Written by J

18 Apr 2017

I thought I'd share my recent swinging experience whilst visiting Acanthus in Belgium - a new club for us. We spent the day looking around the local area and then got ready early expecting to be the first in the club as we needed to register as new members. Surprisingly, when we arrived just after 9.00pm we couldn't get into the carpark as it was already full! At that point I had a feeling it was going to be a very good night. When we had registered we were given a guided tour around the club, its huge, with 2 separate dance areas each with its own bar and seating area, theirs also a restaurant, jacuzzi, sauna and lots of themed play rooms. It was a chocolate themed evening for Easter, with mountains of chocolate everywhere!

After the tour we went to the lockers to get changed and then through to the main bar and dance area. I'd put on a see through red dress, I'd recently bought in London, suddenly feeling very naked, slightly apprehensive and more than a touch horny as we walked into the main bar and dance area.

It was packed with lots of sexy couples already dancing and plenty sexy single young men watching and I felt them all look at me as we went to the bar. After, a few glasses of champagne I was feeling more comfortable and started to "eye up the talent" I'm lucky as I like the attention of lots of men and my husband is cool about it and likes me to have a good time.

After, 10.30pm the atmosphere started to heat up as all the guys and girls changed into something sexy. Unlike UK clubs its obligatory for both the ladies and gentlemen to change at a predetermined time, women into sexy lingerie and men normally into boxer shorts! For the ladies this is a definite advantage! And I was getting hornier as more and more of the guys came downstairs just wearing their little shorts. Before long I spotted a good looking young guy with longish dark brown hair, gorgeous eyes and a very sexy bum - that's the advantage for the ladies of the obligatory dress down time.

After another drink we decided to view the play area's and went upstairs with the crowd. Initially nothing much was happening but then I noticed good looking young lad I'd spotted earlier and before too long we were in one of the rooms with a viewing gallery. Just as we went to close the door a tall slim black guy came through, feeling very horny now I quickly checked the boxer shorts and decided to let him stay and watch. The young guy started to kiss and fondle me, stroking my legs and kissing my neck. It was all too much for me and I couldn't wait any longer and pushed him down to the bed and pulled his cock out from his shorts and started sucking him deeply whilst everybody else, including my husband just watched. At the same time the slim dark guy also started stroking my legs and before long if felt his tongue on my pussy. I was very horny now and felt for the dark guys cock which was rock hard! I swapped position and partner and the dark guy was now kissing me passionately whilst playing with my pussy. I couldn't wait any longer and having felt his rock hard cock I told him to put on a condom and it wasn't long before he was pounding into me whilst still kissing me passionately as everybody else watched. He continued to fuck me hard and we were all getting very hot together and then suddenly I felt him cum deep inside my pussy.

We then cooled down with good bye kiss and returned downstairs to the bar for a fresh glass of champagne. Still feeling a little horny I still had a watchful eye on all the single men in those sexy boxer shorts. After a couple of drinks I was approached by a tall sexy Greek guy who asked if i was interested in returning back up night stairs for more naughties, never a girl to miss an opportunity, I finished my drink and headed back to upstairs to find a spare room. All the rooms were busy but we managed to find a quiet corner with a bed just behind stairs to the second floor. It was far from private and it wasn't long before an audience gathered. My new Greek lover took charge and quickly removed my lingerie, whilst kissing me passionately, I was then pushed back onto the bed and my legs were pushed wide apart as he went down on me pleasing my pussy with his tongue and fingers whilst he also fondled my tits. I was caught unawares and felt my first orgasm building as I looked up just to see 3 or 4 strangers watching me intently whilst playing with their cocks - the sight just pushed me over the edge and I had my first orgasm, as my Greek lover put on a condom and then pushed deep inside me. We quickly changed position and some of the men who had been watching tried to find space to join the party fondling me as I tuned around. My Greek lover and husband kept them at bay, but then focussed on me fucking me just the way I like it, hard and fast, and it wasn't long before I came for the second time. Fully satisfied we quickly dressed and returned downstairs with my husband.

As we went downstairs we noticed that the 2nd bar and dance area had opened and as we made our way through to find the dance floor packed and the whole place bouncing. The second bar had a real nightclub feel with great music and a very sexy atmosphere, it wasn't long before my Greek lover returned and asked if I wanted to have rest from dancing and join him for a confortable seat at the rear of the dance area. As we moved to get a seat I was joined by my husband sitting on my left with my Greek lover on my right. There was quite a lot of naughties going on around me and and it wasn't long before both my husband and Greek lover had pulled down my top and removed my panties. Both men then in unison started playing with my pussy whilst sucking my tits. I was completely exposed and I felt another orgasm developing. for the second time that night my Greek lover took the intitatiative and pushed my legs wide whilst going on his knees and pushing his tongue deep into my pussy whilst continuing to finger me - all in full view of the bar and dance floor. As he moved in between my legs another guy appeared on my right and also started to fondle me. I was in heaven feeling very horny, naughty and a real exhibitionist. The music was pounding and just as I felt my orgasm building my new Greek lover turned me a round on the bench bar seat, pushing me into my favourite doggy position, and thrust his big fat cock deep in my pussy, thrusting in time with the music, whilst my husband and another stranger sucked and played with my bouncing tits! He continued to thrust hard and fast as an audience gathered and it wasn't long before my third and final orgasm rushed through my body and I laid down completely satiated!

I can't wait for a return visit!!