Written by anonymous

9 Apr 2010


To recap. My mrs is being shagged by her boss with my eventual approval after work once or twice a week. His latest suggestion was that he would love to share her with another guy or guys. Something she has always refused me.

My name was not mentioned or suggested, he told her about a young apprentice from his other shop in London who according to gossip has a very large cock and has fantasised about sex with an older woman. She initially said no but i have persuaded her to let him talk her round.

Her visit to his other shop has been on then off several times and i started to doubt the whole thing. Then Saturday she said she was not in the Rochester shop on Tuesday but he had asked her to meet him at his London shop for the day. I questioned her like mad but either she wasnt saying or she really didnt know for sure if he had anything planned.

Tuesday she left for the train early. Dressed in a black jacket, purple blouse and a long black skirt with black high heel boots beneath. She wore black stockings and suspenders and a dark purple bra and panties set that i had purchased for her recently.

She looked superb with her very long blonde hair worn down so it trailed down her back.

I couldnt concentrate the whole day through wondering and waiting.

She returned home around 9.45 that evening, he had dropped her off on the corner of our road.

I greeted her at the door and we kissed. She still looked lovely.

I led her by the hand upstairs and lay her on the bed.

"I should shower", she said.

I gently lifted her skirt, she parted her thighs.

No panties. "In my bag", she said.

I couldnt wait any longer, in seconds i stripped and pulled her upright.

I held her head gently and slid my rock hard cock in to her mouth.

She sucked as i slid in and out. I was desperate to cum as i had thought of nothing else all day. I told her i was going to cum. She carried on sucking as i felt myself start to build up to it. Then i came and shot what must have been a whole lot of cum down her throat. She carried on sucking as she swallowed and swallowed. I was still hard as i withdrew.

I got between her thighs in a shot and slid my cock deep inside her.

She was soaking wet and squelched as i fucked her, i could feel it around my balls and around her thighs. She even smelt of it. I slowed my pumping, still inside her we snogged and i told her to tell me everything.

She told me the following.

She arrived at the shop early.

He met her at the door and welcomed her.

For the first few hours they discussed work matters and she met his staff. A much older woman of about sixty and a guy with a huge comical beard in his late thirties.

Then there was the apprentice.

She said he looked so very very young she wondered if he was old enough to be working.

He was nineteen two weeks ago apparently but really didnt look it.

The older woman and the other guy only work half days so they were finished and gone by 1.00 leaving her and her boss plus the apprentice.

The afternoon passed without event and the apprentice nipped out to deliver a parcel.

It was 4.30 and her boss said he closed this time every Tuesday.

He led her towards a room at the rear of the shop. Inside was a large couch, a huge wide bench, some filing cabinets and a thick rug on the floor, nothing else.

They snogged and he moved her backwards towards the couch. As she sat he slowly undid his trousers, pulled them aside along with his pants to reveal his erect penis. She leant forward, he held her head and slid the hard plummy tip of his cock all over her face before slipping it in to her mouth. She started to suck.

As she did so he slid her jacket off and unbuttoned and eventually removed her blouse.

He soon withdrew and told her to stand.

She was asked to remove her skirt which dropped to the floor.

He told her to slip off her panties, she did.

He led her to the bench and bent her over. His fingers explored her wet pussy and he slid one or two inside her, then he bent down and licked her from her clit upwards to her anus and back down again. He then stood and in one movement he pushed his long hard cock all the way inside her to the hilt.

She said as wet as she was it took her breath away for a second.

He started to pump the full length all the way in then right out again, she closed her eyes and felt the beginnings of an orgasm.

Bringing her to her senses she said she heard the shop door open and close as he carried on fucking her.

Footsteps,then through the doorway appeared his apprentice.

The lad just stood there watching looking amazed with a huge grin on his face.

She closed her eyes with embarressment.

"Come in", her boss said, which he did.

Looking up she saw him sitting on the couch watching.

Her boss was still fucking her as he spoke.

"Why dont you show the lady your cock"? he said.

She said he got up and stood in front of her.

He hesitated at first just standing there with an obvious bulge. He reached forward and touched her hair.

Then he slowly unbuttoned and parted his trousers. He pulled his pants down and a long thick veiny cock with a massive head came in to view. My cock is thick and her bosses cock is long but she said this was a combination of both with the largest head she had ever seen.

He stepped forward, once again stroking her hair and gripping its shaft, he offered it to her mouth and parted her lips with the head.

She tried to suck it but it really was more than a mouthfull.

She was licking its shaft as the head flicked over her lips.

She then felt her boss withdraw, they muttered something to each other and quickly swapped places.

Her boss instantly slid his wet cock into her mouth as she felt the lads gentle hands on her bottom.

He seemed to be toying with her lips for an age and she felt herself become wetter and wetter.

She then felt something big, bigger than she had ever known pushing at her pussy for a second or two before it stretched her opening taught and wide and started to enter. She said it felt like a giant egg had entering her followed by a thick stalk of warm flesh. As she held her breath her boss undid her bra clasp releasing her breasts. They both caressed her back and as the lad built up a gentle pace using more and more of his length he reached forward to cup her breasts. He was quite rough with her nipples but she was past complaining.

Her boss said he was going to cum soon and seconds later did just that. She felt her own orgasm building again as he emptied himself in to her mouth and she swallowed his spunk.

He moved aside but stood near, stroking her neck, back and buttocks.

His wet finger found its way to her anus and he toyed with it before slipping the tip inside then the whole finger. This with the boy watching and sliding in and out of her.

She said she then felt several fingers exploring her anus and wasnt sure who was doing what. She told me she felt so very very dirty.

The young guy was now using his full length to stretch and fuck her very deeply and she started to convulse and cum.

She heard him say he wanted to ejeculate! Not cum. Ejeculate, and he asked his boss where?

"Fill her" he said.

He quickened then called out and slammed it in to her several times before shooting his spunk deep inside her. She said it was rock hard and she felt it twitching and pulsing as he ground it deep in to her.

As he eventually slid out she felt her legs go weak on her and with pins and needles she slid to the ground.

They were now both on the couch looking exhausted and flushed as was she.

The lad looked very sheepish and covered up his flacid and slimy but still very impressive cock.

He disappeared to the loos whilst they both dressed.

After the young man had gone he took her for a drink then offered to drive her home.

She said on the way he pulled in to the giant car park of a well known shopping centre near where we live, parked at the back and got her to suck him off again.

Cumming down her throat once again as he fingered her soaking wet pussy and anus.

I confess by the time she had told me about the lad cumming inside her i had added my own cum to his.

We fucked several more times that night and several times since.

Is this the end of his ideas or does he have other plans?

She is always reluctant to consider these things but i cant wait.

Best wishes.