Written by Lorraine

5 Apr 2007

The children had been out on holiday for over a week, putting a stop to our threesome. I had become completely obsessed with my black lover in the three months that we had been fucking with him, so much so that, I my body almost ached with the longing to continue having him fuck me.

The children had left for the beach, just after my husband had left for work, when I had a phone call from my lover, telling me that he had the day off & wanted to try & get together with me. There was no way that he could come to our house, as the children may possibly come home early & catch us. The beach was out during the day as there was always someone on all of the beaches, swimming or fishing. I told him that he would have to wait until the children had gone back home.

The need within my body to have him hit upon an idea. At the back of the village there was a water tower, which would be a great place for the pair of us to satisfy each others needs, so I called him back, arranging a time to meet him there.

Showering quickly, slipping a dress over my head, putting a pair of flip flops on I headed for the water tower. Once there I quickly surveyed the area below it, finding a nicely concealed spot I crawled below it, to wait for his arrival.

On hearing him arrive my dress was quickly slipped over my head, then I positioned myself so that he got a perfect view of what he was about to enter when he crawled below the tower.

As he saw my naked body with my pussy in perfect view for him, which was now becoming very moist with the thought of his penis being inside it, he immediately removed his shoes & shirt, then slipped out of his shorts revealing his cock in all it's hard hard glory. He was ready for me, telling me that he had been hard for me since I had called him.

Taking his cock in my hand I lowered my head to it, so I could take it in my mouth. He thrust forward at the same time, so that nearly all of it was down my throat before I could work on it. One of his hands went to my pussy & on finding my clitoris started to nead it between his thumb & fore finger sending me into the most rapturous feelings. His other hand found my tits, gently caressing them. By this time my mouth had settled into giving him a rythmic blowjob, taking the whole of his wonderful fuck rod down my throat & working on it, hoping to bring him to a climax as I wanted to feel him shoot deep down my throat, but as I have mentioned previously he has complete control of his penis. Slowly he withdrew from my mouth, put me in the missionary position, mounted on top of me, then holding his cock he carefully placed it at the entrance to my pussy then glided it up & down my pussy lips, making me even wetter. He continued this until my need for him to be inside me was so strong that I begged him to fuck me. His hand moved his cock so that it could enter me & with one gentle thrust he slide almost to the hilt & with just a couple of strokes he was totally deep inside me, thrusting at me as I thrust up at him in perfect unison. To me, giving each other the perfect fuck. As always his fucking was such, that he had me into a multiple orgasm in no time at all. He was the perfect sex machine.

The pair of us were completely lost in each others desire for each others body. We were thrusting at each other, with me in continual orgasm, wanting the feeling to last forever, but at the same time wanting my body to make him go into orgasm. My legs were tightly wrapped high around his waist pulling him deeper into me. My hips were heaving up at him & my pussy was completely engorging his penis, flexing at it trying to make it fire into me. My efforts paid off, as I suddenly felt his penis throb violently then urgently push hard, trying to get deeper inside me, then felt him explode deep into me as his body started to pump harder & quicker into me. He urgently but tenderly started to kiss me, his tongue searching deep within my mouth, with his arms wrapping tightly round me, almost like he wanted his whole boby to be at one with mine. I think I had just given him the best fuck he had ever had, he had certainly given me something that I would savour forever.

We were interrupted shortly after this as we lay savouring what we had just given each other but that is for part 2 of this story.