would stretch over a little more of his swollen cock. They both gasped and moaned with pleasure as their bodies slowly became one, Jane with her head down her eyes closed a mixture of pleasure and pain on her faced as she struggled to accommodate Steve’s swollen cock. Steve becoming more urgent in his task as Jane’s body began to surrender to his. I watched intently as he pushed deeper and deeper into her before I whispered in her ear “is that good baby” she gave out a groan of approval lifting her head as I kissed her neck.

Steve paused for a moment as her achieved full penetration of her body she quivered his cock deep inside her with his balls touching her arse. He withdrew groaning as he did so, he removed half of his now rock hard cock before plunging it back into Jane she squealed and pushed back on him as he began to pump her. Her breasts hung below her swinging gently as his body made contact with hers at each stroke, he was now pumping her firmly, rhythmically they moved together adjusting there positions to maximise their pleasure. Jane’s body began to tense as she moved toward her first orgasm she arched her back as Steve’s hands gripped her hips pushing her down onto the table. She came quickly Steve raising himself to push onto her g spot as he gave her fast short strokes. “Fucking hell” she gasped with a demanding voice as she reached her climax.

Her body relaxed and she slumped forward her head in her hands, Steve’s strokes eased, giving her long slow strokes, I could see his shaft was covered on Janes cum. She moaned loudly and contently as he continued back and forth filling her, holding for a moment and withdrawing. His hands moving over her body gently caressing her breasts one hand moving down to her now swollen clit. She began to come back to life as he stimulated her body, all the time his cock gently pushing in and out slowly gaining momentum. Her head lifted again “fuck that’s good” she said starting to push back on him, now it was his turn I could see by his face that he was starting to loose control and he would soon be at the point of no return. He leant over her his legs stiffening slightly he began to grunt his arms now wrapped around her middle pulling her body close to his. Jane again shifted her position pushing back on his cock as it became stiffer inside her she began to build to her second climax as Steve fucked her firmly.

She had her pleasure now he was going to take his he moved her body with each stroke, pumping her his grip tightening with each stroke. I watched him fuck my wife his balls slapping against her soft white buttocks she was howling with pleasure as he took what he wanted his instinct taking him over. His body tensed as he pushed in for the last time he pushed deep inside her easing back and forth as he pumped jet after jet of hot cream deep inside her she climaxed adding to the warmth deep inside her. I watched them, bodies locked together and he filled her, he seemed to be cuming and cuming his body jerking as each jet left him. Jane had a look of intense pleasure on her face as she enjoyed what he was giving her.

Steve relaxed and eased back his semi hard cock easing out of Jane’s pussy covered in a mixture of both their cum, Jane flopped onto the bench Steve’s cum dripping from her pussy. Now it was my turn I was so horny watching them, I laid over slipping my rock hard cock deep inside squeezing Steve’s cum out of her, her pussy was so wet and warm as I pumped her she groaned loudly, as I added my cum to their mixture inside her pussy kissing her neck as I did so.