Written by Frank & Helen

12 May 2018

My wife, Helen, and I are swingers, it started during a hot (in more ways than one) holiday in Gran Canaria a few years ago and, more recently, we have played regularly with Geoff and Louise, who we have been friends with for years, without realising they were swingers. Then again, we didn’t realise we enjoyed the lifestyle until the unexpected events happened on holiday. More recently, we went to a greedy girl’s night at a swingers club, and our ladies were well fucked by a group of single men, which it was clear they both enjoyed.

After the evening at the club, Louise said she liked the multiple men scenario and wanted to go to the club regularly, which Helen said she was not so keen on. She had enjoyed a night of passion with a group of young men during one of our holidays a year or so back, but what she really enjoyed was 2 on 2, so she could see I was fully engaged and she could relax more. The result was our swinging with Geoff and Louise became less regular.

We started chatting to a couple on another site, who we thought we might get on with. They are an age gap couple, their ad said Rob is 58, slightly older than us and on his 2nd marriage, while Laura is just 30 years of age. Their ad said they were both straight, although, during the course of our private messaging, Rob said they both had some experience of playing bi, but he assured us that they were both happy to play straight with other straight couples. When Helen and I were talking about them, Helen asked me whether I would freak if a guy wanted to stick his fingers in my bum, which I said I might, and Helen commented that I seemed to be getting an erection while we were talking about it. We talked some more, and it became clear that Helen was quite relaxed if I wanted to play with another guy, even to the point where she seemed to be encouraging it.

Rob and Laura live in the South of England, so we decided to book a weekend break in the New Forest, and include a social meet with them. It was out of the main holiday season, so we managed to find a local B& B which was not too expensive. We already knew from seeing their photos that we both found them physically attractive, but swinging with another couple is a bit more than that. We travelled up there on the Friday evening, having arranged to meet them at a pub for lunch on the Saturday. Our initial introduction to swinging had not been pre-arranged, it sort of happened while we were on holiday, and having sex with other people became part of the norm for us. Arranging to meet a couple of strangers so we could size each other up, knowing that, if all went well, we might hop into bed with them later was another new experience for us.

To cut a long story short, we got on with them. The discussion in the pub was a bit stilted, but Rob suggested a walk in a country park nearby afterwards would help us to talk more. Helen had paired up with Rob and they were walking 10 yards or so ahead of Laura and me. After a while, Laura said she enjoyed playing with other bi couples as she found watching Rob with another guy was a big turn-on for her, which stimulated her play with the other lady. I was beginning to think that they wanted to play bi straight away, while I had assumed I would be introduced to it slowly, so I was feeling a little apprehensive.

When we got back to the cars, Rob suggested we follow them back to their place in our car, which gave me the opportunity to sound out Helen about what she wanted. Helen was a bit non-committal to start with, but eventually she admitted the thought of seeing me with another man turned her on. It looked as though I would have to go with the flow and see what happened.

When we got to their place, I thought we would have a drink and continue chatting but everybody else wanted to go upstairs, so we were soon in their bedroom, me kissing and cuddling Laura and Rob doing the same with Helen. All of a sudden Laura said let’s stop messing around and get naked, so we all stripped off before getting back on the bed. Laura’s body was very different to Helen’s, slim with small boobs, but it was fun watching my wife on her back beside us with Rob feasting on her ample tits. After a while, he slid down between Helen’s legs to start licking her clit, which she was clearly enjoying as she sighed deeply.

Laura had managed to get me on my back so she could suck my cock, but it meant I could reach across to stroke Helen’s ample tits. My inhibitions seemed to have disappeared as I was certainly very stiff with Laura slurping away at my erection. Laura asked if I would lick her pussy, which I assumed would mean us changing positions, but she climbed astride my chest so she could thrust her very open pussy into my face. I couldn’t get my hands up to maul her tiny boobs, but I certainly enjoyed having her pussy juices flowing gently into my mouth, and pushing my tongue around her labia seemed to be doing it for her.

All of a sudden, I felt a hand wanking my cock, and it had to be Rob as I could see all of the ladies’ hands. Helen was moaning softly beside me, so Rob had to be licking her still and had started giving my cock some attention. Apart from being able to turn my head slightly to watch Helen enjoying herself, my view was obstructed by Laura sitting astride my chest, and my concentration was on ensuring her pleasure, but I sensed Rob moving slightly and his tongue licking my knob-end. He seemed to have transferred his oral attention to my cock, but I assumed he was still giving Helen a good fingering judging by her panting and moaning.

This must have been a pre-arranged plan by Rob and Laura, because Laura climbed off my chest and began kissing Helen passionately on the lips. Occasionally, both Laura and Helen looked down to watch Rob slurping on my cock, both smiling so I assumed they approved. Rob was quite expert in not allowing me to become too excited, squeezing the end of my cock from time to time to cool my arousal. After a while, Helen asked if Rob was going to fuck me, with a note of anticipation in her voice. Rob suggested he should volunteer first as my virgin arse would need lots of gentle preparation.

Laura got a large bottle of lube and a condom out of the bedside drawer and, handing the condom to Helen, got behind her husband to start smearing the lube around his sphincter. The excited look on Helen’s face as she tore open the condom wrapper and kissed my cock, before sliding it over my erection showed she was certainly looking forward to what was about to happen. Rob then climbed astride my hips, with Laura kneeling behind him to line my cock up on his anal sphincter.

Rob was clearly used to being penetrated as he simply slid onto my very stiff cock, with barely a second thought. Laura had climbed back on the bed on top of Helen and they were rubbing their pussies together, both very excited at watching Rob and me. Rob reached down to pinch my nipples, which felt like an electric shock passing between them, and I decided I should stimulate him a bit. I could see his cock bouncing up and down against my belly, so I reached down and started to wank him. I wanted to suck his cock, but I am not that flexible nowadays, so he had to be content with my hand, but it seemed to be doing it for him as he softly encouraged me.

Helen bent over to take Rob’s cock in her mouth, which I found very arousing, and then I noticed Helen gasp out loud as Laura thrust her face into Helen’s pussy from behind. I’m not sure whether Laura’s tongue was in Helen’s pussy or her arse, but Helen had to stop sucking Rob as a massive orgasm hit her, so I took over wanking Rob. His cock started to swell even more, and I knew he was about to cum, I assumed on my chest, but I wasn’t quite prepared for the first few spurts reaching my face, before the last few splattered my chest. Helen said afterwards she found this so erotic, she just had to lick Rob’s sperm from my chest, working her way up to my face to kiss me too. Oh, I forgot to mention, that I climaxed too just before Rob had sprayed me with his sperm.

The ladies got up to go to the bathroom to clean up, and we heard them talking to each other, so they were obviously in the shower together. Rob and I had been left to clean up with a box of tissues in the bedroom. I noticed that Rob’s cock was still largely erect, courteous of a little blue pill which he said he had taken just after we left the pub. He asked if I was ready for him to penetrate me, and I didn’t have the heart to say no. He spent some time putting lube around my anus and opening me up with several fingers, and I was starting to feel a little apprehensive, especially as his cock seemed to be a bit fatter than mine.

The ladies came back from the bathroom just as Rob was about to line his cock up on my arse. He was standing next to the bed, with my feet over his shoulders and was nudging his knob-end against my arse. I noticed an excited look on both Helen and Laura’s faces, they had clearly been looking forward to this part of the evening. Helen knelt on the bed beside me and began kissing me on the lips, which I think was intended to distract me from Rob’s efforts to get inside my arse, but it wasn’t until Helen gasped as Laura started stroking her pussy from behind that I realised we were all involved.

I was trying to continue kissing Helen while Laura was licking her from behind, when I realised Rob was inside me and the discomfort of him breaching my virgin arse had disappeared. The ladies had moved into a 69 and were enthusiastically exploring each other, which I found quite erotic, so Rob took advantage of my relaxed state to start fucking me, gradually increasing the depth of his penetration. I have to admit I have wondered why women say that the orgasm from anal sex is special, but now I was finding out. I noticed that Rob’s nipples were standing out, so I grabbed them with my fingers roughly and he gasped. Rob slipped out of my arse and asked me to turn over onto my knees, so he could get greater penetration and, in a moment of madness, I asked him to lose the condom. There had been no mention of the need for them while we had been playing with each other’s wives, and I wanted to feel him cum inside me, if he could manage it again.

He had me spread my arse cheeks as he approached me from behind, and he simply slid inside me again, with little resistance, and it felt good. Helen’s head was alongside mine as she lay astride Laura, and she watched my face as Rob began fucking my arse. The look of excitement on her face was amazing, she was clearly very turned on, although I was a little surprised when my wife climbed off Laura and lay in front of me with her legs wide open, demanding that I lick her pussy. It was a little difficult to keep licking Helen’s pussy as Rob steadily thrust his cock into my arse, but she didn’t seem to mind as she propped herself up on her elbows, so she could watch Rob fucking me. Not to be left out, Laura crouched next to Helen and began alternately kissing her on the lips and sucking her nipples.

This seemed to go on for ages, and I think we were all enjoying it, Helen particularly as she orgasmed noisily but, eventually, Rob announced that he was going to cum. Fair play to him, he obviously thought he should warn me, but I had already decided I wanted it up my bum, and he gratefully grabbed hold of my shoulders as he ejaculated inside me with a roar. As we calmed down, I realised I had also cum with no physical contact with my cock from anyone.

After we had all calmed down, Rob invited Helen to share the shower with him, Laura and I had to wait for them to finish, so we occupied our time with some gentle exploration of each other’s bodies. Our shower together was also fun, but I don’t think either of us could have managed another orgasm.

When we re-joined Rob and Helen in the bedroom, Rob said they were due to attend a barbecue at a friend’s house on the Sunday afternoon, and asked if we wanted him to obtain an invitation for us to attend too. He didn’t say what type of party it was going to be but we said it would be a nice way to round off our weekend away and, when we overheard Rob talking on the phone to their friends we heard him say that we are both bi, like them, so we would be great fun to have at the party.

The tale of our experience at the party will be the subject of our next tale.