Written by AmyAndy

20 Aug 2012

I am expecting to get some negative comments to my story, but hope it is generally interesting and arousing to some of you.

First, a bit about me. Lets call me Amy (I like that name :-) ) I am 43, 5'8, size 10, 32B, blue eyes and am use to a steady flow of compliments from men. Makes me feel a little sorry for them, as they seem to think they are the first to say some of these things, but I have the good grace to smile and thank them for their kind words.

I have been single for most of my life and basically (this is the bit I expect to get stick for) have waited patiently for when I am able to choose the man for me, rather than the young rush to bag Mr Right (usually ends up being Mr Right Now, who gets you pregnant and then disappears!). As a woman gets into her late 30's there are plenty of men available and looking for the fun in women that they enjoyed years ago. So, I have spent years having fun, not tying myself down, keeping in shape and learning how to treat a man the right way.

I met Mr Wonderful (let's call him Andy) 4 years ago. He is professionally doing very well indeed and we have a particularly good life, we laugh together and we enjoy life together.

After a night of passion, we were laying in the post coital slumber, Andy absent mindedly circling my erect nipple with his finger, giving me a deep warm feeling. This is when things changed, I can't remember the exact words, but it went something like this.

Andy : “I do worry you know.”

Me : “What do you mean? I try to do everything I can to get worry out of your life. Now I am worried, what's up Hun?”

Andy : “Well, I am not accusing you of anything, but I spend so much time out of the country on business and you are such a beautiful girl, I wouldn't be surprised if you looked for excitement elsewhere. I think I would if I were you!”

Me : “We have discussed this before, I had my years of madness and excitement before I met you, I am now here for you, to serve your sensual needs. You have absolutely nothing to worry about. I dote on you completely.”

His circling of my nipple was increasing and really making me hot again, squirming under his hand.

Andy : “Well, I just want to say if you did, I would understand and forgive you.”

Me : “Well big boy, it ain't gonna happen. I am yours all yours.” But I was getting playful now, with my pussy beginning to ache with the attention to my ever sensitive nipple, “If you are saying you would like me to, that it would excite you, then we can discuss that.” I said giggling.

Andy : “Lets discuss that.”

Me : “ANDY! Naughty boy, I love your playful fantasies, who are you dreaming of fucking me right now?” We often fantasised like this while playing between the sheets.

Andy : “Look this is embarrassing.” He stopped playing with my nipple, this had to be serious lol.

Me : “You are worrying, what's up hun?”

Andy : “It would excite me to think of you with another man.”

That was it, silence took over as I looked past him at the ceiling. I didn't know what to think, was this his way of telling me that he had gone off me sexually or even that he was having an affair and wanted to dilute the guilt? Either way I started to feel sick.

Andy : “You think I am weird don't you?”

Me : “I want to know what I have done wrong, please don't leave me Andy.”

We hugged and kissed and talked for a long time. It turns out this was a real fantasy of his, we got up and went downstairs, he set me up in front of his laptop and this site and opened a story on here and suggested I read it while he fixes us a coffee. I read it and got excited, a man desperate to share his wife and getting off on it. There was a comment on there from his wife saying that it just showed the love between them, this awoke something within me and I have to admit to feeling very horny at the thought.

Andy arrived looking pensive and concerned. “I haven't fucked our relationship with this stuff have I? I am scared that I could lose you by sharing my deepest fantasy.”

I got up and jumped into his arms and told him how much I loved him and that I was starting to understand. I could feel juices flowing onto my inner thigh as I thought of this, but when I think of it now, could have been Andy's cum from about 30 minutes earlier. Silly girl lol.

This was a weird experience it really was, I actually find it difficult to explain, we seemed closer now than ever and there was a kind of euphoria in the air like the day Andy asked me to be his wife.

We had a lot to discuss and for me to know what Andy wanted. What seemed to excite him most was to be a voyeur. For me to demonstrate my sexual confidence in front of him and to take control, seemed actually that the sex itself was secondary. He wanted me to get a nice hotel room, appear like I was on business somewhere and get picked up in the hotel bar, take them to the room and fuck them. Sounds simple lol.

Andy was heading to Sweden on business the following day but wanted me to get to work, planning, shopping and deciding. He would be home on the tuesday (he was away over the weekend) and wanted it all to happen on the tuesday night.

We talked some more about boundaries, his were simply for me to do what I wanted, no more or less and for me to feel safe. His one stipulation was that as he would not be in the room when the deed was being done, he wanted me to record it (he gave me his voice recorder for that), ideally for me to ring him during the event, but, and here is the funny thing... he wanted the man to be working on me while I ring him to check that he was ok. Would be our little bit of fun that the man in question would not know about, so he would think I was cheating, but we were just connecting at the point leading to orgasm. Don't expect you to understand, it just seemed fun to us, he also said for me to pretend to hang up, but to leave the line open so he could hear me cum, he wanted me to be really vocal for this man, for the phone and the voice recorder. Then we would listen to the recorder back later while making love.

Finally, he wanted a key to the room just in case something went wrong and the man turned out to be a mad axe murderer or something.

So, the scene was set. Andy disappeared into the clouds to Sweden while I disappeared to the shops to get a new outfit lol.

I booked a Suite at the Raddisson Blu in Birmingham, seemed nice enough on the website (no, I don't live in Brum, didn't want to get caught by someone I knew!). I dropped Andy a text with the details and told him to pick up the spare key from reception and that he should be sat in the bar area near the Piano, but not to make eye contact with me.

Turns out the Suite was pretty standard which annoyed me a bit, it was pretty expensive and I wanted everything to be just perfect! Anyway, lesson learnt. One thing I did like was floor to ceiling windows with a view over the city. Very erotic.

I won't bore you with all the messing around with getting nails done and waxing etc, nothing exciting in any of that I can tell you... I did however go shopping, I liked to keep it simple and interesting, so purchased a classy bra and pants set, the sheerest set of hold ups that I could find in Agent Provocetuer, three inch black patent heels and a long black wrap round dress, topped off with a nice shiny silver pendent strategically placed above my cute little cleavage.

I looked good and felt even better. My pussy was tingling at the thought of what the night may bring. Funny really, I wasn't particularly excited at what man I may meet or what I may do, I was already looking forward to him leaving and hearing the door open again and seeing Andy stood in front of me.

I took down with me the plans to our new extension, the thing is huge and extends over the small lake that we have to the side of our house. Funny, extension was completed ages ago, but I like to look at the plans and remember that excitement and it would make me look like a professional. I arrived at the bar and ordered a simple Martini, enough alcohol to give my butterflies the kick they needed to disappear but a simple no nonsense looking drink.

I then walked to the seats near the piano and placed my drink and the plans on the low table in the middle of the four seats. I glanced across and bless him, Andy had the best seat in the house, I sat virtually opposite him, but he was about 15, 20 yards away. I nodded and smiled. He smiled back and returned to looking intently at his laptop.

A alarm sounded in my purse giving me a start, then remembered, just my phone! “Calm down Amy!” I said to myself as I checked my phone....

“Fuck, you look out of this world. I want you now, but will be good.” It was a message from Andy, for some fun I replied.

“Sorry, I don't know who this number is, do not trouble me please, I am busy.” I messaged back. Andy opened his phone double quick and laughed out loud, I didn't look over, just started to pretend to looked concerned at the dimensions of my extension.

It didn't take long, 5 minutes I would say. “Hi, do you mind if I join you?” I heard and looked up.

“Sorry, yes, I am expecting someone.” I gave him the cold shoulder, he looked nice enough but well, not my type.

As I saw him walk back to the bar with his tail between his legs, I saw a man stood looking intently at me. Now, he WAS my type. The right height, physique and age. He looked around 30 and professional. Most importantly a cheeky smile that showed off a cute square chin. We exchanged a look that lasted all of half a second, amazing what you can transmit in that time isn't it?

He walked straight over, “Hi, do you need help with those, I am an architect.”

Ohhhh shit, I was about to get rumbled. But I didn't get where I am today without thinking quick “Well, do take a seat. I am meeting my architect in the morning with these and I simply can't make sense of them. Damsel in distress right here.”

He laughed and sat down.

We then spent the next half an hour laughing and enjoying each others company. Whenever I looked across at Andy, he was looking right at me.

My phone beeped and I checked it “Let your dress fall open, so I and he can see.” I felt a sharp jolt of electric hit my clit at the thought of being naughty and to be honest, I was having too much of a good time, almost forgetting what I was there for. So, I dropped my pen on the floor, the man, Brian, reached down to get it. I held is wrist and said, “No, I have got it.” I gave a cheeky smile and slowly reached down, with that my legs slowly parted and the dress fell away from one of my stockings (the wonder of sheer hold ups, they are better than teflon, nothing sticks to them lol) and my stockinged leg and stocking tops were on show to Brian and Andy.

Brian quickly averted his eyes.

“Oh, sorry, did that offend you. I must be more careful.” I asked.

“No, but I wouldn't want to take advantage of a lady by looking.”

That is all I needed, I took a sharp intake of breath, felt my stomach churn as I said “Please, Brian, take advantage of this lady. Take me to my room and make love to me.”

*** Just been caught by Andy typing this, he has just read it and is between my legs as I type this, lapping at my wet pussy. I have to go. Let me know if you want me to continue.