Written by Jean

3 Mar 2011

Hello Again.

Firstly I must apologise for my last effort (A man shower) on here It was caused by me pressing send instead of save to read through before I sent it in. That was a big D’ho on my account. Now the sorry’s out of the way on to my story which happened during the summer, which I hope you “horny” lot might enjoy.

I have a very good friend called Jenny who has gone through a sex change op and her lover Mitch. I was round there one evening having a glass or two of “sherry and a cucumber sandwich” and a good girly chat and laugh the conversation some how got round to sexual fantasies I told her the story of my man shower and Jenny reviled she always fancied a threesome with me and her lover Mitch I was a bit shocked by this and I must admit a little bit turned on as well by the thought . I said ok why don’t we do it as it sounded like kinky fun .

Jen came over and sat over next to me and started to run her hand up my leg under my skirt to my stocking top and lent over to kiss me Mitch came and knelt before the two of us watching us kiss I could see a large bulge rearing up in the front of his trousers, I kicked off my shoe and stared to rub it with my foot Jen was getting to grips undoing my top to unleash my breasts, Mitch suggested that we might be a little bit more comfortable in the bedroom. We made our way there clothes being shed on the way and fell on the bed laughing hands going everywhere I started wanking off Mitch, Jen took one of his balls in her mouth his fingers were finding there way in to each of our pussies I was kissing him deeply Jen got on all fours and wiggled her bum at us, I ran my tongue around her arsehole and started to stretch it with my fingers getting ready of Mitch’s cock I grabbed it and offered it to her “A” hole spitting on his cockend and her entrance to lubricate them, Mitch slowly pushed it home I stared playing with her new pussy it felt funny to think she had had a cock here a few months before. Mitch was really starting to pound it home I was playing with his balls gently pulling on each one which spurned him on to pump harder in to Jen’s arse I pulled Mitch’s cock out and sank my mouth down on it Jen was playing with my tits and started fingering my puss. My head was swooning with all this attention I felt Mitch’s cock get a little harder and his breathing was getting shorter I knew he was about to cum I worked giving head even faster Jen stopped playing with me and was giving encouragement saying “go on fuck that dirty sluts mouth cum in her “ I grabbed his balls and squeezed them tight this was to much for Mitch he gave a short grunt and I felt his hot seed erupt into my mouth he came loads there to much for my mouth and some escaped Jen came over and kissed me deeply and we snowballed each other. This pushed me over the edge and I had my “O” which was a large one and fell back. I stayed the night and we fucked and sucked all night at one point I was sitting on Jen while she was wearing her strap-on and fucking my puss while Mitch was behind me doing my arse and then Jen licked Mitch’s cum that was dribbling from my hole. Needless to say not much sleep was had by anyone that night . I was driven home to my husband RB in the morn still smelling and tasting cum and Jen told him what we had done when he asked what we had got up to he was a little bit put out as he had not been invited we have told him he will be guest of honour next time (wink, wink.). I will write and tell all if and when it happens.

Hope this makes up for my last dismal effort.

Many thanks

Jean xx