Written by Long-wheelbase

24 Aug 2017

Now S was no stranger to younger men,at 34 I was six years her junior and shortly before I met her she had been seeing a 21 year ,who was a friend of her daughters boyfriend, and at 40 she definantly "still had it" and by all accounts got it!

Six years on she still had something about her ,not just a sexy body, but it was the way she moved as, from the furtive glances she got from the guys around the pool, she still had it.

Two days after arriving at our Turkish hotel we succumbed to the inevitable Turkish bath. On the way down to spa area I asked what you should wear and S casually said nothing. Now either being a bit naive or just trusting, I now found myself sitting naked with her still wearing a bikini, whilst rinsing ourselves down with little hand bowls of water, feeling very self conscious. Fortunately there was no one else in the spa area.

Mohammed wandered over, last twenties dark skinned and very fit in a pair of mid Blue shorts and White sleeveless top, just a little too small and snug, especially the shorts which seemed to show off a very neat "package", whilst my own seemed to have withered presumably due to the sudden exposure to daylight ,as it definantly wasn't the cold!. Looking at S, he said "lady first", and I could only watch as he took her hand and helped her to stand .He again held her hand and helped to lay face down on the slab of marble.

I watched on ,whilst Mohammed used what appeared to be pillow case to work up and cover S in a foam of soap bubbles, whilst his other hand rubbed and ran over her back and legs.,moving up her back and her sides.I felt blood moving South and my cock stirring, as he rubbed up the inside of S's legs under the bubbles. Her face seemed slightly flushed and she bit her lip slightly, as her head turned my way. He stopped and said something I couldn't make out. S rolled onto her side then onto her back, her eyes closed as he repeated the foaming and rubbing. Again S bit her lip ,her eyes closed as he seemed to take his took time, whilst his hand worked under the foam doing whatever it was, he was doing. He glanced my way, and winked ,cocky young git knew exactly what he was doing, and I saw him glance down at my now hardening cock, and just smiled before turning back. The bubble making pillow case now gone ,Mohammed's left hand was massaging S's right breast under her bikini top ,and was now obviously squeezing and pinching her nipple, His right hand had worked its way into her bikini bottoms and was plainly and blatantly rubbing her cunt His pace quickened, before I saw S arch her back ,her legs clamp to together and she let out a breathy sigh .Slowly she opened her eyes and looked my way, before mouthing "Sorry". She glanced down and saw my cock ,hard and pointing upwards. She smiled.

She swing her legs around and sat on the edge of the marble plinth, before placing her hand on the bulge in Mohammed's shorts, and gently squeezed .Mohammed glanced behind again looking at me ,I nodded, which is all the encouragement he needed before pushing his shorts down and releasing a hard dark skinned 7" cock, .S grasped it and gently moved the foreskin backwards and forwards with her hand, then ducked her head down and took him in her mouth. I knew from personal experience this was good. She bobbed her head up her down his shaft, whilst her other hand held his buttocks from behind squeezing and kneading the muscley flesh. This was too much I walked across to the two of them and stood on Mohammed's left . S slid her mouth up his shaft and I watched as it wavered in the air ,then she slid her mouth around the end of my cock, and down, until I could feel it touching the back of her throat ,all the time her left hand sliding up and down Mohammed's shaft, her hand quickened, and I became aware of Mohammed's breathing getting quicker. S pulled back off me, before sliding her mouth down his shaft ,apparently just in time, as he panted he was coming. S worked her backwards and forward before letting go and straitening up. His cum dribbling from her lips, she looked at us ,mouth open ,with cum on her tongue, then swallowed, opening her mouth again to show it gone. Her right hand grasped my cock, and gently pumped me ,too much ,I ejaculated into her face, my first spurt hit left eye, temporarily blinding her, she pushed me away ,the next spurt landing in her cleavage were it ran down between her damp glistening breasts, she lent forward taking me into her mouth as the next two little spurts ,dribbled into her mouth, which she casually swallowed.

S stood up and walked to the shower which she stood under, head back ,breasts pushing out against her bikini top. I turned to Mohammed "thanks" I said "we all enjoyed that". I walked back to the changing room, forgetting my massage, slipped on my shorts and joining S who was sat brushing out her hair. "You enjoyed that?" she said ."What happens away stays away" she added. Followed by "Best get up to our room, I need properly fucking now".......