Written by Medsell22

8 Jan 2015

This is the details of my lovely wife with another mans cock for the first time after years of my suggesting,pleading and hopeless attempts at 3sums.

We live in Medway,Kent and i work away a fair bit but she works in a local jewellers.

Mostly she quite likes it and often gets asked out by customers.

She is 51 but looks at least ten years younger. She is slim with a nice peachy bottom,blonde hair and a pretty face. She wont believe me when i tell her she is a sexy milf and thinks i am making fun of her.

A few months back a guy comes in to her shop to get his watch bracelet altered.

They get chatting then he leaves and comes back an hour or so later and asks her out for a drink. She says no but thanks him anyway. He asks why and she tells him she is married.

He laughs then and says so is he!

Now before we were together most of my wifes previous boyfriends were married.

This was never planned by her but she admitted that when she found out each time it somehow turned her on. She had no idea why.

Anyway,they continue talking about things and he leaves.

She said he came back in four times though over the next two weeks just for a chat.

Naturally me being me i urged her to go out with him,invite him back,kiss him,shag him,anything!! Please!!

She said nope,not interested.

Cut to two weeks ago and i am in her shop.

Just as i am leaving this tall,well built good looking guy comes in.

I am half way out the door anyway.

Later on she told me that was him.

I told her she was mad if she didnt at least go out with him.

She already knows but i told her how much i wanted her to experience another man in whatever way she chooses.

She admitted she liked him and said he had asked her to accompany him to an art exhibition in London she was interested in.

I urged her to go.

Last week she told me he had asked her again and this time after much thought she said she would go.

The pit of my stomach was doing somersaults when i considered the possibilities but i did my best to play it cool and said she would have a great time.

She said she would take a days holiday from work,he would pick her up late morning and they would get the train up there. She said dont worry i will be back by six at the latest. I said stay out as long as you like just let me know your safe.

Well,she went. She wore a really nice dress with a long coat and even wore her high heels. I returned from work about 5.30. No sign of her.

6 Then 7 came,nothing.

At 7.30 i got a text from her saying Dont worry i will be in by 8.30.

It gets to 10.15 and she comes in looking a bit flustered and all apologetic.

I took her coat and poured us both a stiff drink then casually asked if she had enjoyed herself.

She said it was great. Really great.

There was a bit of an awkward silence then she started to tell me about it.

They went to the exhibition which was good then late afternoon he took her for a meal.

She said they ended up afterwards at a Leicester Square wine bar and he bought a bottle of wine then later a bottle of champagne. She admitted she was getting quite drunk and thats when they made their way back to the station.

I was pleased for her but a bit dissappointed that nothing further had happened.

Then she said we got back here about 8pm!

I said where have you been until now then?

Again there was a bit of a silence.

She then told me he invited her back to his as his wife was away.

I felt my cock harden and my stomach flipped a bit as she cuddled up to me and told me the rest of what happened.

She told me he poured them both some more wine but after a couple of sips she knew she couldnt drink any more.

He told her he had some great artwork on his bedroom wall which to his credit really wasnt just a line as he did.

She said as she stood there looking at the pictures he turned her to face him and they ended up kissing then snogging. They were soon on the bed and he quickly had his fingers up her dress and inside her knickers. She said he placed her hand on his erection straining inside his trousers. I asked her,Was he big? Very,she said.

We kissed as she was telling me. She said "He put his fingers right up inside me and i was soaking wet". She said he pulled her knickers down and off then threw them over the other side of the room.

I couldnt take any more and i turned her to face our kitchen table,lifted her dress right up (no knickers!!) and bent her forward. She pushed her bottom up in the air,i released my cock and literally shoved it straight up inside her.

We fucked frantically. She was pushing back on to me and at one point reaching between her legs to play with my cock and her clit.

It was desperate and hard fucking. Soon i came,she came then we collapsed together on to the kitchen floor. My cock was soaked.

We cuddled up together and she eventually continued telling me about him.

She said he kissed down her dress then down over her exposed thighs. He licked up and down her legs then parted them wide and finger fucked her. She looked really guilty and admitted he made her cum. She told me she tried to stop him....a bit. She said they carried on kissing then he pulled her dress open and kissed her neck and chest. He had undone his trousers but his cock was still captured inside his pants.

I asked her if she wanted it.

Silence. I asked her again.

She said yes,i really wanted it.

Apparently they snogged for a while longer and he started kissing her thighs again but then he started licking and sucking at her pussy. The words she used were "His tongue was right up inside and he was sucking at me really hard until i came again".

She said he pulled his trousers and pants down and off then knelt between her parted legs. She watched him stroking his erect cock and said it looked really hard.

I asked if it was bigger or smaller than mine. She told me it was about the same length but very very thick. She said it had a very big head on it.

He then shuffled around so he was nearer to her face and she told me she touched it and it jerked upwards. She held it and started wanking him. Go on i said.

I knew he wanted to fuck me and he wanted me to suck him but i was worried she said. I was worried about you and what you would think or do.

So what happened,i asked.

Well,I was wanking him and he was fingering my pussy then he just started to cum.

His cock jerked in my hand and he just came everywhere,all over me,the bed,everywhere.

It was all up my arm,over my wrist and my hand and even some landed on my hair,she said.

And then?,i asked.

Well....He carried on where i left off wanking it. It was quite near my face....and...i sort of kissed the tip of it!

It just sort of happened. I kissed it a few times thats all.

Did you taste him? I asked.

There was a long pause then she whispered,yes.

And then? I asked.

We cuddled and kissed and he helped me get cleaned up in his bathroom.

Then he walked me home.

He wanted to kiss me again outside but i told him no in case anyone saw us.

She asked me how i felt and i reassured her that i was absolutely fine and i told her i loved her and that i wanted her more now than ever.

She keeps asking me if i am okay though. I keep telling her i am fine.

We have been unable to keep our hands off each other ever since.

He called in to the shop yesterday and wants her to come round to his house one day this or next week as his wife is away again.

She told him she would ask me.

I guess you know my answer.

To be Honest i simply cant wait.