Written by Arlington_49

29 Apr 2015

Some friends view me as cuckold persona. I’m negative to the ‘cuckold’ description…I find more appropriate voyeur to my wife and other friend’s wives with whom we come to engage regularly. My statement hints at ‘two points of view’ when it came to a social event Greg, I and our wives attended a few weeks ago.

The party was held at Gary’s and Elaine’s residence/business address in Luton. They’re in Judi’s RE business sector, heavy into commercial property rebuilds. Most of us were first-time meets, except for my wife who has a tight familiarity…professional and personal…with several of the party attendees. Everyone was pre-screened…all members of their local social and swing groups. Greg and I sat at one of the host tables, where several other husbands congregated. It came to be an interesting hear session.

One of the gentlemen pointed over to where several ladies had gathered to sip their drinks and casual talk. Ben shared…”If you want to fuck a hot one tonight, that’s her right there…the one wearing the dark purple suit and in her black platform pumps.” The “hot one to fuck” was my wife!! Greg looked at me for reaction…I never flinched. We simply listened to the talk. Obviously, Ben and his table cohorts didn’t us…didn’t know Judi is my wife.

Ben was asked for details. He identified her by name, Judi, saying she’s married to a London Counselor. He went on to ‘describe’ me as a player who seeks his own tryst meets while his wife gets fucked by friends and business colleagues. I was curious with where this was all headed. Ben described a party several weeks earlier. I knew his date reference… Judi was in travel several days with a real estate development group on NE Coast. Seems Judi played her part…!

Ben shared that he and a colleague took Judi to a private work-out room to have their own “work-out.” He explained Judi was into her tease and need, seductively toying with several men during the evening. The men were eager to address Judi’s needs!! Ben said he and his colleague undressed her down to thigh hose and 5” or 6” stiletto heels. Colleague Martin, chose to keep Judi’s halter on her…suggesting the bra would hold and support my wife’s tits for their attentions.

Appeared Judi was quite the willing lady. Ben said that he used Judi’s high heel pumps as ‘handle bars’ to secure and spread her legs. The gentlemen gently restrained her wrists to a workout bench, using the platform as a bed…a hard one at that! Ben grasped Judi’s heels and opened her legs. Martin added that Judi may have reacted to her inglorious stance. However in spite of her toned fitness, she couldn’t overcome Ben’s handling. Judi then relaxed taking more a submissive, accepting demeanor.

Ben added…”I told Martin to look at her pussy…what a cunt to play…she’s already wet and we haven’t yet fucked her…!” The lads at our table laughed…so did Greg and I though with less enthusiasm. Ben told Martin to missionary position while he held her legs apart by her heels. That became the position of preference. As whoever grasped Judi’s shoes to keep her legs separated, each fellow moved between her thighs and pleasured her and themselves!

Each time a new player joined, Ben would “admire” my wife’s cunt for the fellow to play. One of the guests asked…”How many did she have that night…?” as if to suggest it was Judi’s choice to engage whatever number of men she wished. Ben laughed…said, “The lady hosted at least 4 of my friends. She may have continued into the night…we left her in the room with a property exec who wished some privacy…” Greg knew I was getting incensed, BUT continued to play the ‘voyeur’…or should I say ‘cuckold.’

Ben added…“She’s missing something at home. Either her husband isn’t doing it for her, or she needs more than what her husband can offer…” Greg intervened… “I know a little about her and her husband. Her husband is good people, but active himself. Likely his wife needs more, and she knows how to get it.” The men mumbled comments and laughed…fascinated by Judi and her husbands’ family affairs! Greg went on…”The woman is well known to many of us. She’s good in her business…you can tell why. She fucks her way to success.” Everyone laughed… One gent remarked…”This is a social event. Why don’t we socialize her tonight…!” Several men suggested caution, knowing her hubby was in our midst somewhere… Greg again commented…”I wouldn’t be overly concerned, he’d probably enjoy watching her performance.” Larry replied…”Then you know who her husband is…!” Greg replied, “I saw him having a drink with one of your wives earlier…” Everyone laughed. A game-plan was in motion. Several of the men began to assess how they would ‘run into’ Judi at a convenient time…offer her a fresh drink and move to another part of Gary’s home…for privacy and intimacy with Judi.

However anyone interprets my two points of view, I wasn’t going to abandon my wife to another seeming rough group bang! I was concerned our table was prepared to extract Judi for everything sexual they could that night. My wife would NOT have fared well in spite of her habits. Greg concurred, and within the hour I maneuvered my wife out of the party.

Oddly, she didn’t object! She was into her wine, but sensed I didn’t like something about the evening’s progress. We returned to our guest house…had our own party…and returned to London next morning. Greg and I met for breakfast the following day. He said that when the table group couldn’t find Judi, they moved on without concern or inhibition. They chose another wife…someone unknown to Greg. Greg followed the activity even joining the ‘team fuck.’ Greg said he had no clue who she was…but in her early 40’s and quite the attractive gal…6 to 8 lads had their way with her. Greg never inquired of her name…;);) So much for anonymity…;);)