Written by Alan and Trish

2 Nov 2011

After the first day of Trish and I having sex in the open with other people, that night we took stock of what we had actually done. We were both in agreement it had been a full filling experience and that we both wanted to do it again. Trish wanted to know if I was comfortable with other men touching her and fucking her. I told her it was strange at first but it a sexual thing not involving love (hopefully) and I loved her and had a great respect for her. I told her as long as we both agreed on how far we should go and if one wanted to stop then we both stopped. The next morning Trish was up early, she gave her pussy another shave. We went for breakfast and returned to our room and got our beach things and a supply of condoms. As I was packing, Trish stripped off and put a beach dress on which just reached the bottom of her bum. We then made our way back to our spot in the dunes. It was a fine sunny day. Whenever Trish got in front of me she flicked her dress up exposing her bare bum. I had never seen her like this before, even her nipples were erect and she had a glow about her. As we got close to the spot, Trish ran a short away ahead of me, stopped and let her dress fall to the ground. She then carried on ahead of naked. I got to her dress, stripped off and started after Trish.

At the clearing we laid out our towels and Trish stood there spraying oil all over body. She then started to rub it all over body, especially around her boobs and pussy. This attracted one bloke walking by, who positioned himself about eight feet from us. He lay on his stomach on his towel and watched Trish. Trish saw she had an admirer and turned her back to him and bent over to rub oil around her ankles. She also partly spread her legs. This gave the bloke a good view of her arse hole and pussy. He then stripped off. He stood there naked and then put sun tan cream on himself. He made sure Trish was watching as he rubbed it around his prick. He was about our age, with a deep all over tan. His prick was flaccid and about six inches long and quite thick. As he played with himself it became erect. Trish and I lay down on our towels. Trish was on her back with her legs apart exposing her lightly tanned shaven pussy. After about half an hour she sat up and told me that our neighbour was on his back, his prick was still erect and sticking straight up in the air like a flagpole. She commented that he was quite good looking and his prick looked majestic just sticking up in the air for all to see. She also mentioned that another naked bloke was lying in the sun to our left about ten feet away but his prick was about four inches long and not erect. Trish got in between my legs, took hold of my semi erect prick and gently wanked me to a full erection. She then went down on me, licking the whole length of my prick and then taking me into her mouth giving me a mouth fuck. I partly raised my self up and saw the second bloke was now watching us and wanking his prick. The first bloke was now standing and also watching us. I beckoned him over. As he got beside us he got to his knees. Trish released my prick from her mouth and raised her head and said hi to the bloke. He nodded to her and then looked at me and asked if it was alright to touch the lady. I told him to go ahead.

He took hold of Trish’s right tit and gently massaged it, especially the nipple. This got Trish going and her nipples started to swell with excitement. Trish let go me and shuffled around to face the bloke and went straight to his erect penis. She placed her hands on his thighs and started to go up and down on his large member. I then started to finger her moist pussy. Trish was squirming with delight. She then pushed the bloke onto his back and gave him a long kiss on the lips. She reached out for our beach bag and fumbled about, pulling out a couple of condoms. She bit the package of one open, extracted the condom and rolled it over the blokes prick. She then raised her self up and straddled him. She then lowered her self on to his upright prick. It was a beautiful sight seeing her going up and down on his prick. He was holding her tits as she fucked him. I moved and stood behind her. She then came with a shout. I eased her forward while she was still impaled on his prick and eased my prick into her arse. I have fucked her arse before but she was not keen on it. This time she did not stop me from entering her. AS I fucked her arse the bloke was ramming his prick up her cunt. Trish came again as we both fucked her. I then noticed the second bloke had come over to us and was standing close to Trish’s head. I came up her arse and pulled out. She raised her head up and took the second blokes prick and wanked him a couple of time before she lent over and put his prick into her mouth giving him a blow job. The bloke fucking her tensed as he came, as he came Trish came again. The bloke she was sucking told her he was coming. She kept her mouth over his prick as he cam. She swallowed all his come. He thanked u, gathered his things and walked off. Trish got off the first bloke and as she stood there I could see my come trickling out of her arse hole. She grabbed a tissue and wiped her bum. She then lay on the sand next to the bloke. We exchanged names and Mark brought his towel over to ours and stayed with us for the rest of the afternoon. He did fuck Trish three more times. The second time he fucked her doggy style as she sucked me, we had an audience of five blokes who all wanked as they watched Trish being fucked. Three did shoot their spunk over her back. I fucked her as she sucked Mark, whose prick remained stiff all afternoon. His last fuck lasted about fifteen minutes, bringing Trish off twice.

Late that afternoon we parted from Mark and went back to our hotel. We told him we would be back for our last day and we hoped to see him again. As we walked back Trish did comment that her pussy was a bit sore due to the size of Mark’s prick, but it was worth it. I will continue with our last and final day later.