Written by tonybicurious

23 Sep 2009

I had an experience recently in London that both surprised me and gave me an instance of unexpected pleasure. This account is 100% true.

I am a straight, normal 50 yo guy with just some curious feelings of MMF fun in the right circumstances.

I recently contacted a couple with a bi male called Don and his partner Gale, who was a very attractive and sexy, classy looking lady with a gorgeous slender body. They were looking for regular threesome fun and we started to arrange an initial meeting to introduce ourselves. As the day approached Don contacted me and explained that Gale was unavailable but we could meet up for a quick drink to see if things could go further in the future.

I agreed and Don came to my hotel where we met in the lounge and enjoyed a couple of glasses of wine while we both offered our ideas and thoughts and details of previous, mainly successful, swinging experiences.

Don was very open about his feelings and from time to time told me that he liked what he saw and was getting turned on at the thought of my joining him and Gale in a sexy threesome. He was a bit touchy and mentioned that his cock was getting really hard just thinking of what would happen. My feelings were also stirred mainly by the thought of fucking his gorgeous partner while Don watched and wanked his cock and I guess also wondering if it would lead to something more sexual with Don.

After about an hour Don had to go and we finished our drinks and walked towards the lift. At this point he mentioned that he would like the chance to take a closer look and would like to join me in my room just for a few minutes.

I had no problem with this and everything was quite relaxed. Once in the room Don asked if he could take a look at my cock and I said sure, and while I was not sexually attracted to Don, my cock was rock hard and ready for some action.

I droppped my trousers and stood next to the bed with my cock sticking out hard and throbbing. Don reached out and gently touched my cock and took it into his hand and began to slowly wank me while at the same time rubbing his own cock which was bulging in his pants.

He asked if he could suck me and I sat on the bed and laid back and let him continue to wank and suck my cock.

Don now had his own cock out and was rubbing himself while he took my cock deep into his mouth and down his throat. It was a fantastic blowjob and I was close to comimg when Don stopped and asked to lick my arse and balls. I laid back further and lifted my legs and Don wasted no time in running his tongue up and around my puckered anus, rimming the edge and pushing his tongue as deep into my arse as he could while never leaving my cock with the attention of his soft hands.

After a few minutes his tongue left my arse and by then my cum was really building up. He said he wanted my cum in his mouth and while he continued with a glorious blow jobe he expertly pushed two fingers up my arse where his tongue had previously been.

There was no way of stopping my cock from exploding and I moaned loudly and jerked my hips as I shot a strong load of my cum deep into his mouth. Don didnt flinch continued to give me anal pleaure as he milked the last drops from my cock. He then wanked his own cock furiously until he spunked his cum while licking the last drops of come from my softening cock.

It was an amazing experience, no kissing or touching, just a sexual explosion which we both enjoyed.

Don got dressed quickly and left the hotel, we have since been in touch and while I still have no desire to meet Don for one-on-one sex we are looking forward to a threesome with Gale and who knows what might happen......