Written by VSL

1 Jun 2016

This is a quick recap of events from last weekend for our archives. The hot summer weather has got my girlfriend Laura super horny. She is always in her sexy shorts or skirts around the house and I am always snapping pics of her . Was out with my friends Adam and Sam last Friday night and they got an eye full when they were flicking through my phone. I didnt mind it at all,they clearly liked it a lot! What they saw were some pics of her in the garden in a bikini top and a skirt, some nice views of her legs and tits.

I came home and mentioned it to Laura and she was very pleased and was eager to know what they said.Her mind started to work out a plan and suggested that I snapchat more pics to them , and I did.She was very excited reading the replied! She then suggested they come over to see her for real. So I called them over for a few beers the next day.

Laura was in a flimsy white skirt that showed her red thongs under it and a red bikini top with a black low cut top over it. As the evening went on we were all tipsy and she was very close with the guys, holding there arms rubbing the legs causally. She kept flashing her tits and thong when ever she could and the guys were clearly getting hard under the shorts.

The sun was scorching! She asked Adam to put on some sun cream on her back and she did the same for him. They were getting very close with each other. A while later we were all pretty tipsy and they guys were complimenting Laura on her lovely legs and body. She was really enjoying the three guys giving her full attention.

A while later she went for a shower and came back down in a fresh shorter skirt and top that showed even more cleavage. The guys were almost at a constant state of erection at this stage. She then sat on my lap and gave me a kiss and I was giving her a nice grope for the guys to see.The alcohol helped and the guys were nudging us on and cheering.She gave my crotch a squeeze ans went inside. I joined her in the living room and she said to text the guys to come in too and I did.

A few mins later she was on the couch with my cock in her mouth and Adam and Sam were frozen at the door wondering what was going on. She played the room well, ignoring them for about 2-3 mins then pulling off her top she said well guys why dont you join us. I waved them in to confirm. Adam and Sam pulled down there pants and Laura sucked all 3 of us while rubbing her self. She then got on all fours and I pulled down her skirt and fucked her from the back while she was sucking off the guys... we all then took turns fucking her over and over again.

Lucky me!